My Top Ten favorite Anime/Manga Characters (right now)

Although my list constantly changes, here are my favorite characters in anime and manga at the moment.

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Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude

Pretty cool list. Gotta say though, as Death Note went on I started to see some major parallels between it and a certain comic......................

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Brilliant list. I have a similar list but L tops it. I loved Death Note and it's easily my favourite Manga/Anime, though the Anime fell slightly near the end.

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@the_stegman: Not to mention Mello could easily be Jason Todd. Come to think of it Near is probably more Tim Drake, considering he's the most like L. After all Tim does have the capacity to become like Bruce.

Posted by dngn4774

@the_stegman: Cool list! I personally like Itachi more than Jiraiya, but I pretty much agree with the entire lineup.

Watari as L's Alfred XD

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Dude, very nice list. I have to say it's one of the best anime/manga character list I've ever seen. :D

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@the_stegman: Hehe! Love this list. xD Especially with Asuka she rocks! =D

Posted by HigorM

Jiraiya is a great character indeed!

Posted by TheLastSonOfKrypton

The Stegman, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Posted by hyperman

quite an interesting list.

Posted by Malachi_Munroe
Posted by 9876

Mine list goes as follows :

1. Goku

2. Vegeta

3. Broly

4. Ulquiorra

5. G.S.Yamamoto

6. Luffy

7. Lucy/Nyu

8. Kuroro Lucifer

9. Gon

10. Pein/Nagato

Posted by 2cool4fun

Nice list, tho for me Misato was best girl in Evangelion :3

Posted by Guru_Crack

Love Death Note, awesome list.