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@jayc1324: He's a crimefigher..and that's what he does, fights crime. He stops it all the time, everytime the Joker is on the loose, he captures him and brings him to justice. Anyway, this is an age old argument, and I've always stood the ground that Batman does what he needs to, he puts the Joker behind bars, it's not his fault the courts, the people who are actually APPOINTED to kill men like the Joker refuse to do it.

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@mrnoital: yeah, to me, Hiro was the most powerful, they kinda nerfed his true capabilities though.

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@jayc1324: And I continue with my first point, it's not Batman's job to kill criminals, it's Batman's job to stop criminals. and he does it.

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@jayc1324: He believes that if he kills criminals it will corrupt him and he will be no worse than a criminal.

It's not a cop's job to kill, it's a cop's job to arrest criminals, that's exactly what Batman does, again, it's the courts who decides if the criminals die. they only kill as an absolute last resort, when they're own life is endanger, and with Batman's skills (above any cop) that won't be an issue.

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@mrnoital said:

Out of powers i could choose, the ones I can't decide between would be teleportation, superspeed, and time manipulation(like Hiro Nuramura from heroes)

so I'd have to say convenience and how the power might make my life more convenient

but out of your list i'd say how versatile those powers can be too

Choose Time Manipulation. It's basically superspeed without the running..and Hiro could teleport too, now that I think about it, lol.

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Although I voted for Emilia, I wanna state for the record, I find Natalie Dormer (the actress that plays Margaery Tyrell on GoT) more attractive than both (and I like her hairdo)

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@jayc1324 said:

@the_stegman: he doesn't have to GI against them. He can kill joker than disappear. Batmans job is a crimefighter, to save lives. By not killing joker, he is allowing more people to die. Anyway, you're missing something. Batman doesn't not kill because its against the law. He doesn't care about following the law. He tortures people for information. He doesnt kill because he thinks he wouldn't be able to stop killing if he started, which I find total BS.

He refuses to kill not because he doesn't think he can stop, but because it's a line he doesn't want to cross, killing someone because they are an inconvience to you is what criminals would do, killing a person because they are in the way is what Joe Chill did to the Waynes, he doesn't want to be like the people he fights. Yeah, he's thought about killing the Joker, and yes, one could say him killing the Joker would save lives. But it's not up to him to be the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Even though Batman breaks the law, he still believes in it, he still believes in justice.

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Jesus, I wish they would give this "Olicity" crap a break. HE DOESN'T WANT YOU FELICITY, MOVE ON! At this point, I'd rather have her date Diggle, at least he doesn't yell at her every five minutes.

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Versatility. Something I could use in everyday life to do multiple things would be awesome. I'd love to have something like Naruto's shadow clones. I can have hundreds of clones of myself doing everything I need to get done, then, when they disappear, I gain their knowledge. I can have one spend a lifetime learning kung fu, then, once he's mastered it, POOF. he disappears and I know what he knows.