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Medieval Era

In the Roman Army

A Gladiator

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The Spartan

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Keep up the good work people.

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The Road to Baghdad

The UN forces had left their previous position and were on the move once again.  Several regiments marched across the desert sand toward the great city of Baghdad.  In their ranks were the Peacemakers.  The Spartan marched steadfastly at the head of the procession; not because he was in charge, but because he liked to be closer to the action.  With belts of large ammunition strapped around his torso, a grenade launcher hanging from his back, his blades strapped to his sides, and a high powered shotgun in his hand resting upon his shoulder; he was ready for a fight.

What little excitement had come up the night before had now resided.  Demetrius could still remember Kiara resting her hand on his shoulder and telling him not to go "too far."  He remembered turning around to her and saying, "Yes, mommy." in a sarcastic tone.  After everything had settled down, Mike was sent out ahead of the Peacemakers on a special assignment.

Several bombers had attacked Baghdad and had weakened the majority of its defenses.  To the Spartan, having the Peacemakers AND the rest of the army seemed a bit excessive.  Sure enough, the military units might have their share of problems on their own; but the Peacemakers would be able to handle the situation with ease without them.  Demetrius thought the entire situation was absolute horse $hit.  Without a doubt, it was made to appease the public.  Thanks to the media, the people of the Free World viewed them as uncouth mercenaries.  Saddam Hussein needed to be taken alive.  The UN forces were there to simply babysit the Peacemakers and to make sure things did not go too far with their brand of justice.

As he marched ahead, Demetrius looked over at Kiara and said, "This isn't right..."  What followed next was a bit of nostalgia.  He looked directly at her, actually making eye contact and said, "I remember when we weren't the bad guys, Kiara.  Hell, I remember when the people looked at us like we were HEROES."  In truth, Kiara Sullivan and Demetrius Arkelis had known one another for many years.  There was a time when the people viewed them as heroes.  It was an era when people cared about protecting the innocent, punishing the guilty, and ensuring freedom.  Demetrius continued by saying, "I just can't help it, Kiara.  I just feel like.... one day... their going to be putting together a special group to hunt US down...."  He stopped talking right there.  Trying to keep himself together, Demetrius looked away from the goddess and continued to steadily march ahead.
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  • Hawk:  Evil - He did a great job with his whole "no turning back" persona.
  • Sha:  Good - She can be a heroine when she wants to be.
  • Gambler:  Neutral - He's one of the few people who can demonstrate a neutral who leans more toward the evil side of things.
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  • The Spartan:  In some ways, he a pessimist.  He knows the world is an imperfect place and that it will never change.  Wars have to be fought.  Lives have to be taken.  He has to do whatever is best for humanity.... even if they see him as a monster for doing so.  Basically, he just keeps going because it's what he does.  He's here to kick some ass and try to keep the world safe, not to be idolized.
  • The Hunter:  He knows that he is the last of his kind.  His hatred for evil drives him to keep going.  Being the last of his kind, he realizes that he has 2 choices.  He can either try to remain safe and out of harm's way, or he can go on the offensive and hit his enemies before they hit him.  Also, since taking charge of Wolf Pack, he views it as his responsibility to keep going and protect his team at all costs (even though they don't always need protecting).
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Looks interesting...

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Being Televised on CNN...

"This just in:" a female reporter for CNN said up on the television screen.  "The war in Iraq has taken a new course, as the troop surge implemented by President Bush is having a positive effect.  Now, the big issue is the use of a new special operations unit known as the Peacemakers."  With that, a photo of the four elite members of the group came up on screen.  "The question is," the reporter continued.  "What exactly is the role of this special group?  Are they the much-needed reinforcements that help the UN ensure world freedom, or are they simply a group of hired guns?"

The station then played several clips.  One clip showed a drunken Mike Lockhart in battle.  Another showed the Spartan marching through enemy lines blasting away with a smile on his face.  Then, the camera showed an image of a nice, somewhat peaceful location in Iraq labeled as "BEFORE," and then an image of that same town in devastating ruins from a mission involving the Peacemakers labeled as "AFTER."

Joining the woman on the air was a skinny, preppy looking individual wearing glasses, obviously in his early-to-mid twenties.  He was introduced as some random "expert" with a degree in political science.  "You see," the man said in a slightly high-pitched squeaky voice.  "Judging from the actions of these so-called 'heroes' if you will, where's the accountability?  From where I'm sitting, it looks as if they gallivant around the globe acting like some group of ENFORCERS.  Seriously now, look at the kind of people who are a part of the Peacemakers.  We have drunks, people of an extremely VIOLENT nature who have little-to-NO respect for human life whatsoever.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but are these the kind of individuals that our children should look up to as their HEROES?  I think NOT...."

From there, the CNN Special Report continued its coverage into the debate on the Peacemakers.

Back in Iraq

The Spartan watched the program from his seat inside the bar.  Shaking his head with disgust, he looked over at the bartender and said, "Hey, turn that $hit off."  Through the eyes of Demetrius Arkelis, the media was becoming more and more liberal.  The direction in which society was headed was absolutely sickening.  Back in the days of Vietnam, the Spartan remembered coming to the United States and being met with immense protests.  People would call him a baby-killer, a monster, and things much worse.  Now, in 1990, the media was beginning to control the heart of the people.  It was as if the public wanted them to put on shiny costumes, dawn capes, and to throw all the bad guys in jail.

Sitting behind Demetrius in a corner of the bar was Jason Hamilton.  Something was different about him after that conflict.  Truth be told, the Spartan had seen that behavior many times and knew the signs all too well.  Jason was relatively young, at least compared to the Spartan.  Also, that was not just Demetrius, Kiara, and Mike being targeted by the media... Jason was being targeted as well.

After taking another puff of his cigar, Demetrius turned around in his seat and looked at Jason.  "Don't worry about it, kid." he said in a relaxed tone.  "....You get used to it after a while."  He then finished up his glass of scotch and ordered another.

However, the Spartan's quick pep talk was soon cut short as another figure entered the bar.  It was a being whom Demetrius had not interacted with since the 1800's.  As the man stepped into the establishment, he took a seat next to Demetrius then said in a smart ass-ed tone, "What the hell are you doing here? Ares not shoot his sp$%k far enough to make sure you aren't always in a fight?"

Shrugging it off, Demetrius replied saying, "You know me, once I got done with your sister, I came over for a REAL challenge.... Though I still haven't found one yet."  With a smile, he pat the stranger on the back and then said, "So Gene, what brings out you around these parts?  Your mother kick you out onto the streets again?"  As the two laughed and began to tell stories about "old times," in walked Mike Lockhart.  When Demetrius saw his fellow Peacemaker, he raised his glass out of respect, then went back to conversing with Darkchild.

Suddenly, the Spartan's eyes shifted towards the door.  He then watched as two men from the British ranks walked into the bar and began talking with Lockhart.  Then, they made the carnal mistake of trying to put their hands on the man.  Sure enough, Mike knew what he was doing.  He was able to neutralize both men in the blink of an eye.  Even when he was under the influence of liquor, the man was an instinctive fighting machine - a quality which Demetrius respected.

Demetrius knew that Lockhart was in full control.  Therefore, he saw no need to get involved.  However, another group walked into the bar.  From the looks of the man leading the group, he was a five star British general.  "$hit, what did he do this time...." Demetrius said to himself.  The men accompanying the general were all heavily armed.  After a brief exchange of words, Lockhart plunged into the group like a wolverine.  "Ah Hell...." the Spartan said, standing up from his seat.

Amidst all the commotion, the blast of a shotgun rang out.  Immediately, everyone stopped in their tracks.  The smoke cleared, revealing the Spartan standing tall with his shotgun pointed up towards the now shot-up ceiling.  "Alright, you f#ck holes," Demetrius said in a low tone.  "You're all so tough, so why don't you just try to make a move on ME..... and then see what happens."  Demetrius then laughed at the men.  "Seriously, what are you gonna do?  Shoot me?"

Looking around, Demetrius locked eyes with the British general.  He then placed to tip of his shotgun against the man's chin and made him slowly rise to his feet.  As he looked into the man's eyes, the Spartan said, "What makes you think I won't kill you, huh?  What's to stop me?  In fact, what's to stop me and the rest of the Peacemakers from just pulling out of this war and leaving you to fight your own God d@mned battles?"  Demetrius then looked over at Lockhart to make sure he was alright and good to go.  He then looked back over at the general and his men.

"Now, I believe you came in here to get something from Lockhart."  Still keeping the muzzle of his gun pressed up on the general's chin, the Spartan looked over at Sovereign Son and gave him a nod.  Then, looking back toward the general, Demetrius said, "I think Lockhart's ready to give it to you now....."  He then said to Sovereign Son with a smile, "He's all yours...."