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Alexander Zachary Tyler Ezra Kehler seemed to have the perfect life, but he was utterly oblivious to the fact. At the age of 14 he lived in Canada, in a small city that was the one place he called home. He had everything he could ever want, friends, brothers and sisters, two nephews and the girl of his dreams. Yet, a few months before his fifteenth birthday this world was ripped from his grasp before he even had time to enjoy it. All the happiness in his life left soon after, his parents had decided they wanted to start over and dragged him with them to the US, the only other nation that he had been a citizen of since birth. He falsely tried to adjust to this new "life" but found it unbearable and he could deal with it no longer. So he applied for a job, planning to save enough money to escape from the Hell he now lived in.