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Super? Nah, let's go with amazing instead. 0

I'm a big Superman fan. I love the concept of Superman, best summed up by Alan Moore as "The perfect man who came from the sky and did only good." I love the mythos built around him in the 1950s and 1960s under Mort Weisinger, with all its crazy, from a rainbow of Kryptonite, to the most complete history of Krypton, its people, geography and crazy beasties to date. I love the Modern Superman, the Golden, Silver, Bronze Supermen. Only Byrne's Superman do I have any issue with, and that's more abo...

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I want a juicebox now 0

Another fine issue of the 2011 event from Geoff. This issue is handily divided into two sections- a talky part and an action-y part. both are fine, but I prefer the talky part.  The issue opens up right where the previous issue left off- outside Project Superman, with Thomas Bats and Barry attempting to run away from secruity. They are saved by one of the best characters to premier in this series- Element Woman! A naive, socially awkward heroine, she acts quite childish compared to super serious...

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Better than I thought 0

I quite enjoyed War of the Green Lanterns, but wasn't particularly looking forward to this tie in. I deided to pick it up primarily due to obligations to have seven titles pulled at my comic shop and it was replacing Green Lantern. I'm pretty glad I did now.  The story is primarily a character piece as the Corps recovers from the War. It shines here. The corps are portrayed as explicitly suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Hundreds of Green Lanterns attempt to quit, including the new ...

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They Killed Krypto! 0

Flashpoint 3 picks up immediately after the last issue. The Flash, Barry Allen, lies almost dead, covered in third degree burns after attempting to regain his powers in what was frankly the funniest way possible. Thomas Wayne, this timeline's Batman, stands at his side. The interaction between Barry and Thomas is great. Azzarello said he writes Dr. Wayne like Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino, and it shows in the main title as well. So, if you want a portrait of Barry and Tom, picture Kowalski talki...

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"Welcome to America's Third World" 0

Man-Of-Bats and his son Red Raven (Formally Little Raven, but don't tell that to his face) haven't received the spotlight very often. Never, in fact. They've appeared in perhaps five issues prior, and a guest appearance in the Brave and the Bold cartoon comic. Two of those comics were published in the 1950s. It should come as a surprise, then, that the two make for one of the best issues of Batman Inc. yet, if not THE best.  Well, until you hear that Grant Morrison wrote it.  The issue doesn't d...

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Frankstein Kills Hitler! 0

Let's get one thing straight about this issue. Perhaps a third through, DC's Frankenstein character just flat out kills Hitler. It's glorious.  Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown is an update of DC's frequently revisited Creature Commandos feature that begin in, as the title would would suggest, Weird War Tales. This is a plus for me. DC has focused too much in recent years on its superheroes- they have such a huge sandbox to play in! Part of this is our, the readers', fault for not s...

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Flashpoint Review! 0

So, I'll start my first review here on the 'Vine. Go easy folks! =P  The opening to this issue is, without a doubt, one of my favorite openings in a while. We start out with Slade Wilson and the crew of the Deathstroke running into trouble in what used to be Paris. It all takes place over six issues, and is masterfully done. The first three pages tells us that Slade runs a pirate ship that is crewed by alternate versions of DC characters. The fourth and fifth are one of the best spreads in a whi...

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