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Here's a simple name: Swords and Sorcery: Beowulf, since the character is going to be featured in the backup of the upcoming Swords & Sorcery comic. Wham, bam, gimme my check DC. =P

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i like the nod to Catwoman being taught boxing. I think it was by Wildcat, wasn't it?

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Looks like somebody listened! The exact contents of this are in Thing Classic vol. 2, solicited in the July 2012 solicits. Cheers!

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A Zebra Batman action figure was actually planned at one point! A DCU Classics Batman was shown at a con once with the Zebra paint scheme and Mattel was surprised a tthe positive reaction it got and said it may get made in the future

It didn't, but it was thought of!

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All right boyos, a few things.

The Anti-Superman Army includes Terra Man and Susie Thompkins, pre-exisitng characters re-imagined. Dr. Xa-Du is the Kryptonian with the gauntlet. Xa-Du was reffered to as Doctor in this issue and Susie was reffered to by name.

The Legion in this issue are from five years from the present. They are probably a take on the Legion of Adult Superheroes from the Silver Age. Lighting Man's arm is that way because he lost an arm to the Super Moby Dick from Space in the Silver Age and had it replaced with a metal arm. This carried over to the original Legion when they returned a few years ago.

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Your observation about their eating habits dooming them is pretty spot on, considering this issue. As bad of science as that is, I think it was probably on purpose.

The bio-luminescence is still bunk, though. We never even really saw any of them but the king use it.

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I'm digging it. It's the same thought process that lead to Zibarro- "what if the opposite had an opposite?" Ergo, we get the Doomsday Doomsday.

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Sure, they can make them work if they try hard enough. remember; Mr. Freeze was a one note villain once upon a time, and look at him now. With a little polish, any villain can be made shine.

Except for the Ten Eyed Man. That just never works.

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" Well France, Rome and Britain all have Jokers. If you have Batman imitators, you're gonna have rogues galleries that emulate other rogues galleries. "
Hell, the UK had two in Jarvis Poker and Dai Laffin. We still haven't seen the latter. Methinks its time he shows his Welsh head.
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Depends on what universe and what law. The DCU has defended the right for superheroes to operate with a secret identity, as per Ostrander's Suicide Squad. This obviously covers operating with a mask, and would seem to igve the OK to vigilantism, but less obviously, it allows a superhero to give testimony in court under their alias.
Just  a small bit of the DCU. I'm sure there are more bits and pieces that say superheroism is legal, to an extent.

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