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I would die laughing if Doughnut took the title, the butthurt would be SO real.

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@_vex_ said:
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@the_puzzler: We need to have an arc with this character. Try to stay interested for another week will you?

Lol I'll co-sign the hell out of that.

You can count on it ^_^

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Thanks all!

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New York City, 7:59 A.M...

Monday morning, the pigs wake, eat their fuel and begin the five day cycle. They watch cattle on the news, they judge their fellow vermin on the commute. They groan at the thought of having to do four more days of menial work to survive for another week.

So of course heads turned when the same boring eight O'clock news blared into static. It was on every channel, and radio station. Authorities would soon recognize that it's a ripped protocol of when the President makes a mass speech to their people. And what would the people see when the static finally and loudly produced a new feed, a man in green, facing a wall of missing persons fliers...

"Tell me, Manhattan...What is it when not doing anything, hurts the heart the most...? Neglect." Puzzler pops a few "?" pills into his mouth, pupils dilating, thought process overclocking. "Neglect is often seen as a youth's symptom, a subtle weapon used to uphold social standard for the weak and petty....So..." He turns to the camera in front of him,removing the green goggles off of his face, and violently tapping on his forehead with a grin that hasn't been seen in years.

"...How do you all feel that your heroes are neglecting you?"Puzzler grabbed his cane that was already standing upright on it's own, giving it a few twirls and pondering. Though he walked, the camera followed him through a building made of cogs and twisted machinery. "Doesn't it bother you idiots that while you writhe around in the playground for villains that is your city, the "heroes" are busy fighting among themselves? Busy living extravagant lives and romancing each other like this is all some elaborate and rich masquerade?"

The static flashed again, revealing the faces of at least fourty missing persons in this month alone. It then flashed back to Puzzler, now standing on a railing above a customized killing floor, there was three people dressed up in familiar clothes. One dressed as Thee Champion, another as The Dark Knight and finally one garbed as a infamous green archer...Of course these unconscious weren't the real deal... "How do I know they don't care, folks? Heh, well. Those fourty you just saw were a mere splinter of who I have captured for my...Little games. And you know what? Not a SINGLE time had I had difficulty acquiring these pawns, not a single meta-human, mutant, god, vigilante, murderer, mercenary or even just a simple good Samaritan stopped me. Hmm..Maybe it has to do with the fact that they were busy lining up who they should fight next for a pointless end? Maybe...Maybe..."

It was at this time the "pawns" in hero's clothing woke up, of course trying to scream in confusion...If their mouths weren't sealed by a skin altering chemical agent. Then they found the wires... "As you can see down below, there are three men, all with wires coming out of their chests. Said wires are rigged to their chest cavity, with a small yet painfully powerful explosive of my own design attached. If any of these three pawns extend farther then the wire allows? All the bombs go off! Exciting!" Puzzler slams his cane down with a loud tap, grabbing the floating camera to bring it closer. "Isn't it folks?"

The tap of the cane initiated some sort mechanism down on the killing floor. It also activated a counter bug in the factory's system to counter the trace inevitably committed by the NYPD, literally detonating every police cruiser at two precincts with bombs placed earlier. Only "Thee Champion" had boots welded to the floor, while the others weren't. It all started to make sense as the square pattern Thee Champion was on started to rise up with an orchestra of grinding gears and metal. Along the rising pillar were small pegs and pipes the others could climb on to keep up, which they of course started doing...Or suffer the explosion.

"Look at them go! Weaker heroes climbing up to be with the glory of the god-like cape bearers. It's a shame really, that the ignorance and neglect, even for a fellow justice bringer...Moves just a biiiiit faster." The gear pillar started to rise faster, the men climbed faster, the muffled screams got louder, the wires grew more tense, the eyes became wider and the hope faded...Everything became a pin's drop more silent as the snap of "Thee Champions" wire plucked from his chest, the other two fell from the sudden lack of the wire's tension.

The noise of the detonation sounded as horrifying as it looked, as each pawn's chest exploded outwards and onto five of the spare angle cameras, the only still clean was the one viewing Puzzler's bemused reaction."...Almost ten percent of the superhuman populace on this Earth could have stopped this literally ten times over. Five could have stopped me as soon as this broadcast had aired...Is it so much of a puzzle now...?" The green conundrum knelt down, grabbing a chunk of what looked like one of the men's hearts, holding it up for the camera to see."...Why your heart's hurting from the neglect? Food for thought people, food for thought."

The master of machination grabbed his cane and started to walk down the railing, giving a twirl and a wave."See you all again next Monday..."


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Though Harahel is too moral and humble to use such a thing...God...He would simply be god.

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I found it quite bland, honestly. Like most "based on a true story" and such. I enjoyed the novel far more than the film.

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Mm, see this is why we would get along, dear. Opposites attract. Tea sometime?

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