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Computer's been busted.

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Yeah, why not? You have to hit them where it hurts.

(Puzzler has the same problems, he makes characters like he switches socks. Thus, I call it the puzzles)

@_drake said:

People are corrupt.

(Puzzler syndrome.)

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Well Smiles was going to be in on this, oh well though ^_^

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  • Insane equals violent
  • Ax-crazy
  • Hiss before fleeing
  • The man makes the weapon
  • Neck snap
  • God hater
  • Our demons are different: Made a demon in one of the billions of Hells created on CV.
  • Bloodbath villain origin: He killed his entire family...After killing everyone on the way there.
  • Dead guy on display: All of his massacre scenes.
  • Evil within/Evil without
  • Flaying alive
  • Hope crusher
  • Made of evil: Literally in his blood.
  • Put the laughter in slaughter
  • Spikes of villainy: His go-to tendril attack.
  • Token evil team mate
  • Captured by cannibals
  • Crazy taxi
  • With great power comes great insanity
  • Why won't you die?: What alot of people ask when seeing how quickly Dennis heals.
  • Boom, headshot: @just_an_average_man
  • Slasher smile
  • Slashers prefer blonds
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"F*ck off".

Sensing the air shift as he this freak was jumping, I promptly rolled on the floor like a trunk does awhen it goes down a hill and used the momentum of the move to get up on my feet and get back on action even if it was very painful. I send flying three flash freeze disks at his mug hoping to slow him down a bit. Fight smart or die tell me myself. Don't let him get too close unless you have to or he'll stab you with his tendrils or hands. Remember, as f*cked up as he, whatever that thing is, it has a heart, so it can and will be killed.

Dennis's senses were very superior to a human's in many ways, so much so that the ruffling of some gadget coming out of a pouch was like a scream in the ear. He formed his arm into a saber, slicing the disks before the could make their mark, yet exploding into clouds of below zero. Through that dense cloud came red, bloody whips with blades on the ends, lashing around as if payed to cut up this little boy into a butcher's morning work.

"SCREAM for me you little shit. I won't be happy till your momma feels what I do to you from MILES."

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Armory looked around as the laughter echoed through the place. His eyes narrowed. Now alert. Listening for the slightest sound. He was somewhere around and to be honest. Armory was expecting him to appear behind him.

He busted in from the ceiling. SH*T! Armory managed to snapped around and up to the falling demon in less than a quarter of a second to block the thing's claw with his MG. It got knocked straight of his hands with a claw mark on it.

"Well this pinata is gonna beat the sh** outta you, pal."

Armory then throws a swift solid straight punch to the guy's face.Trying to punch some liquid demon thing might seem like a bad idea when your "just" an armored really fit human. But not when you have a shotgun strapped to your arm under your sleeve. If the punch connected, this creepy ass thing was gonna be receiving a 2400 lb buckshot surprise triggered by the impact of Elliots half ton punch. He was aiming to stagger the thing. Maybe knock it down. Would have reduced any man's head to chunks. But armory wasn't hoping for that much now.

"A FIST!?" Dennis laughed manically before chomping down on the man's wrist like an organic bear trap. Not only this, but small tendrils ejected from his very gums to dig into mortal flesh like a hunted whale. Of course the demon was laughing, gnawing and gnawing...That is until a gun clicked from inside Dennis's mouth.

"...Oh f-" The gun went off, scattering the crimson creep's head matter all behind him. The body flopping onto the ground like a wet sack of meat...

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@just_an_average_man: Dennis could barely hold back his demonic laughter, crawling as silently as a house spider inside of the roofing for this illustrious sted. Dennis was breaking through the ceiling like a Halloween scare-toy. Except this one was covered in blood red liquid and looked like a bat out of hell. "SURPRISE! LET'S break the pinata!" Dennis screamed and went to claw Armory right on the scalp while coming down.

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Success, in a manner of speaking. See Dennis was standing in front of a mirror, which he had propped open. The reflection visible from Elliot's view shattered into all sorts of pieces. The thing heard after all gunfire ceased was Dennis turning into his demon form, releasing the murderous beast inside. "Good shootin' there hoss! Who taught ya ta shoot, Harry Houdini!? HAHAHA!"

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Dennis stood in the bathroom, washing his hand very casually while whistling Johnny Cash's "Hurt" to himself in a jaunty manner. His form resembled his red headed human side, it didn't stop him from looking as sadistic as a Manson. Elliot's friend sat in a chair, facing away from Elliot and bound by some strange red paste of sorts. It really did not seem like the demonic serial killer was paying attention.

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@the_puzzler said:

Dennis smelt him before seeing him, some little kid. "N-No! No way you're serious right now! BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!" Dennis pointed at him with his red, clawed finger in hysteria, not helping that this little human was just charging straight for him. The punch landed home, but the little one would find the feeling...Not pleasant.

It felt like punching a half melted slab of meat, making a wet noise upon impact. Dennis didn't move a single bit though, other than his head snapping back and staying there for a moment. Slowly but surely though, those white eyes shined just as much as his fanged teeth. "....Ha....Look hoss, Imma give it to ya straight considering how young ya are...."

Without any further warning, four foot spike tendrils exploded from Dennis's body in all directions. At this point though, D's hands already resembled axes, swinging them wildly for the kid's gut. "Imma eat me some kiddo! Think of it like lamb! VEAL! STRINGY. TASTELESS. MEAT. WITH NO SKILL!"

My knuckles throb after hitting him, it was a stupid move to let my rage take control of me. But now, it seems as if I'm going to pay for it even more, I jump back to avoid the tendrils, but I'm not fast enough to avoid the axes so they cut right through my armor and leave severe lacerations in my stomach. I fall on my back and try to stop the bleeding with my hands, before further applying pressure I throw two explosive "wingdings" at him to put some distance. I know, the name sucks.

I drag myself behind the counter and grab a bottle of alcohol, take a sip of it and then pour it all over the wound. It burns like a bitch and I let the bastard know that by letting out a groan. I need to hurry the hell up, before he decides to get creative with the shapes of his hands, I already have enough issues as it is. With shaking hands I wrap bandages over my torso and get ready for his next attack.

The little wings struck their target well, digging deep into Dawson's white eyes, making him screech on par with a Nazgul. It was just a graceful flip into the darkness of the bar ceiling that followed. "Bleeding already kiddo? Tsk tsk tsk...That's bad news..." His demonic voice echoed throughout, but from where? "See, hoss. I heal pretty darn fast, you could say it's in my blood...Heh...So I fcking hope you're only gettin' started!"

Dennis leaped out from the shadows, right above the recovering hero. Before contacting the ground, the demon unleashed a spill of red liquid from his palms aimed right for the youth. This was stronger than most bonds, like a very very sturdy putty of sorts. Whether or not this prey was entangled, Dawson went to dig his claws into his shoulders and pick him up off the floor. "SCREAM FOR ME!"