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"A light show!? Oh how you do keep on surprising me good si-...Goooo seeee..." Puzzle's smile and speech all became impaired rather fast when his body literally started to melt. This was new, or at least something that hasn't happened in dozens of years. It would appear that this stranger was going out with one last hoorah, and taking the lovable morpher with him.

He would try and talk, but it took to much energy and focus as it was to keep on reattaching his very DNA strands. "Oh...Ooooh this is crappy, dirty!- Guh, DIRTY move!" Puzzle barely managed to speak before his mouth had finally melted into nothing. The alien slugged away from his crafty foe, trying to quickly think of a solution. Then it finally hit him, or more so when he could actually feel these tiny mechanical gremlins working their way through his entirety...Something to crush something so fine and yet so deadly.

A few slurps and gurgles bubbled from the now almost complete green and purple pile, attempting to conjure up the strength to transform what's left of his matter into a contained Puzzle sized pile of C4 explosive. No doubt the tiny bots in his body could withstand such a sudden burst of heat and trauma from the instant detonation afterwards.

From that harsh cloud of ballistics came shooting Puzzle, having transformed into a cloud of green smoke himself. "Why would you do this to yourself!? I could have warned you I can NOT be organic!"

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"What's this!? A game changer!?" Puzzle actually sounded concerned since the start of the match, his pure white eyes filled with a sort of surprise seen only in cartoons. It had been far too long since anyone or thing had actually mimicked the astounding shape shifting power Puzzle possessed. Just before the ludicrously massive cannon shell shook the entire cave, the alien shaped his clothes to be a soldier from the WW1 era. "HIT THE DECK!" He shouted through gritted teeth, busy chomping on a cigar.

But "Ossa" could not even prevail in avoiding something so gargantuan. The only thing that seemed possible was a last ditch transformation, his entire body taking on the texture and consultancy of green and purple clay. Rocks could be pulverized into dust, but clay merely splattered and scattered.

Everything else happened in a blur, as this resting place was the absolute opposite of peaceful. The shell smeared Puzzle everywhere as the bullets were hitting the irreparable damage done to the statues and floor. Finally though there was silence, a silence that was only so noticeable from how disruptively loud this entire conflict just was. Puzzle of course was nowhere to be seen at first in the quaked stone dust, but as it started to settle more and more the green smeared paste was now visible.

That very same paste wriggled and writhed into orb shapes, then hardened into green stone. These green stones rolled from every corner of this endless arena to form a pile right near the weakened white haired mimic and eventually started to fuse together. When the swift fusing was complete, a Renaissance-esque statue of the Puzzle stood before the man...Finally crumbling away to reveal the green alien in the flesh once more. "THAT...Was the biggest switch up someone has given me in some time my friend! I will commend you at that, but you look tired and weary from this fantastic brawl. Might I interest you in a pillow to rest that dizzy head of yours?"

Puzzle grinned ear to ear, a large fluffy pillow grew from his palms. A shame that pillow was filled with two titanium anvils and soaked in chloroform, which the jokester suddenly swung towards the man's face in hopes of knocking him out cold.

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  • Puzzle is extremely dramatic and emotional.
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@icarusflies: So if it comes do a draw at the end of eight posts, the judges decide?

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Puzzle watched on with a hearty laugh, contrasting the intense nature of this human he faced. Was all of his foes going to be like this? Will there be no total fun had? The only way this alien was going to find out was if crushed the competition, perhaps even literally. While the human was mostly occupied with slaying all of Puzzle's clones, he would be busy quickly transforming his body into an entire train engine, his giant green face plastered onto the front.

"I CAN YELL TOO BUT IT DOESN'T MAKE ME WIN MORE!" The "Ossa" shouted just as the train's whistle screeched throughout these dusty and forgotten tunnels, wheels spinning to obliterate the stone beneath him. Without another moment, the Puzzle locomotive came blasting off the ledge he had been watching from this entire time to obliterate most stone in his way.

Right side wheels screeched from locking in place, Puzzle's transformed body now drifting sideways with a small storm of stone dust behind him. "CHOO CHOO, HUMAN!" He laughed out loud almost playfully, even though his body was in fact heading right for his foe. Whether that massive assault missed or struck him down, Puzzle was already morphing his body again to stand eight feet tall and all green muscle.

"...I must break you..." The alien spoke in a thick Russian accent, having hair that perfectly resembled Rocky Balboa's nemesis, Ivan Drago. And though it seemed Puzzle was going for a massive right hook, it was actually his giant chest that grew another massive arm and fist to rocket out at the human. Another, another and another. Only a few moments and fists were popping in and out of Puzzle's body like pistons in attempts to make this warrior kneel.

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Damn, need to step this game up!

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Puzzle sat at the very edge of the platform this afternoon, sitting in a meditative position. His body was almost as clear as glass, focusing on becoming as transparent as possible.

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Feel free to hit me up with something.