Puzzle Punk! An online Vlog series #1 (IC)

A camcorder flicked on by Spiller while he was cleaning his glasses. He was clearly sitting at a desk, a room littered with his own graffiti and punk rock posters. The rebel finally put his glasses back on and looked to the camera.

"Alright, first vlog. My name is Spiller B lancer..And I'm a mutant. Born with a brain that has geniuses shitting their pants and telepaths look like gypsy fortune tellers. But whatevs, no big deal or anything. I have moved out of my recent..Stomping grounds as of yesterday. I am now living with my 'friend' Kurt, you know, the archer?

Found this decent arms storage, cleared it out and turned it into my bedroom. Not bad yeah? I would explain a bit more but it's a cliche "secret base"..What a tosser.." Spiller put his fingers in a quote before scoffing and leaning back in his chair.

"So, back in Gothic city, big plans. I have no idea what the hell to do otherwise though, feelin' a bit lost you know?" He rubs his temples. "Do you know how frustrating it is to have thousands of brilliant thoughts and not a single one points you in the right direction? Horrible. I guess find Anya? I dunno. As if she would want to see the guy that ditched her three months ago for bloody school..."

The rebel gave a sigh before holding up one of his most recent T-shirt creations. "In case you didn't know, I make my own shirts. Cause f*ck paying for sh!t everyone else is wearing. Big fan of this one, cause it's true. No way that fat cat corporate hero is dead. And I mean if he is? Then there really is nobody fighting against the economic rapist that's our government in the U.S of tossing A. Trust me..I'm working on a "lovely" little tribute to that cheesy goatee of a Prez, Stark.."

Spiller chuckled before chucking the shirt behind him, onto his bed. And with a mocking salute, he grinned. "That's all for now, rebels. Puzzle Punk, signing off."

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This was a good read.

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The age of IC internet crap is upon us! xD

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This is awessomeeee.

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Thanks for the props, duders.

Sort of a mechanism I plan on continuing to keep in Spiller's mindset.

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LOL Quintus Lives

Cool stuff.