MIND F's power file.

Spiller has a vast range of mental powers, spanning from telpathy to psionics. All listed below requires focus pertaining to the depth.

Telepathy (Skill: Ever evolving)

Spiller's telepathy is easily one of the most powerful and prominent on earth. It is infamous on file for being very tricky to defend against due to it's aggressive yet complicated manner of how it invades the brain. To this day, Spiller is one of the first telepaths to be able to break down or detour past mental barriers and blocks, of course taking effort and time to do so. Below is a list of ways Spiller has, to date, used his telepathic powers.

  • Able to read almost anyone's mind, even break some mental defenses.
  • "Pushing": The ability to make a thought seem more appealing to a person. This can range from persuasion, to making murder seem as likable as buying a cake.
  • Tele-comm: Able to communicate to anyone via thought over amazing distances, possibly even countries.
  • Control: With great effort, can freeze, move and remotely control a person's movements.
  • Command: Much like control, but verbally telling a person what to do with them complying without question. This could range from telling someone to move, to committing suicide.
  • Mirage: Make someone see what isn't there.
  • Scramble: Send a harsh frequency to someone's mind, causing immense head pain.
  • Radar: Map out an area via sensing out people's brainwaves.
  • Mindscape: Astral project himself into a person's mind, able to traverse their psyche and inner thoughts.
  • Mind link: Much like with taking thoughts from someone, he can also project his own memories and knowledge to a person as well.
  • Flash read: A very finicky skill, able to read the mind of per-say an attacker just as they are about to strike, giving him moments to possibly avoid the attack.

With the nature of his mutation, Spiller has the potential to learn even more ways to use his telepathy.

Psionic (Skill: Lesser)

A more recently discovered aspect of his mutation, Spiller can create constructs made out of pure mental energy that cause mental pain pertaining to the construct. In example, if he were to create a sword and slashed someone with it, no actual wound would be caused, but the victim's brain would still react to pain where the sword slashed. If a psionic bullet from a psionic gun hit a victim in the head, it would most likely cause damage ranging from a knock out, to a coma.

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