Faculty sign-up sheet.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Birthplace:
  • Mutation:
  • Educational experience:
  • Desired faculty position:
  • Do you work well with youths?:
  • Have you taught before?:
  • Are you willing to protect the students at all costs?:
  • Do you have any criminal history involving children, or your mutation?:
  • Do you have a firm control over your mutation?:
  • Are you able to work under intense pressure? Or stress?:
  • What are your motives for working in an academy if any?:

Student sign-up form.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Place of birth:
  • Mutation:
  • Are you currently under parental care?:
  • DO you have difficulties controlling your mutation?:
  • Have you had any criminal related experience with your mutation?:
  • What are your motives for joining this academy if any?:
  • Do you get along well with others?:
  • Curricular activities you excel in:
  • Are you willing to live in an environment with other mutants?:
  • There is a mandatory course for self defense, requiring students to safely learn how to use their mutations in manners which may save their lives or others. But this of course requires physical confrontation with students, and staff members. Do you comply?:
  • Some courses might involve exploring harsh environments with possible dangers, do you comply?:

MIND F's power file.

Spiller has a vast range of mental powers, spanning from telpathy to psionics. All listed below requires focus pertaining to the depth.

Telepathy (Skill: Ever evolving)

Spiller's telepathy is easily one of the most powerful and prominent on earth. It is infamous on file for being very tricky to defend against due to it's aggressive yet complicated manner of how it invades the brain. To this day, Spiller is one of the first telepaths to be able to break down or detour past mental barriers and blocks, of course taking effort and time to do so. Below is a list of ways Spiller has, to date, used his telepathic powers.

  • Able to read almost anyone's mind, even break some mental defenses.
  • "Pushing": The ability to make a thought seem more appealing to a person. This can range from persuasion, to making murder seem as likable as buying a cake.
  • Tele-comm: Able to communicate to anyone via thought over amazing distances, possibly even countries.
  • Control: With great effort, can freeze, move and remotely control a person's movements.
  • Command: Much like control, but verbally telling a person what to do with them complying without question. This could range from telling someone to move, to committing suicide.
  • Mirage: Make someone see what isn't there.
  • Scramble: Send a harsh frequency to someone's mind, causing immense head pain.
  • Radar: Map out an area via sensing out people's brainwaves.
  • Mindscape: Astral project himself into a person's mind, able to traverse their psyche and inner thoughts.
  • Mind link: Much like with taking thoughts from someone, he can also project his own memories and knowledge to a person as well.
  • Flash read: A very finicky skill, able to read the mind of per-say an attacker just as they are about to strike, giving him moments to possibly avoid the attack.

With the nature of his mutation, Spiller has the potential to learn even more ways to use his telepathy.

Psionic (Skill: Lesser)

A more recently discovered aspect of his mutation, Spiller can create constructs made out of pure mental energy that cause mental pain pertaining to the construct. In example, if he were to create a sword and slashed someone with it, no actual wound would be caused, but the victim's brain would still react to pain where the sword slashed. If a psionic bullet from a psionic gun hit a victim in the head, it would most likely cause damage ranging from a knock out, to a coma.

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Devil spawn.

Leave it to Fixer M͔͉̰͖̩͙̮̙̟̺̫̺̪̤̬͗̎͑̋̌͛́ͤ̇̑͛̋̕͠͠͡I̧̢̧ͯ̇̅̍̅ͤͫ̊͒̒̊̆̓ͤͥ̈́̅̇҉̳̟̝͎͙͙̠N̸̺͔̜͔̠̻̲̠͖̰͛ͬ̒͛͊ͨ̇̄͆ͧ̃͋̍̔́D̴̨̫͖̲̠ͥ͆̆͌͝ ̛̦͍̲̻̹̳̥̥̘̼̘̳̜̣̖͙͋̎̈́ͬ̔̀͠ͅF̸̛̘̭̹̤̞͓̬̖̳̹̱̮̤͙͚̗͂́͒ͬ̊̈ͤ͌ͪͥ͐̅̅̀͢!͉̪̖̰̒̇̈̓ͤ̂ͯ͋ͩͬ͐͞ͅ

United nations, Metahuman affair's offshore operations, Prison #83, off the coast of California...

Base commander Richards walked into the metallic laced room and took a seat at the table, slapping down a red folder filled with information. "So...Spiller...Is that your given name?" The commander looked over to the pink haired teen, picking at his teeth with his cuffed hands. "..Yeah..Like from the book "borrowers"? Me mum's favorite or some shit like that..Is this bloody collar necessary? I'm a seventeen year old for Christ's sake, i'm not gunna kill ya!" Spiller grabbed onto the tech collar around his neck and tugged on it, only making the commander chuckle.

"Very funny you little shit, that's the treatment telepaths get when they misbehave...They come here and get some leashes, next comes the scoldin', boy..." Richards sifted through the intel on the boy, very slim to say the least. "So, Spiller, been pretty busy lately. Says here after your mother died of cancer, you lived in the streets for a bit back over seas, that is of course, till you discovered you could mess with peoples heads..Thought that was pretty fun didn't you? But instead of being responsible with it, you went nuts..I don't blame ya son I really don't..See you are just like your no good cape killer father who left you, just as crazy too.." Richards got up while smirking at a now scowling Spiller, you could see the rage in his eyes. "Enjoy your stay here son, it's going to be a long one.." But just before the commander left the room, Spiller had one last bit to say. "Wont be as long as you think commander...And when I am done ere'? I'm going to make sure you eat your own badges, tosser!"

The punk was dragged by his arms, now wearing a black eye on his grinning face while being tossed into his stone laced cell. Dusting himself off, he was quick to place his fingers on his temples, trying to break the limits of the collar, which of course only resulted in a shock. "BUGGER! Bullocking Christ that hurt!" Spill shouted, slouching down against one of the walls and started carving graffiti into the walls with a loose stone, ready to get acquainted with his new living space...


Five years

It has been five years since my cousin told me about this neat site he started to write on called "ComicVine." And I was like what the hell do you do? You write as if you're a comic book character? I dunno, that seems to be more your thing. Oddly enough, my cousin (MrName) was the one who lost interest in this site after a few years, but me? Ever since I donned the green bowler hat and gave the Underdogs some grief while dropping Puzzles, I was hooked. I even got my roommate and best friend Brian to hop onto this train (You may remember such roles of his as his hilarious Creed or Multiplying detective Lincoln Protocol)

I look back and cannot thank SK enough for showing me the ropes, explaining to me that Mercy and Gambler were kind of a big deal and that being an Underdog was the sh!t. I remember Sherlock Homes, and the amazing yet also amusing friendly rivalry we had to be the top braniac of the street level tier. Nothing would stop me from writing on here, hell it even helped me through my greatest bouts of depression, writers block and helped me kick my smoking habit a few times.

Easily one of the coolest times I had on here were the Audio blogs, yeah you old schoolers remember those I'm sure of it. I loved speaking out to my fellow viners and loved how people really really wanted to keep on hearing my voice, I have no idea why I dropped out of that.

Easily one of my toughest times on here though, is when Brian passed away too soon. The guy had a knack for getting hurt but one incident finally got the better of him. I couldn't stand being on here, looking at all of his deadpool-esq posts on the threads just tormented me every time I tried to write. But even then, after a few months I picked up the slack on his accounts for a short period to the best of my ability, at least trying to keep his sense of humor alive on this forum.

It's late and I'm most likely just over tired but I just wanted to thank all of you, everyone I have ever written with on this forum, for all of the great memories and times I had on this site. And don't worry, this isn't some sort of goodbye or anything, if anything it's just a reminder that I plan on being around for sometime.


Leave it to Fixer.

New Jersey, Pete's junkyard.

Among all the wrecked, scrapped cars was a run down trailer, inside? One of the best cleaners in the business. *BELCH!* Bill rubbed his stomach after finishing off another beer, tossing it onto the filthy floor of the trailer, the thirty four year old man was sitting on his usual lounger watching reruns of the Sopranos. "Pff..Amateurs" He commented on a specific murder that occurred in the show.

Bill was interrupted when he heard his cellphone go off, slowly reaching into his ripped up jean pocket to pull out the phone, only to realize it was the other phone. "Ahh Christ..." Bill grumbled while clicking the T.V off and getting up, walking over to his AC that had a hidden compartment, grabbing the other phone. "Fixer here, what the hell is broken this time?" He asked while walking across the trailer into his bedroom, knowing it was business time.

"Fixer, i'm certain you'll find this repair rather..Opening for opportunities.." An grizzled voice said on the other line, making Bill get just a bit more serious just as he got to his closet, pressing a hidden button to reveal his small armory and suit. "Puzzler, you creepy sonofabitch, been a week since you last called, gotta be some sort of record. What am I looking at here?" Bill clicked the phone onto speaker while grabbing his suit, starting to slip it on.

"Peter Conley, big time money launderer who has recently been arrested, he intends on making a deal with the authorities, information for protection. This would be putting some of my operations in a very halted position..As well as some other big time players...I need you to make sure Conley doesn't stand at the podium tomorrow morning, I will meet your required payment for a rush cleanup. Puzzler out."

The phone call ended just as Bill slipped on his skull mask, now becoming the Fixer. As per usual, Puzzler linked the targets current location on his cellphone, he always was a resourceful man...

Manhattan, 3:45 A.M.

A S.W.A.T truck was speeding down the highway, it's cargo of course was Peter Conley being transported for his court confession and future complications in the Puzzler's plans. Speeding down the highway as well however, was a man wearing a black bike helmet. Having about three seconds before the truck would notice Fixer, he sped up beside the vehicle and slapped a package of C4 right underneath the back right tire. The SWAT passenger rolled down his window to signal the supposed civilian biker to back off, Fixer giving a friendly wave before pulling back a few feet.

Then it happened, the C4 went off, causing the truck to swerve and sway until finally flipping onto it's side that led to a grinding halt. After a few minutes of silence, the passenger door flung open, the SWAT member crawling out holding his broken arm. In a blurry haze, he managed to see the biker figure walking towards the wreck, taking off his helmet to reveal his skull mask while pulling out his silenced 9MM. "Shit!" The SWAT yelled while fumbling for his slung SMG, only to have a silenced bullet put between his eyes. Fixer crawled up onto the sideways truck and looked down at the driver, barely alive. *THP!* One bullet for him as well. Fixer knelt down to the passenger he shot and grabbed his earpiece. "Coast is clear, get the cargo away from the wreck ASAP!" Fixer spoke in a mock frantic voice.

Casually walking over to the edge of the truck, he cleared his throat while waiting a few moments. The back doors swung open to have one final SWAT limping along with Conley, they didn't even notice Fixer standing on the truck, only Peter noticing after the cleaner put a bullet in the SWAT's heart from behind. "Shit! JESUS!" Peter yelled while falling to his knees, crawling away from the body while staring at Fixer as he hopped off the truck. "You wish pal.." Fixer said with a bit of a sadistic chuckle, pulling out a plastic bag with a zip tie around the end and forced it onto Peter's head...


Manhattan channel one news, later that morning.

"What was supposed to be a day of justice, ended up being only another day of criminal enforcement. Peter Conley was reported missing at 4:00 this morning when he seemingly vanished after an attack on the vehicle that was to transport him to court this morning, where he was to reveal the names of some of Manhattan's top crime bosses. Three officers were gunned down after the truck was disabled by what police believe to be military grade plastic explosive. There is no trace of the person, or persons responsible for this att-"

*BELCH!* Bill scratched his stomach while watching the news report, looking over to a large plastic bag near the front door of his trailer, inside was the acidic melted remains of one Peter Conley. "Look at that Peter! You made the news after all! BAHAHAHAAA!..Ahhh..Business is good.." Bill smiled while cracking open another beer, one more wouldn't hurt before he would have to go dispose of the remains.


Velvet curtains, purple smoke.

The school of Julliard, Manhattan.

Richard Bretel, easily the brightest student when it comes to his generation at this school. Dedicated, intelligent, and has a dark dark secret. The prodigy in special effects walked through the dustier shelves in the school's library, picking up some older books. After a long and meticulous search he finally had all the books on his personal list, ones that would come in handy for his experiments.

Richard walked over to the checkout counter, only now noticing it was eleven at night, he must have lost track of the time for he arrived in the library at midday. How could someone of his intellect and cleverness so foolishly lose time like that? "Ah! Richard, I see you have more lovely choices you intend on studying.." The librarian, Mr.Mesmer smiled while standing behind the counter, catching Richard off guard due to being in such deep thought.

"Hmm? Yes yes..Of course..I do apologize Mr.Mesmer but sleep has been a stranger to me these past months, I feel as if it might be catching up to me.." Richard felt tired just from explaining his problematic fatigue. Not only did he have theater practice, he of course had his personal agenda, smoke pellets...Holograms. Mr.Mesmer only chuckled while pushing his round glasses up and gently took the stack of books to write down.

"Let us see here..Hmm..Illusion, misdirection, slight of hand. Richard, if I didn't know any better I would assume this fascination with such specific topics sparked because of the Puzzler incident in our school?" Mesmer looked over to Richard with a curious yet concerned glare. Bretel froze up at the very mention of the name Puzzler, did Mesmer know? Or was the young man just struck with paranoia after what he did that day, what he caused.

"I-I beg your pardon Mr.Mesmer? Why would I even try to get close to what happened that day? Three students, all dead and because of what? Getting in the Puzzler's way? The fools should have known better not to cross me!" And there it was, a lump formed in Richard's throat as soon as he finished that statement, only getting worse upon seeing the shocked glare on a now pale looking Mesmer.

No more words, just a few more moments before the librarian tried to run. As soon as he reached the doors, Mesmer tried his hardest to force them open but of course, locked. Now he only had the choice of running into the halls of books, the lights shutting off shortly after he did so. "I really cannot believe I let slip like that Mr.Mesmer, I mean how silly of a way to die, because a student accidentally told his secret...I assure your expiration will be somewhat painless if you show yourself now.." The Puzzler promised while speaking loudly through an echoed voice while Mesmer carefully navigated the shelves.

Finally however, the purple smoke started to form around his feet, quickly consuming him. Next thing he knew, he was standing right behind the counter, this time covered in glowing chains, and looming over him was the now costumed Puzzler. "Enjoying the smoke? One would assume it is something like witchcraft or the dark arts..Hmm! Hardly. It is but my own genius, shape-shifting nanites that create actual objects, traveling in this smoke, brilliant no?" The Puzzler gloated while Mesmer quietly stared at him. "Richard..You're insane..You killed three innocent people all because they were apart of some puzzle you created? You really do sicken-" But Mesmer could not finish due to being back handed by the surprisingly strong menace.

"Ivan, isn't it? Ivan I do this to present to the downtrodden that I am superior in every way, a puzzled mass of fools who will soon enough bow down to who deserves it...Me!"

Ivan's pained breathes and fatigued look suddenly ceased while slightly standing straighter. "I would say Richard, that was a very excellent experiment.." The librarian broke the chains that bound him and removed his glasses, all while the Puzzler ceased floating suddenly. "Wh-What is the meaning of this!?" He demanded to know as the smoke seemed to have betrayed him, forcefully removing the costume he was wearing and threw it at Mesmer's feet.

"I have some explaining to do Richard.." Mesmer said while waving his hand gently, the smoke attacking the student and held him up in the air as if with telekinesis. "You assume you were the Puzzler..But when did you start to think you were him? When you were searching for your books don't you remember? You were telling your fellow classmates about how you were looking into the Puzzler incident..But of course, you don't remember..Why? Because I hypnotized you when you finished collecting your books. You didn't think it was strange that you "lost track of time" for eleven hours? I made you think you were the Puzzler Richard..I was controlling the mist..It was all to see how the upgrades to my gear were performing and what better test subject than myself? For you see Mr.Bretel.."

Ivan Mesmer walked closer and closer to Richard as he was explaining, all while the costume was slowly being placed onto him by the smoke until finally the glass dome was placed on his head that started to glow, reflecting Richard's horrified and confused face. "...I am the Puzzler..."

Dean Matthews walked into the library with a curious brow raised, quickly walking over to the main desk where the head librarian Mr.Ivan Mesmer was sitting having a cup of tea while reading Hamlet. "Mr.Mesmer, is everything alright? I could have sworn I heard some commotion from the halls.." The dean leaned on the counter and looked about, seeing everything as it should be. Mesmer looked over and sipped his tea while speaking with his natural British accent "But of course Brian..It's midnight inside of a library, usually most would consider it to be rather hush.." He smiled at his boss, who smiled back and curiously left the library.

What could be heard though, even across the campus was the loud screams from dozens of students who saw the corpse of Richard Bretel, hung in the middle of the campus from the flag pole...

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Just a quick announcement that I will be creating yet another sort of informative blog base. The piece of mind blog series as you know sort of revolves around my opinion of current events and how I feel about them as a writer, very clean cut. But that's not enough for me, I always wanted to have a semi-in character news blog but I never had a character that would fit such a bizzare idea, luckily I have created a character for the job. I do not have a name for the other blog series but tune in tonight for it's first lift off, a news broadcast done IC about events in the vine, I do hope you warm up to the character I picked for the task..


Puzzler piece of mind #3

Yeah yeah, been a while I know. Writers block and I finally found a new smaller place after Brian left us. Anyway, enough about me, lets talk about the vine universe, which one? Well why not both.

A very Stark outlook

Bravo, Anthony Stark, you really had me impressed, you still do. Another example of a Cinderella story, out of nowhere, shooting up to the greats in no time like nobodies business! Everything you have done so far has been a fantastic read and I do hope you stick around, we need you here. Now that I had the writer formalities out of the way. It really does look pretty bleak for our man of iron, dying, on the run, goatee growing into a hobo mess. If you have not been keeping up with Stark's blog story line, I highly suggest you give that a read ASAP.

Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The whole Liberty attack arc is top notch, everyone that has been involved so far, great job. This, along with the Venezuelan crisis were two hard hitters and paired off each other nicely. That's what I have been enjoying as of lately, the very Tom Clancy vibe that has been going around with all of this political nonsense and shenanigans, keep it up by all means.

Where have all the wild things gone?

It's been a while and as I have mentioned with all of this espionage and spy games going on, but I must ask, where the hell has all the supernatural gone in the vine!? Most of you know me, i'm all about that whole "bump in the night" thing and I really have been seeing a spooky decrease in that little world of creepy crawlies. I plan on making a return and damn folks, not giving me alot of fuel to work with here. I plan on (more like trying) to revive this corner of the vine in some way shape or form. So please, if you are interested in the same cause, that of putting some flesh onto the supernatural way of things, PM me. What I plan on doing is making a small group that will try to push this cause forward.

I never have been really good at ending these, so I will just sort of leave it there.


Ivan Que Bio

Ivan Que.

Who is he?

Ivan is perhaps one of the most difficult and confusing people one could ever meet, everything he says is a riddle or a puzzle. So who exactly is Ivan at a glance? When first met he is the trench coat wearing man with a cigarette, spouting information off about something nobody should know about. He is ambitious, wise and prodigal in his practice of the mystic arts. Ivan does not have any super powers. He makes up for his lack of superhuman traits with the knowledge of magic he has gained over the years of traveling the world to study hundreds of different arts. Ivan has no infamy, he is only a rumor as a really impressive sorcerer.


  • Name: Ivan Q.
  • Super name:Q
  • Mortality: Fallen angel.
  • Super power: Magically adept.
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Blond
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Age:?
  • Identity: Public
  • Aliases: The wizard, mystic masochist, I.Q, the help.

Powers, skills and other:

  • Bloodline: Ivan claims to come from a long line of magic users, explaining how he is so easily adept with the dark arts.
  • The third eye: Another family trait, his mind's eye has evolved to see and sense out magic and supernatural forces.
  • Knowledge: Ivan's knowledge of magic, the supernatural and the occult is astoundingly vast, almost always being the first to explain anything in the topic with ease.
  • Clever: Has an infamy for tricking his enemies.
  • Tough as nails: Though Ivan tends not to fight alot (let alone be good at it) he has taken alot of punishment (mostly from himself) and it paid off over the years.

(Some) of the arts Ivan is well practiced in:

  • Necromancy
  • Blood magic
  • Summoning
  • Conjuration
  • Ritual magics
  • Death magic
  • Voodoo
  • Hell speak
  • Divinity
  • Charms
  • Curses
  • Hexes


The one thing Ivan has on him at all times...

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