• Date joined:2011-10-09
  • City:
  • Gender:N/a
  • Alignment:Evil
  • Points:16 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled
  • Name: The shadow Imps.
  • Race: Shadow Imps.
  • Human host: None.
  • Leader: Hobbs (Sub leader Imp)
  • Occupation: Mob of heart eating demons.
  • Numbers: Limitless.
  • Age: Unknown.

Hobbs the Shadow Imp:

Hobbs is the clever and quick witted leader of the Shadow Imps, having that title since the eighties. His methods are vicious much like the nature of his race and is often the one with a plan, even among humans. How to easily tell him from his similar looking brethren is the dead cat carcass he wears on his head like a hat (hence the name Hobbs). When it comes to his attitude it is what one would expect from such a foul race. He's aggressive, perverse, childish, vile, sadistic and psychotic.