Character Powers and Personal Limitations

I was pondering the other day about how ridiculous it is that I have two characters that speak French. I don't speak French. This made me wonder, should a character's abilities deviate much from a person's own abilities? Granted, things like super strength and energy projection are pretty convertible to the fictional world, but what about things like intelligence? 
I've noticed several profiles where people listed their character as having genius level intelligence. I wondered if this mean their character is literally a genius or if people just don't like having small numbers on their power grid. (Hey, I'm guilty. I sure want to be omnipotent!) But it seems that fictional intelligence has to be somewhat reflective of personal intelligence. You can have a genius character and not be a genius, but you have to be smart enough to make it believable. I'm sort of a grammar nazi, but I do try to keep my mouth shut. It just strikes me as rather ironic that a character who has a level 6 intellect is written with poor spelling and almost nonexistent grammar. I realize that even I make mistakes, but when I see posts like that... I have to facepalm. 
I'd say one solution to this is training. I know little to nothing about fighting, combat, cars, and weapons. So, I try to stay away from that (to an extent) sometimes. Maybe if I was taught a bit, I could learn. So, what I'm saying here is, there are some powers that are not people's fortes, maybe that should be taken into consideration when formulating characters, and help could be sought to create better writing and character development. 
And the roleplaying stories are why we're here, isn't it? :) 
(Please no one take serious offense. These are just some observations.) 


So, it's Valentine's Day... (with pictures, of course EDIT)

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A rather odd thing happened to me. I was sick all the night before. I woke up, and my suite mate got me a heart-shaped balloon. Alright. Not too strange, nice, but not too out of the ordinary. 
This random lady from the admissions office stopped me in the cafeteria to introduce herself. She told me how much she admired me and always wanted to talk to me. She also held up a bag. She got me a gift! A lady I had never met before gave me a gift. Hm. And then she took my picture in front of the ice sculpture.  

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 The present of a black skirt. YAY.

Meet Miss. Anne Thrope



Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Miss. Anne Thrope 

Real Name: Jay August

Base of Operations: My lair

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight: 96 lbs.

Age: 21

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'3''

Super Power Origin: Divine providence

Powers/Mutation: She  can manipulate her own reality by writing in a notebook she always carries with her. This notebook has a shattered mirror on the cover symbolizing her current reality and the writing inside becomes her new reality. At a certain time of the month she becomes empowered by the moon goddess and her strength increases. It is very unwise to anger her during such a time.  

She also possesses the talents of art, music, acting, writing, and thinking. She is very intelligent and creative. Because of her small size, she can fit into places that other human beings could not. She has an arsenal of humour including: puns, sarcasm, and morbid humour.   

 Occupation(s): Artist/Writer/Student

Education: In college

Place of Birth: Earth

Known Aliases: Miss. Anne Thrope, Anne, August Anachronism, Miss. Bones, Corpse Bride

Mini Biography: Jay August was born August 13th 1989 weighing two pounds and one ounce. She survived miraculously and grew into a person resembling a normal human being.

Grid Points:  Agility – 1, Durability – 1, Energy Projection – 1, Fighting Ability – 1, Intelligence – 7, Mental Power – 3, Speed – 1, Stamina – 1, Strength – 1    

Current list of Characters

The PsyentistThe PsyentistFemaleEvilYOUgenics created
ScornScornXYMaleNeutralYOUgenics created; hirable
PsyKnightPsyKnightMaleGoodYOUgenics created
QMisterQMaleNeutralYOUgenic donor
AngeliqueAngeliqueStraussFemaleGoodYOUgenic donor, inactive
Grey WolfGreyWolfMaleNeutralInactive
Queen CobraQueen_CobraFemaleEvilYOUgenics created; Devil's Mark Assassins, Inactive
The MacAbresDichotOther/TeamNeutralRip, Ghost, Patch, and Switch, inactive
Miss. Anne Thrope*Jay_AugustFemaleNeutral







The Psyentist: Clinical Vampirism (a new direction?... comment)

             Alexandra looked in the mirror and smiled examining her fair complexion, her ice blue eyes, and her light golden hair. Then her smile disappeared. I'm twenty-eight, she thought. In less than two years I will be thirty. I'm going to be forty, then fifty. I'm going to grow old and decay. My flesh will wrinkle, and my hair will fade to grey. Her eyes widened, and she gulped. I'm going to die. Die. It happens to common mortals. How could it happen to me?

              It was all too vivid. She could see the scene in her blue eyes. The rain. The tears. Her ageless brother sobbing over her grave. All that she had worked for, become, for nothing. She's laid in the ground. Cold, alone. Dust to dust.

             Alexandra called into work sick. It wasn't a lie. She was sick. She was dying, dying of the disease that afflicted all of humanity. Mortality. She loathed it. She knew she was better than this petty plague. Scorn, it was quite possible he would never die. His cells keep renewing themselves and regenerating. Was what they did to him truly monstrous... or miraculous?

               YOUgenics. A chain company devoted to improving humanity. Genetic screenings, abortions, fertility treatment, sterilization, even revolutionary break throughs in the treatment of cancer and other genetic disorders. Some of the scientists were closeted Nazis wearing the masks of good-willed science. And then there was that hidden behind he scenes in secret: genetic manipulation, splicing human DNA with other traits. Most of the test subjects died. But they could hardly be considered human, could they? B--tards. Scorn was one of the first to survive, his DNA mingled with amphibian and reptilian among other traits after much trial and error previously. All of their creations  turned out to be Frankenstein's monsters in their own way. Alexandra knew of two for sure, Scorn and Queen Cobra. Cobra was created a little after Scorn, borrowing some from his template, but also mixing in a lot of snake DNA. She would have been nearly perfect, a scientific feat to reveal to the world, a beautiful, regenerative being who was immune to toxins. But her eyes were snakelike, and she bore a forked tongue. And the situation worsened. Faust found out. Around puberty poison glands began forming along all of the glands in her body including her sweat glands. She was cursed to never be able to have human flesh contact. Just how many doctor's died due to their pretty little experiment? Scorn's flaws seemed a bit superficial at first. Scales covered most of the lower half of his body, frightful black claws, and misshapen feet. But the miscalculation they made with Scorn was concerning the vengeful nature of humanity. A few years after his escape, he blew up that secret facility and everyone in it.

            What they did to my brother, what they did to me, she thought, was monstrous. Scorn was right to hate them. But now, I think they are my hope. I have done enough research into genetics to see the value, the reason in their madness. She sat back in her chair and pondered. Eugenics--good life. Perfection. That is what she wanted. She hated them for what they did, but they could still be used.  



   The Main YOUgenics Office and Laboratoty: Geneva, Switzerland.

Alexandra Steele strode through a hallway led by a thin, blonde woman. The woman came to a door and opened it. A man stood to his feet. He had grey hair that was slicked back, sunken cheeks, and glittering blue eyes. "Dr. Steele." He addressed her. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Please, sit down." He motioned to the chair, and the woman left, closing the door behind her. The man continued. "I am Dr. Friedrich Fenstermacher, founder of the YOUgenics Corporation. I've heard a bit about you. But what brings you here today?"

Alexandra remained standing. "You probably don't remember me doctor. In fact, you probably never knew I existed." Dr. Fenstermacher looked at her with confusion. Alexandra inconspicuously locked the door with her mind and placed her hands on the desk, leaning forward. "Your company created me and my brother."

"What?" The man raised an eyebrow.

"Don't play innocent with me, doctor. I know more than you think." She stared hard at him. The man's expression turned stony. "I must say, that though your work is a catastrophe, I think there are elements that can be saved. I see the future in your research. I know in the past you tried experimenting on adults and children, but have only been able to gain ground in the area of embryonic experimentation. But what if I could give you the opportunity to test new techniques on a healthy, adult subject?"

Dr. Fenstermacher folded his hands on his desk and leaned forward listening intently. "Such research is terribly dangerous as previous attempts have shown."

"I am not an ordinary human being." Her eyes flared. She lifted up his chair telekinetically.

"Mien Got. You're a telekinetic."

"I'm more than that, which makes me a prime candidate for your superhuman tests." She rested his chair delicately back on the floor.

"Well, what were you thinking? You are already so advanced already."

"I will still get old and die."

Dr. Fenstermacher laughed. "We can't make you immortal. Even with our advancements we aren't God."

Alexandra cracked her neck. "Are you at all familiar with the ALEX cases? ALEX Y was my brother. Through genetics you made him regenerative. Now, if that's a miracle, then I'd say you're closer God than you think." Or something else, she thought.

"But you've said yourself that our adult testing has always failed…"

"Are you listening to me?!" She shouted. The room shook. "I'm NOT normal. I can survive."

"Well, okay, supposing you could, how do you plan to accomplish this? Even if you survive, we don't know if the treatment will work or which one of many to try."

She looked him in the eyes. "I know a mutant boy in London who can give people powers. Just his blood can temporarily manifest latent mutations or at least bestow the possessor with heightened abilities. Blood is what sustains the body, give it nutrients, contains antibodies. I believe it is the key to adult power manipulation. The boy is type O. He is a universal donor. Use some of his blood as a template, a starting place."

The doctor's eyebrows knit, and he nodded. "Yes, we've tried to use blood transfusions before, but when the body continues making it's own supply and discards the new blood, any positive effects fade."

"I'm sure with our collaborative efforts, we can solve such dilemmas." Alexandra stood up straight. "Well, thank you for your time, Dr. Fenstermacher. I expect to utilize your labs and technicians to achieve my ends."

"Now, wait a minute. I never said yes yet. This whole thing could end up being a disaster costing more than it's worth."

"Very well. Allow me to convince you." Her eyes began to glow fuchsia, and in an instant she had disappeared from the room and was inside his mind and body. She scanned around his mind and siphoned out the memory of the conversation and replaced it with thoughts of total compliance with her goals. When she had finished, she phased out of him. "Good day, Dr. Fenstermacher. I will be seeing you soon." She unlocked and stepped out of the door. She walked back down the hall smiling.

Some days later, Alexandra returned to the main YOUgenics office. She dropped a cooler on Dr. Fenstermacher's desk and stared at him. "I want this replicated." He opened up the cooler.


"Yes, you idiot. Blood. Replicate it in your lab and add the specifications I've included. I'll be back when you have ten pints." She turned toward the door then walked back. "Doctor remember to do as you're told." She patted his face and smirked. She sauntered cooly out the door.

Dr. Fenstermacher watched her then called up one of his technicians on his intercom. "I need Kirsch up here right away." A man in a lab coat came up and walked through the door. "Sir?"

"Get this to the lab. I want it replicated. Go over the specifications with your colleagues. This could be the break through we were looking for. But Kirsch, keep this secret. Keep all documents about this case locked up in one secret place." The man nodded, took the cooler out, and went to his lab.  

Part 3 

  The appointment time came. Everything according to Alexandra's design. She wore a hospital gown and was led into a cold room. She was laid down in a bed. The machine was turned on, needles were inserted, one in an artery, the other in a vein. Alexandra tried to keep herself calm and her hand from shaking. She hated the feeling of blood being drawn. It felt like she was going to die. She closed her eyes. Breath, Alexandra. She inhaled and exhaled. Had to stay calm. She couldn't stop the transfusion. It would ruin everything. She imagined a peaceful stream, it's slow moving… blood. She started breathing faster.

"Dr. Steele? Just keep breathing. It will be okay. We have the medical staff here. We can stop at anytime without consequence…"

Alexandra's eyes flung open. "No. Continue." She closed her eyes again. Calm. I could use Scorn's self-hypnosis right now. She had goosebumps. The room was so cold. "Can I have a blanket?" She whispered. A man nodded and put a blanket over her. It didn't help. Ten pints felt like a lifetime laying there. But the next stage was dangerous. She wasn't going to rush it.

"Almost finished with this phase, Dr. Steele. Are you sure you want to proceed?" Dr. Fenstermacher spoke standing beside her.

"I signed your d--n contract. Not that it can be used in court anyway since this is so incredibly illegal." She snapped. 

Dr. Fenstermacher shrugged and nodded to a doctor. One removed the blanket. Another the needles. One came forward with the paddles. He was pale. Alexandra's jaw tightened. The doctor placed the paddles on her chest and gave her a jolt of electricity. The monitor flatlined. Dr. Fenstermacher watched the machine. "Five… four… three… two… one." He nodded to the doctor and he shocked her again. Then again. He looked up nervously. He sent a jolt into her heart, and it started. Alexandra's eyes flung open.

"Did… did it work?" She grabbed the man's shoulders. He jumped.

"You're alive." He really didn't know what to say besides that.

Alexandra sighed and let go. "I feel… weak."

Dr. Fenstermacher looked at her. "I'm going to move you to another room where you'll be more comfortable." He placed the blanket back over her, and the doctors wheeled her out of the room. She had survived. Now, to see if anything has changed… how can we know? He thought. He exited and went to Alexandra's room. She was laying in the bed with her eyes closed. He cleared his throat. "Alexandra? Do you want anything? Some food maybe?"

Alexandra's eyes opened. She looked over at the male nurse in the corner then turned to Dr. Fenstermacher. "Oh. Yes. Would you get me something?"

"Of course, I'll call someone up…"

"No. No, I don't want a whole meal, perhaps you could just get something from a snack machine?"

The doctor blinked at her curiously. "Well, okay." He turned and walked out.

Alexandra turned to the nurse. "I think I've started bleeding again." The nurse walked over. He saw Alexandra's hand shaking.

"Are you alright?" He looked at her with concern.

She licked her lips. "Oh, I'm just… hungry." Her thoughts ran wildly. She began trembling all over. What was happening? She grabbed his face and pulled it towards her.

"Aah! What are you doing?" The nurse tried to pull back. He gazed at her strangely then went pale. "Oh, my… god…" Alexandra felt a slight aching sensation in her gums. It was like she couldn't control herself. She pulled him towards her and sunk her teeth in and tore at his throat. His body went limp as the blood poured into her mouth and down her chin. She heard footsteps at the door. She looked up. Dr. Fenstermacher walked in, stared at the scene, and gasped. He inched further into the room and inconspicuously grabbed a scalpel. Alexandra wiped off her mouth and stepped towards him.

"Well, did you succeed doctor? Do you like your handiwork?" She grinned at him. His eyes widened, and he stabbed her right below her sternum with the scalpel. She gulped and looked down. She growled and pulled his hand away, still gripping the blade. She touched her stomach and smiled. "Looks like our plan worked. I'll be going now. But first, I have to deal with you and your staff." Her eyes glowed as red as the blood around her mouth and she vanished. She was inside his mind and body. She spoke using his voice. "We have a mess to clean up." As Dr. Fenstermacher, she took the scalpel and tore up the nurse's original wound and covered the doctor in his blood. She scanned his mind then erased his memories and replacing them with fictitious flashbacks of a psychotic episode. She phased out of his body and left him unconscious. She got dressed, jumped into a technician, and from there went and mind-wiped all of the staff involved. Then she went and destroyed the evidence of the experiment as well as the plans she had suggested that Dr. Fenstermacher keep in a secret place. She left the building in the secretary's body. She left the girl in an alleyway and walked off. She grinned. "That wasn't so hard." Alexandra laughed.  
 So, YEAH... there's a first part. An introduction. Good? Bad? Cliche? Tell me what you think. 
In case you haven't read it before, here is my current bio:  
   I am The Psyentist. I can psi-jump into any given individual. This could possibly grant me the title of telepath, but I do not read minds while not a part of another's being. I can manipulate every aspect of my host while in their mind (body, emotions, memories, powers, etc.) I can take out or put in information or memories within the mind of my host. I am invincible to bodily harm in this state and can absorb or give portions of my life force to my host, but cannot inhabit the dead. Due to absorbed memories I may have hallucinations if I do not get an adequate amount of REM time in my sleep. I am a highly experienced psychologist especially given my hands on ability to study the human psyche. I am an incredibly powerful telekinetic and can crush nearly anything with a mere thought. Let there be no doubt, I am The Psyentist.

Personal History

    After their ninth month, the twins ALEX X and ALEX Y were delivered from a synthetic womb and given to an interim foster family. The two were raised by Dr. Karl Lechen and his wife Greta but continually were sent to the laboratory in Switzerland for examination. ALEX Y was more seen by the scientists to monitor his unusual and controlled genetic growth. It was difficult to separate the siblings even in their early years.

    When ALEX X was thirteen she discovered what they were doing to her brother. Experimentation involving chemical hypnosis, violent exercises of combat in his chemical trance, and constant genetic alterations. She informed her horror stricken foster mother who then smuggled the two out of the country to the United States.

    It was here that ALEX X, under the alias Alexandra Steele, first discovered her mutant powers. She possessed telekinesis (the ability to move objects with the mind) and the ability to "psy-jump" by linking to the target's mind and phasing into his or her mind and body (giving her the ability to control every aspect of them, absorb their energy into herself, manipulate their mind and memories, even implant illusions that last after she has left them). She adopted the name The Psyentist.

    For the most part her new identity was kept hidden as she continued her education. She acheived a PhD in Psychology and received her medical degree to practice Psychiatry. She established her own Steele Mental Hospital and, with the consent of the government, inconspicuously houses deranged and/or potentially dangerous mutants. Unbeknownst to the government or even her own staff, she conducts experiments on mind control and mutant gene suppression to control the mutant inmates.


Faction: Evil

Super Name: The Psyentist

Real Name: A.L.E.X. X

Base of Operations: Steele Mental Institute, New York

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight: 120 lbs

Age: 28

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'6''

Super Power Origin: Mutation/scientific experimentation

Powers/Mutation: Omega level telekinesis (blast power, flight, force shield), possession via psy-jump, mind sensing, phase, regeneration, immortal, temporary power absorption

Occupation(s): Psychiatrist

Education: Extensive schooling through college and internship, stolen mental information from various scientists by psy-jump

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Switzerland

Known Aliases: Dr. Alexandra Steele, Xandra, Alex, Psyence, Psy, the "good" doctor, Mistress, Monolith of Lust

Mini Biography: ALEX X was born of a synthetic womb with her twin brother, and her psychic and telekinetic powers manifested during puberty. She later preformed a procedure that augmented her abilities and gave her regenerative powers.

Grid Points: Agility: 2, Durability: 4, Energy Projection: 6, Fighting Ability: 2, Intelligence: 6, Mental Power: 6, Speed: 2, Stamina: 3, Strength: 2

Did Your Know?: Alexandra Steele has a twin brother and a male clone.

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You guys should definitely check this out! :D

 So, I was honoured today on Comic Vine by Inferiorego. 
Just wanted to share it with you guys and thank you again for being a great community. ;) 
        Once again, it's time to spotlight the best of the best in the community. There's a lot of great users on this site, but there's one in particular who's really caught our eye with not only the blog work she does, but with the RPG section and some of her wiki work: Psyentist!



  • Her blog was number 24 on 25 Most Visited Blogs here at the vine. 
  • 21 Days of dressing up for Halloween. Check them all out here
  • Special bonus points for Day 5, which I've entitled, "Surprised archeologist." 


  • She recently started a new RPG called " Psychophobia," where she's a psychiatrist and giving people some just advice.


  • Psyentist has been here for over two years and she's done some fine work in the wiki section.
  • Wrote a giant chunk of the Fantomex page.
  • Has the second most edits on the Doctor Doom page.
  • Almost 700 points worth of work on the Gambit page! 
So three cheers for Psyentist and all her great contributions to the site and all the hard work! See you guys next week with other Wrap-up!

Thanks, Comic Vine! ;)

Thanks for making my blog #24!

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