House of Q

The House of Q

I remember when I first met Q. It was October 21, 1881, I was in France to give a lecture on genetic diversity. It almost seemed as though fate brought us together that night, a scared mutant boy and a scientist who was about to be let go on ethics violations. He was marvelous. A mutant who could move through time. Of course I took him in, raised him. It was his existence inspired me to continue my research concerning the phenomenon of metahumanity. It was only natural I would use him as the primary donor of my greatest achievement: the ALEX project.

But before I elaborate on that, I shall begin with my first project, myself. I am Dr. Heinrich Keller, a synergistic amalgamation of chemistry and vampirism. But those who know me well refer to me as Dr. Genetix. It was necessary for my work that I be able to work tirelessly for decades, to be able to subdue my subjects to enable experimentation. I constructed my first immortal serum from pure vampire blood. It was engineered and thus did not have the symptoms of religious aversion and vampire contagion and subjugation. The side effects were still ghastly. Ghostly pale skin, red eyes, deathly allergies to sunlight and garlic, the necessity of drinking blood. But it was a small price to pay. With my continued existence sorted, I found and experimented upon various organisms, plants, insects, reptiles, mammals, those genetic anomalies now called mutants, coveting their evolutionary qualities. I wanted to create the super race, to bring Darwinism to it's next stage, to root out human frailty and limitations.

In the 1930s my proclivities were responsible for my induction into a group of elite Nazi scientists who shared my vision, a future not just for the beautiful Aryan race, but for humans beyond what could even be imagined. We learned much. Q aided our endeavours greatly by bringing us secrets from the future to utilize in our present.

But he fell in love during one of his travels with a German model who went by the name Angelique, a mutant like himself and remained in that future era. It wasn't until decades later we met again, long after the demise of the Nazi party. He proposed to me a business front behind which he and I could continue our past research. We created the YOUgenics corporation in Geneva, Switzerland. The services provided to the public included the latest in birth control options including sterilization methods, abortions, genetic screenings, a sperm and ovum registry, in vitro fertilization, and minor genetic treatments and alterations for humans in the embryonic stage. The company branched out, the resource being applicable to modern life after the Sexual Revolution. But unbeknownst to the public, this institution funded smaller labs in which my dream was enacted. Most of the first ALEX projects failed as previous experiments on developed humans had. It seemed fate again linked my endeavours to the anachronistic mutant known as Q. His wife was unable to carry a child. Given the nature of my business, I procured the fertilized egg from this couple. By lucky chance, the egg had been doubly fertilized resulting in a monozygotic twinning process. It was imperative to tweak the genetic structure of the twins in the critical stage before the stems cells had begun to replicate and divide. I used two different processes enabled by a revised serum similar to my own vampirism that allowed for the absorption of foreign DNA. One subject ALEX Y became a kind synthetic mutant, spliced with amphibian chromosomes. The other remained mostly unchanged to serve as a genetic template for further creations should the first fail. From the second subject code named ALEX X, I made a clone, identical in every way to its host except for an alteration to the sex chromosome. The embryos were developed in a synthetic womb that had finally been perfected. The clone was given to Q and his bride to be their son; the other two were donated to science.

Most of my subsequent creations, ALEX Y included, were fitted with an implant that would inhibit psychic interference and allow for cybernetic hypnotic control over them. This was a fail safe should any of them go rogue or need to be recalled after release. The exceptions were the psionic mutations such as ALEX X and Q's son.

I call those genetic descendants the House of Q as it was by him they were born. The primary lab was destroyed by ALEX X and ALEX Y in a revolt. Much of my research was lost. Thankfully, the satellite branches remained and from those were constructed the other ALEX variants, many of which were able to be released into the general population for natural reproduction.

All this was done to further the evolution of mutantkind. The strongest shall live to reproduce, and the House of Q shall endure.


A bit of cosplay since my absence...

And this last Halloween I was Catwoman:

(It was the lazy costume for me since that's pretty much what I wear on a daily basis. xP)

(I was living in a dorm at the time and had to make due with what I had... broke college student and all. I wore it around campus which has a dress code, so no skimpy Emma attire.)


The little blonde girl was led by her foster parent to the door. Mrs. Lehmann spoke in German. "<Come along, Alexandra. It's time for your doctor's appointment again.>" The girl tugged at the middle-aged woman's hand. "<But Gerta, I don't want to go. It hurts.>" The door to the facility opened, the warm air that drifted out heating her freezing face. One of the lab's scientists stepped out to greet them. "Frau Lehmann... ALEX X." He smiled at the pair, drawing them inside with a motion from his hand. The girl pouted. "My name is Alexandra." The doctor got down on a knee to be on her level. "Of course, Alexandra. Now, will you be a good girl today?" Her icy blue eyes never met his as she nodded. Gerta began peeling off the girl's outer coat before placing it on a nearby chair. "<I must go, Alexandra, but I'll be back when you're done.>" She looked up to the woman pleadingly. "<Please, Gerta, stay with me.>" The doctor stood to his feet, his white lab coat trailing to his thighs. "I'm sorry, Alexandra, but what we do here is very secret." He looked at her seriously with his dark eyes. "You understand?" She nodded, and Mrs. Lehmann departed. "Now, come with me." He extended a hand to her. She placed her small hand in his and kept looking back at the doors as she was led to the examination room.

The door was closed, and the doctor donned a pair of surgical gloves. "Subject ALEX X, please remove your clothing and put on the gown." Alexandra fidgeted with her feet, mumbling. "Alexandra, please take off your clothes and put on the gown. I need to do a physical examination." The blonde girl nodded slowly and began to strip off her clothes under the unfaltering gaze of the scientist. She slid her arms into the light fabric, pulling her soft blonde locks over the back of the gown. "That's a good girl." The scientist walked over, sliding his hands under her slender arms to lay her down on the examination table. He put the ear tips of the stethoscope into his ears and slid the chest piece under her robe. The metal was cold. His thumb rubbed gently over her soft skin as he listened to her heart beat. Her heart beat faster at the unexpected touch. The doctor withdrew the scope and wrapped it back around his neck. He looked down at her. "Are you cold, Alexandra? You have goosebumps." She nodded, saying nothing. "Well, we can't have that. Let's warm you up, dear." He pulled off his rubber gloves, placing them at the foot of the table. He stooped over her, quickly rubbed his hands over her ivory arms to create friction. "Still cold?" His finger brushed back her blonde hair as his eyes drifted down. The doctor moved his bare hands over her legs, rubbing over her cold skin. Her blue eyes darted down to his hands, her heart racing fearfully. Her lids squinted shut, and everything went black.

There was an agonized scream. A teenaged Alexandra stood over a scientist who had been bound to a chair. His face was bloody. A cruel smile came to her face as she pressed the scalpel to his throat. "Doctor doesn't like his creations?" She shot a sadistic smirk toward her brother who stared coldly down the gun barrel pointed at the captive. "Make him pay, Xandra. Make him bleed for all they did to us." The girl slashed his throat, the young vampire gorging herself on the crimson fluid that came out. The blood trickled from her mouth. "I like your pain. I like your death. I'm not a good girl anymore..." A cackle broke from her red lips.


Alexandra gasped. She had fallen asleep at her office. The doctor panted and shook her head as if to purge herself from the terrible nightmare. There was a quiet knock on the door. She stood to her feet, smoothing down her clothes, and opened the door.

"Alexandra. Are you alright?" Jean stared into her ice blue eyes.

"Yes, Jean. Everything's fine."

The blonde man's brows knit. "Xandra, your nightmare called me. You're not alright. You're having the dreams again." He pulled her down onto the couch with him.

"Jean... I can't stop. The impulses. How do you do it? I'm trying. I saw Andres' cousin. I wanted to seduce him, bite him, make him feel agony. I wanted to drink in his death. I can't kill Andres' family. How do you do it, Jean? How do you fight what comes so naturally?"

Dr. Quentin brushed the hair from her face gently, his eyes riddled with pain, sympathizing with her struggle. "I wish I could say it was easy, Xandra. I have similar predatory instincts. You know more than most how much it has driven me insane. I have to control every aspect of my life." He referred to his obsessive-compulsive behaviour. "It makes relationships nearly impossible. Intimacy just invites the satiation of our animalistic desires. You should distance yourself. When you catch yourself looking at any of the Knightfalls as a potential meal, stop. Remember your love for Andres. He is a good man, worthy of your sacrifice."

Alexandra gave her clone a small smile before wrapping her arms around him. He squeezed her tightly. "I love you, Alexandra. And I will always be here to help you in anyway I can."


The Psyentist: The Return

"Dr. Steele? I'd like to see you in my office." A man with a well-trimmed, blonde beard motioned for the psychiatrist to enter. Alexandra rolled her eyes as she slung her purse over her shoulder and walked into the dimly lit room. Back in the US and already plagued by governmental bureaucracy, she thought sardonically. With an inhuman grace, she smoothed down her white pencil skirt and sat gingerly upon the chair before the man's desk. Her icy eyes watched him intently as he eyed her never taking his own seat. He began his monologue.

"Dr. Steele, I am deeply sorry to have to inform you that I seem to have found a discrepancy with your paperwork that you've provided for reregistration." The middle-aged man named Smith took a few steps before pursing his lip and lowering his lids, casting a strange look upon the blonde woman. "I don't want to cause you any alarm, as I'm sure this whole situation can all be worked out, but these…" he placed a hand on her file, "are forgeries. There is no such person as Alexandra Steele. They are… very good. This could get you into a lot of trouble, Ms. Steele."

The doctor's eye twitched at the misnomer even more than the perplexing situation in which she had found herself. Alexandra was an alias. She had not been born in the United States… she hadn't been borne conventionally at all. She took in a deep breath and exhaled before responding cooly. "I'm sure this is all just one big mistake. I think it would be in everyone's best interest if this whole thing just went away."

The man exhaled sharply. "Yes, I'm sure you would like that, wouldn't you? You're quite a popular person, Dr. Steele with your clients and with the government as a metahuman specialist." He stepped from around to stand directly in front of her, leaning against his desk. He faced her, his legs spread slightly, arms crossed, his grey eyes watching her every move. "I understand you are in a very, very compromising situation here. If word of this got out… you would be ruined. But… I'm afraid it's my job to root out fraud. I can't imagine there is any way you could convince me otherwise."

Alexandra's eyes narrowed, her red lips tightening. "Are you blackmailing me, Mr. Smith? What is it you want? Money? You are a government worker, after all. And that suit is terrible." The side of her mouth curled into a smirk.

"You're in no position to make snide remarks." He snapped.

Her lip curled up. "Yes, I can see quite clearly the positions in which you wish I was. But you have picked the wrong woman to cross, Smith. I was planning on letting you live, but your insolence has driven me to rescind my mercy." She stood quickly to her feet, her eyes glowing red. Smith's eyes widened and his mouth opened, but no sound came. "Government jobs can be very stressful, Mr. Smith. Your blood pressure seems to be a bit high. I can hear your heart from here. It seems like it's just too much for you to handle. An vessel in your brain is already strained and ballooning." The telekinetic flexed her mental powers, and the man collapsed on the floor, dead in almost an instant. "Normally I eat the people I kill, but you're so pathetic, you have nothing to offer me. Goodbye, Mr. Smith." Alexandra rushed out the door. "Someone help! Mr. Smith just collapsed… he's dead!"


After the trying affair at the office, Alexandra eagerly retreated to her car. "Now… where was I? Oh, yes. Back to business." Her red lips curled into a fanged smile as she started the vehicle and drove off.


I'm a birthday girl celebrating 22 years of narcissism! Join me!

So, August the 13th was my birthday. I had a great albeit simple day. No day is quite complete for me without some pictures of myself!  
Hydrabob was so kind as to post a thread wishing me a happy birthday. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES! They made my day great. Here's to more years with you guys!
Say hi to the birthday girl! 

 My puppy and I celebrating!
22 years of narcissism... 

Pardon my enthusiasm: Happy Fourth, America!

I know some of you were crying about how I haven't done a picture blog in a while... well, let's hear you celebrate.

My Patriotic Garb 

 God bless America, land that in which I can be hopelessly apathetic. But I'd never live anywhere else.

You all knew I was vain... Vanity shoot!

Shower pics. ;) Heh, heh. Because it's IN my shower. My favourite colours: Black and silver... not in that order.
And yes, that is a broken mirror on my neck. I made it into a choker.


Adding some new ones:

Take a look at me being all creative... The Poetry Hat, etc.

I made a paper top hat. Then I covered it in poetry (mostly William Shakespeare). I added some paint for personality, ribbon, buttons, and a bow.

Paper top hat in progress
Paper Top Hat of Poetry
I basically did the same thing for the choker.
Took some strips of fabric, glued on some poetry pages, added ribbon and buttons. Clasped by a safety pin. ;)
Hat with matching choker

What is your character's Personality Type?

I have fount it beneficial in my writing to analyze my characters, really see how they think. I have used Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help define my understanding. Maybe it will help you too. (Note: I am a terribly geeky psychology major as you can see. Heh.)

The Personality Types:

How to determine type:
You can also take a test. There are many online. This is one I found.
It is 72 yes or no questions.

I myself am a PROUD INTJ. ;)

Here are some of my characters:

Dr. Alexandra Steele/The Psyentist: INTJ

Scorn/ScornXY: INTJ

(Both are independent, skeptical, analytical, and introverted. Scorn is less bound by rules and less motivated.)

PsyKnight/Dr. Jean Quentin: INFJ

(Jean is very compassionate, but also very intelligent and rule/pattern oriented.)

Q/MisterQ: ESTJ?

(Jacque is a businessman. He seems to be very feeling oriented, calm, and easy-going, but he balances his feelings with his rational thoughts to be effective.)

Angelique/Angelique Strauss: ENFP?

(Angelique is sociable, kind, and enthusiastic, but she isn't as business minded as her husband Q.)

Vein: ESFP

(Vein just wants to have fun. He likes talking to people. He also likes killing them.)

Queen Cobra/Evelyn Queen: ENTJ?

(Evelyn is a leader, she loves being around people, but she isn't good at tolerating stupidity for long if it affects her team structure.)


(Spine is curious, imaginative, and a bit spontaneous. She's also very quiet and shy.)

Want to see where your character's personality falls into prevalence?
In the US:

Your Type is 
Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging
89 62 100 56

Qualitative analysis of your type formula
 You are:
  • very expressed introvert
  • distinctively expressed intuitive personality
  • very expressed thinking personality
  • moderately expressed judging personality

Ember Awards

So, I didn't win Best Supporting Actress. But I took the walk with some phenomenal actresses, so no shame!

 Hooray for awkward length hair. -_-

 I busted my butt, and all I got was this stupid piece of paper!



 The ladies

 Next to my namesake and fellow Best Supporting Actress Nominee (she should have won IMO... she's AMAZING)