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Faction: Neutral

Super Name: The Psyentist

Affiliation(s): Formerly The Hellfire Club, The Hellfire Academy

Real Name: A.L.E.X. X Alpha

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Blonde

Weight: 120 lbs

Age: Appears to be in her mid-twenties, but her physical aging has stopped

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'7''

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Single

Beliefs and Values: Agnostic Atheism, subjective morality/ethical egoism/individualism

Interests: Psychology, genetics, biology, philosophy, quantum physics

Obsessions: Power, knowledge

Super Power Origin: Mutation/scientific experimentation

Powers/Mutation: Omega level telekinesis (blast power, flight, force shield), possession via psy-jump, mind sensing, conditional phasing, regeneration, immortality, temporary power absorption and power recall, telepathic connection with her male clone.

Occupation(s): Formerly Psychiatrist, academy headmistress

Education: Extensive schooling through college and internship including medical school with an emphasis on psychiatry and a PhD in Psychology, stolen mental information from various scientists by psy-jump

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Switzerland

Known Aliases: Dr. Alexandra Steele, Xandra, Psyence, Psy, Mistress, Headmistress

Mini Biography: ALEX X was born of a synthetic womb with her twin brother, and her psychic and telekinetic powers manifested during puberty. One of the experimental procedures performed on her was a synthetic form of vampirism. She was granted the ability of power recall from the blood she has consumed.

Did Your Know?: Alexandra Steele has a twin brother, a male clone, and even more genetic family members synthesized from her DNA.


"I am the Psyentist, the Mistress of the Mind."

The House of Q

Alexandra and her twin brother Scorn were conceived using the genetic material of the mutants Jacque and Angelique Quentin at a special, secret branch of a corporation called YOUgenics. The company, who specialized in genetic alteration, gave Jacque, also known as Q, the opportunity to choose the kind of child he wanted. He wanted a boy, and his wife wanted blonde hair and blue eyes. The scientists examined the DNA for composition and flaws and made a genetic copy of the female embryo changing the last chromosome to male. Combinations of their genes were used create nearly a hundred different variations. The twins were kept in a womb together for experimentation while the clone and other experiments were monitored separately.

After their ninth month, the twins ALEX X and ALEX Y were delivered from a synthetic womb and given to an interim foster family. The two were raised by Dr. Karl Lehmann and his wife but continually were sent to the laboratory in Switzerland for examination. It was difficult to separate the siblings even in their early years.

When ALEX X was thirteen she discovered what they were doing to her and her brother... the splicing of DNA in his case and the introduction of a strain of vampiric virus in hers. After discovering the horror each other had experienced, Alexandra's mutant powers manifested. She possessed telekinesis (the ability to move objects with the mind) and the ability to "psy-jump" by linking to the target's mind and phasing into his or her mind and body (giving her the ability to control every aspect of them, absorb their energy into herself, manipulate their mind and memories, even implant illusions that last after she has left them). The synthesized vampire virus granted her decelerated aging that eventually stopped and granted her the ability of power absorption for a number of hours after ingesting special blood. She adopted the name The Psyentist. The super-powered pair slaughtered the staff involved and destroyed the facility, killing many of the failed experiments in stasis. She informed her horror-stricken foster mother who then smuggled the two out of the country to the United States. There the twins lived in an orphanage under the assumed names Alexandra and Alexander Steele.

For the most part her new identity was kept hidden as she continued her education. In college she met Jean Quentin. She helped him refine his powers, and the three became close friends. It wasn't until a few years later that Q informed them that Jean was really one of the surviving ALEX projects who had been adopted by Q, and that she and her brother were Q's biological children. The three were only some of the genetic experiments that had taken place, Queen Cobra being one of the escaped projects.

She achieved a PhD in Psychology and received her medical degree to practice Psychiatry. She works at her psychiatric office that is open to meta-humans seeking therapy or giving consultation to other mental hospitals dealing with meta-humans.

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club: An uncivil warAlexandra Steele became White Queen of the Hellfire Club under the regime of Jayden Knightfall. Her lover Andres Knightfall was granted a throne as White King and ruled beside her. After Alexandra overheard Andres plotting with Quintus Knightfall (presumed to be his cousin and the son of Jayden), Dr. Steele informed the Knightfall elder of the scheme. The betrayal tore apart the previously cherished relationship between Xandra and the Spaniard, her allegiance being first to the Hellfire Club. Her intentions of protecting Jayden and Grace Knightfall as the primary monarchs of the HFC faltered after her father Q revealed it was destiny that the previous court would fall and Andres and his new lover Valerie Hunter-Delacour would rise as Black King and Queen. The proud doctor still softened from her romance conceded her loyalty to Andres as the new Black King.

But the board was not set yet as Valerie set her sights on the title of White Queen, insisting that it belonged to her. Andres, not wanting to go against his former love, claimed neutrality in their feud for the time. Xandra began to extend her influence through the club by reestablishing the Hellfire Academy and setting herself as headmistress. [More to come as the story unfolds...]

The Triune

As tribute to Jayden Knightfall during his days as Black King, Q offered the monarch an ultimate weapon to protect the Hellfire Club: The Triune. Now, the Triune was not a technical weapon at all nor even a singular entity. It was three triplet telepaths that had been created by Dr. Genetix as a part of the ALEX project. The three girls were created from Alexandra's own DNA. The three together were capable of cosmic level telepathy, augmented by a psychic chamber hidden within the bowels of the Hellfire Club. Since the Black King's fall, Alexandra took ownership of the triplets, disgusted that such capable children, her children, were being used solely as a defensive mechanism. She took to training them and enrolled them in her Hellfire Academy.

Powers: mental communication, mind reading, mind control/possession, peripheral nervous system control, illusion casting, astral projection, mind link with each other, when linked power is drastically increased

Alexandra and her girls

BLOG: Predators--A story of Alexandra's time at YOUgenics and the struggle she has with her monstrous nature

The Psyentist CV PRIME

Character Worksheet http://www.comicvine.com/forums/rpg/9/character-worksheet/580348/?page=3

She has a secondary, but also sometimes overlapping career as a pro-domme.

Clinical Vampirism

Alexandra went back to YOUgenics, the company that had made her, and manipulated the staff into helping her fulfill her desire to be immortal. Through an experimental blood transfusion and a bodily jump start, she gained regenerative powers. But now she must continue to renew her blood supply via vampirism. Other abilities acquired include the ability to psy-jump into deceased beings as opposed to just living humanoids. Also, when she drinks someone's blood she gains some of their powers and sometimes elements of their personality.

The Monolith of Lust

Alexandra was invited to join Malice's Arbiters of War to ultimately bring about the destruction of the known world. Alexandra became the Monolith of Lust. Malice granted her the ability to recall powers that she had absorbed via vampirism in times of stress. She keeps a list of all the people she has bitten and their powers for future use.

A New Loyalty

Now Alexandra joined Jean Luc LeBeau's Dark Utopia located on the continent of Africa for a season. Now she is employed as head mistress at The Hellfire Academy, a branch of the Hellfire Club of which Jean Luc is the White King.

A relative newcomer, born in this century, She is known for her attractiveness and her manipulative uses of this when combined with her intelligence and lust for power. She is incredibly egotistical and has been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (the diagnosing psychologist she promptly mind-wiped so the information would not be common knowledge). She wishes to become the most powerful person on earth, a goal that isn't quite sinister in itself. Yet.

Notable people's blood that Alexandra has tasted:

Alexander SmithCalder BennettDeath's HandDonnieEzraelGideonGrey WolfThe HunterIcarus/Julian de FlammeKastielKatherineLance LaceyLeo LightshadeMarco SmithMikepoolOrttodrogOverkillPapermaidRavek Val'ChanRuhi TuguScornUmbraVeinViper


Aliases: Jay August, August Anachronism

Age: 24

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Status: In a relationship

Occupation: Artist

Favourite Colour: Silver


KTS II: Rational

Enneagram: 5


Joined: August 2007

Abilities/Powers: Profound Intelligence, the ability to hyper-extend her elbows, and pop her shoulder and hip in and out of their sockets. She also possesses the talents of art, music, acting, writing, and thinking as well as knowing completely random facts most of which make no money.

It is a widely held belief that she is crazy, but she is, in fact, simply eccentric. She possesses a strange mixture of humour including puns, sarcasm, and morbid humour and enjoys nighttime strolls in the light of the full moon or just staying inside curled up in a small place (such as under the bed or in a closet) and daydreaming or simply looking in the mirror. And occasionally she speaks in the third person.

I've been considered an enigma, a paradox, a walking deconstruction, and a non-entity...



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