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A good collection 0

This was one of the first comic book collections I got. I liked how I got to see some of the comics which are now out of print and REALLY REALLY expensive! This also started me on my way to becoming a fan of the Riddler. I liked the forward to this (how could you not, I mean its written by one of the best adaptations of the Joker! and Luke Skywalker!) it really expressed his opinion on the Comic world (or is it considered a Multiverse now? Well what ever) and how he enjoyed working and contribut...

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A wonderful playful movie 0

This was a great movie. I can remember watching this cartoon when i was younger several times (sometimes, I would even sing along with Moriarty-- Professor Ratigan--'s gang). It was only later when I was older that i realized the conection between the names (Basil) and one of the actors who was famous for playing the great detective (Basil Rathbone). And who could not like Ratigan? I mean, it is a combination of two of my own favorite people (of the stage/movies) Proffessor Moriarty and Vicent P...

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One of the Best Detective comics! 0

This has to be what every mystery lover craves, the great detectives, the Villain (though the original Napoleon of Crime was much better) the whole "shebang". [Hard to believe the joke-throwing kid is the same guy who would later become the hot head who we have to deal with, but i guess death can do that to ya']. Any way, I liked how they made references to different Sherlock Holmes stories and put all those great detectives of the DC universe (plus Holmes) in one whole comic! It was great (and ...

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One of the Greatest Riddler stories 0

This has to be one of the best stories for the Riddler that i can think of. This shows insights into why the RIddler is what he is and why he is compelled to ask questions not only to other people, but also to himself. I guess this makes me sound like i am a fan of the man in green, but even if i was not a fan of him (which i am), I would still enjoy this adventure. ...

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