Riddler SUPREME Appearance Lists: Part Three (2006-onward)

Appearances of the Riddler in order.

Part of the Riddler Chronology Project

  • Part One: Golden Age Riddler (1948-1966): #1-3 / "Frank Gorshin" Riddler(1966-1986)
  • Part Two: Post-Crisis Riddler (1986-2006)
  • Part Three: Detective Riddler/Post Detective Riddler (2006-onward)
  • Animation: Animated Riddler (for tv)
  • Alternate: Alternate Riddler (for other media comics)

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Why are you only adding TEC and Batman-issues?

Posted by The Poet

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I'm adding issues by amount of appearences so I'm adding batman, then Detective comics and then I'm going to sort it when I'm done

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:

I see.

Posted by Hellsong

@the_poet: is in batman #713 where this ends or is just that you haven´t continued the list?

Posted by The Poet

@hellsong: It's not finished yet. Newest appearance in the regular contentency (not including the video game/other universe appearences which would be collected in the Alternate: Alternate Riddler (for other media comics) List if I finished this) would be I believe Batman #16

I'll finish this some time soon...

Edited by stormcrow78

Will you be adding a Nu52 section or are you among the folks who (like me) don't wanna touch that with a ten foot pole?

Posted by The Poet

Will you be adding a Nu52 section or are you among the folks who (like me) don't wanna touch that with a ten foot pole?

You actually have two questions so I will provide two answers.

  • Will you be adding a New 52 section?

Yes, I will be adding those because this is a SUPREME appearance list and I don't cut out any thing from my lists no matter my personal opinions. I might create lists based on my preferences but in regards to content, I don't cut stories out because I don't like them. I want to make that point clear. I am not going to shy away from the fact that I don't like the story arc "Dark Knight, Dark City", but if you notice it is on one of the lists. That should answer you question. Now, I might add my personal ratings and comments in the future when I complete this project, but I will never exclude anything from this series or any other based on my personal opinions if it fits the subject of the list. That should say something about me and my lists that I don't shy away from things even if I don't like them.

  • are you among the folks who (like me) don't wanna touch that with a ten foot pole?

I think that is an interesting question.

If you had asked me at the beginning when this whole 52 business started I might have said yes. strike that. I WOULD HAVE said yes. beyond a doubt. I was one of several users displeased when they first saw Riddler's ?-shaped mohawk. I didn't like it. I still don't.

However, it has been a year and I want to be fair so let me take apart your question so I can better answer it. Since this says "2006-ongoing" and it does not any 52 appearences so you have rightfully asked if I like or dislike the new 52. I personally don't like grouping all of DC's new content together because I am under the mind set that there is still some good content so I don't think it's fair to clump all the titles good or bad together. Do I think as a whole DC's current publishing is good? sort of. It is a mixed bag. I like some things and dislike other things. I could say the same thing about pre-Flashpoint. There are some things I hate and some things I liked.

Since this list is focused on Riddler I will not talk about other characters in the new 52 (ones I liked/disliked) as that would be off topic. While I disliked his early cameo in the series and didn't know what to think of his appearance in the whole Death of the Family arc, I believe it is best not to jump to conclusions about the new 52's version of the Riddler. We have yet to fully meet him. We have been seeing Eddie in the past few issues of Batman, but we have not met the full criminal he will become (Riddler). Therefore, I don't want to jump to conclusions. I will say I want him to shave his mutten chops but I think based on the Batman 23.2 cover we're safe assuming we'll have that improvement. Other than that I think is purely speculation and I don't like to jump to conclusions before a show is not yet finished (it's impolite to the actors or in this case artists and writers).

Probably more than you bargained for when you posted haha, but I thought it was a good question that deserved a little explanation...or more than a little explanation :P

Posted by stormcrow78

No, that's very informative! It helps me to look for things -- I didn't know if you'd just end with the modern age or if you wouldn't, etc.

I can't say I've liked much of anything (there have been a Two-Face story here and there that I liked) and the over all tone of nuDC is pretty much not welcoming or enjoyable, really. But then I think one of the best 'versions' of Batman came out of the animated series and its followup comics (Ty Templeton is full of win) so what do I know? ;D