NEW CV Moderators’ Favorite Character List!

Earlier this year, I hosted Comic Vine Moderators’ Favorite Character list [Note for those new users out there, that was prior to me actually being a mod so I was just a host...or as Aztek put it at the time: "Moderator of Moderators"]. Now, 6 months later, another Moderator favorite character list is released, this time focusing on the favorites of 4 new mods.

On June 6, 2012, the site shook in fear at the introduction of three new mods: Mercy_ (*cough Dark Huntress cough*), k4tzm4n, and last but not least (in my humble oppinion): The Poet (they tried to get teoP_ehT, but he was a no show...). Then on June 20(?), 2012, another sheriff arrived in the form of a crazy person named RazzaTazz! So the "trinity" became the "Fab 4".

Basically we have been mods for about two months, so we decided to make a list to show what WE like. Similar to last time, I asked for the year we got into comics, the first series and comic we read, and for a comment(for YOUR benefit). However, this time, we picked our top 13 favorite characters and ordered them alphabetically.

Interestingly enough only 5 of those 14 characters appear on this list :P


  • Year Got into Comics: 1997
  • First Series read: Wonder Woman (I think it was two). My dad got me reading them when I was around 8
  • First Comic Book Read: That I would have no idea about, though a logical guess would be Wonder Woman #1, but I might have read one of those superhero colouring books when I was a wee lass, where you colour in the story as you read it. [Poet edit: ha ha she said "colour" :P]
  • Comment: "I am the Lizard Queen!"


  • Year Got into Comics: I read them casually as a kid but really got into it in 2006
  • First Series read: Civil War is what inspired me to get back into comics
  • First Comic Book Read: I don't honestly know, but the first I purchased as a kid was Gambit #1
  • Comment: "What can I say? I'm a sucker for anti-heroes."


  • Year Got into Comics: 2009
  • First Series read: Uncanny X-Men
  • First Comic Book Read: Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. It was either Phoenix: Endsong, or it was part of Chuck Dixon's run. I got them at about the same time. Tempted to say it was around Uncanny X-Men #410, though.
  • Comment: "Sometimes you fight what you are, and sometimes you give in to it. And some nights you just don’t want to fight yourself anymore, so you pick someone else to fight."

The Poet

And now...The list!

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