Locations, Creators, Etc. to Edit List (for Appearances)

There are other things on this site other than characters and this is THEIR list!

This list consists of:

  • Locations
  • Creators
  • Teams
  • Story Arcs
  • and Concepts

All things included on this list need an appearance in comics (or in the case of creators: need to be credited for some issues).

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Last updated: 1/30/2013

List items

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did griffins

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Edited by Xanni15

#1, page 1, Gastro. I just added the concept to its first appearance. Not sure if that warrants taking it off the list or not.

#2, page 1, Shinsengumi. I also added a few appearances to that page, not sure about the first appearance.

#4 on page 1 looks like it has appearances, unless you mean more of them.

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