As I consider my self a librarian, thought every time I see (or read about) a libbrary in comics I'd add it to this list.

Remember: libbrarys are important to you and me, so suport them!

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Lucien's Library and I suppose Lucien as well. 
got 'em! thanks Q!
oh and Miss Paper. from the aptly named series Read or Die. or if you want to bend the rules a little theirs Cybersix she is not a Librarian but she is a Literature teacher. just trying to help.
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Sheska just loves a good book.
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How about Bookworm?  Also, Barbara Gordon was a librarian back in the 1980's.  Could have been longer but at least in the 1980.  She was one in Batgirl.

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Have you read Final Crisis? I am relatively sure that there's a library in the Limbo part.

EDIT: Here's the book.

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@Tunsieon: oh! thank you! I had forgot about that....