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@wildvine: I was just in the process of doing that. got delayed by a spambot a minute or so after your post...done!

(that's what I call service!)

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@cbishop: sorry for the delay. for some reason I didn't get a notification. done

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Welcome to Writers Guild Presents where we skip ever few weeks for reasons I'm not even sure about...

Anywho...we have two people this week so let's get to it!

First up is @tommythehitman

The Setup to Sharpshot VS Predator #2

Lexcorp Tower. Now.

"Morgan! We've lost contact with Sharpshot! Do you have a visual?"

Kid Thunder sighed as he hovered in the air. Energy crackled near his body as he slowly ascended into the sky.

"Uh... depends Ma'am!" Kid Thunder said. He frowned. "What floor is he on?"

"Floor 47! The top floor! Lex Luthor's Office. From what I heard you should hear Sharpshot before you see him."

"Isn't that always the case?" Kid asked.


Kid Thunder flinched in surprise as a large explosion sounded above him. He looked up to see the Skyscraper's roof on fire and a figure plummeting through the sky.

"Aw crap..." Kid Thunder groaned as Sharpshot fell past him.

"Was that the top floor?" Amanda Waller asked.

"That was the top floor..." Kid Thunder muttered as he flew after his friend.


5 Minutes Ago...

"<What the hell are you?>"

Sharpshot stared at the menacing black figure stood before him. It cast Lex Luthor's sexy Android aside before staring at Sharpshot with cold eyes.

"Oh. My. Gosh." Sharpshot said. His eyes widened beneath his mask and his grip loosened around his pistols. "I KNEW YOU WERE REAL!" He cheered. A wide grin spread across his face. "WOW!" Sharpshot yelled as he stared at the Predator. "I'm lost for words..."

"Sharpshot!" Amanda Waller crackled through Sharpshot's headset."What's going on?! Have you located th-"

"Shush Cortana. Not now." Sharpshot interrupted. He paused for a second as he remembered his mission. "Wait... are you here for the Alien Tech as we-"


A noise like a clicking escaped from the Predator's mask as it stepped down from the Office Desk it had appeared on. It's flesh was covered in the Synthetic blood of the Android it had killed yet it didn't seem to have noticed. Two blades shot from the Predator's wrist gauntlets making Sharpshot take a step back.

"<Knew you were real>."

"Oh... right..." Sharpshot muttered as his pistol hummed to life. "It's a crossover..."

The Predator let out a deafening roar that must have filled the whole building. Before Sharpshot could react it lunged forward piling into his chest and sending them both tumbling to the floor. Sharpshot attempted to get up only for the Predator to roll over on top of him.

"GAH! CRAP!" Sharpshot yelled as the Predator smashed its arm between his neck and head keeping him pinned to the floor. "Well... this sucked..." Sharpshot gasped. His hand reached into his belt pocket before pulling out a hand grenade. Just before pulling the pin he noticed a golden cylinder over the Predator's right shoulder. It was covered in Aztec like drawings however it seemed oddly clean. "Sam's gonna be ticked..." Sharpshot muttered as he slammed the grenade into the Predator's back. The Predator wriggled in surprise as Sharpshot kicked and screamed at it.

"<What the hell?!>" It screamed in a human voice. Sharpshot screamed as he kicked the Predator off of him with all his strength. He heard a small thud as his grenade bounced on the floor.



Sharpshot gasped as he ran behind a desk. He could hear the Predator scream as the force of the explosion smashed into it setting him ablaze. Sharpshot waited a few seconds before pulling the Golden Cylinder down from in front of him.

"I don't see why it took Batman three tries to beat this thing..." Sharpshot muttered as he stood up slowly.

"<KILL YOU!>" The Predator screamed as it tossed the office desk Sharpshot had hid behind aside. Sharpshot screamed as the Predator's wrist blade slashed across his torso.

"DROKK OFF!" Sharpshot yelled as his foot smashed into the Predator's chest knocking him back slightly. He sprinted towards the Room's Window and smashed through it before pulling another grenade from his belt and pulling the pin. "Yippie Ki Yay Mother F-" He started to say as he tossed the grenade forward.


Sharpshot yelped as the large explosion rocketed him out of the building. He clutched onto the Aztec Cylinder as he plummeted towards the pavement below.


Sharpshot grunted as something flew into him in midair. He glanced over his shoulder to see Kid Thunder carrying him.

"Hey Kid..." Sharpshot muttered. "You know carrying me like this is totally gay right?"

"Shut up Sharp..." Kid Thunder groaned.



"Well this is nifty!"

Kid Thunder glanced at Sharpshot as they waited in the Building's reception. The sunlight shone through the windows as the hustle and bustle of people going about their business filled their ears. Sharpshot was still carrying the Aztec Cylinder. He seemed protective of it.

"Nifty?!" Kid said with a smile. "Wow! I didn't think you even knew that word!"

"AHEM!" They both turned to see a bored looking receptionist staring at them. She frowned once she noticed their colorful costumes. "What's your name?" She asked. Sharpshot smiled as he stepped forward.

"Schaefer." Sharpshot said. "Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer... although my friends call me Arnie."

"Ah yes. Mr Schaefer." The Receptionist said. Her face hadn't changed in the slightest. "Doctor Khan is waiting for you in the R and D lab."

"Khan?" Sharpshot asked. He paused for a moment. "That would be too easy..." He muttered as he walked past security.


"Security Team 3. Entering the top floor now." Alex Jones was a Security Team Leader for Lexcorp. He'd been working there for awhile now and had committed many sins. He was afraid to admit he'd enjoyed some of them. However the pay was good and the sexy robots were very nice. Plus he had some pretty bad ass guns at his disposal. He checked his Weapon's ammo count before staring at the elevator door before him. "Postal boy! Open that door!" He yelled. One of his teammates stepped forward and jammed a device between a crack in the door. It began pushing each side of the door aside until it had created a hole big enough for a man to fit through.

"Got it sir!" Postal said. Alex nodded and gestured towards the hole. Postal nodded as he attempted to squeeze through the door. "I'll open it fully once I-" Postal was interrupted by a loud clicking noise. "What the hell was th-" Postal screamed as something grabbed his right leg. He was dragged through the hole effortlessly just as the door slammed shut behind him. His screams could be heard from the other side.

"GET THAT DOOR OPEN NOW!" Alex screamed. Without warning the doors whirred open and a black figure stepped towards the team. The Predator had lost an arm to the explosion. However that didn't make him any less terrifying.

"<Sharpshot...>" It clicked as the team started to scream.


"What's up with that mouse?"

Sharpshot frowned as he stared at a small brown mouse in a glass container. It had no fur however it had a human ear growing out of its back. It stared up at him and seemed transfixed by his yellow and black costume.

The real image is much more disturbing.

"That's Oscar." Doctor Khan said as she walked over. "We're practicing cloning body parts into animals for later use."

Sharpshot's eyes widened. "WHY?!" He yelled.

"Does it matter?" Khan asked. "It's to help improve human life." She reached for the Aztec Cylinder in Sharpshot's arm.

"We... received the Alien Tech for you Doctor..." Kid Thunder said as he tried to look at anything OTHER then the mouse. "Straight from Lex Luthor. What's it for?" He asked.

"It's from a race of Aliens we've taken to calling the Yatuja. They're a race we believe have assisted us many times through the centuries. However recently they disappeared. We believe these t-"

"Don't gloss over the important details!" Sharpshot yelled. "What about the-"

"WE BELIEVE this globe contains a device of Great Power. Something that could possibly help power our entire planet for the next Two Hundred Y-"


"What was that?" Kid Thunder asked. Doctor Khan frowned as a red light started to appear on the globe.

"Wait... did you say you encountered an Alien while retrieving the Globe?" Khan asked.

"Predator." Sharpshot corrected. "Wrong Franchise. Get it right."

"Did you kill it?"

"Probably not. Why?"

"Well the Globe's tracking device has just activated." Khan said. "So something's following it."

Sharpshot opened his mouth to speak only for the building's power to suddenly shut down. The red emergency lights quickly filled the air as murmurs filled the air. Suddenly a loud clicking filled the air and the air rippled.

"Aw crap..." Sharpshot muttered as the Predator appeared out of thin air.


and next up is @jonny_anonymous

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1

Kagyu Samyé Ling Monastery – Great Britain

I sit meditating in the grand temple. I contemplate over the weeks past events. Pete Wisdom and MI:13 had asks me to help take down some rogue triad gangs who had been dealing in human trafficking and using the slaves as sacrifices in attempt to bring the death god Yama to earthrealm. My body as well as my mind has taken a beating at the things I'd seen. I calm my breathing and clear my mind, but I do not purge the thing's I have seen. Instead I focus on them, until I am one with them. These are the things I have dedicated my life to stopping, to know others is to know ones self. I have perfected my body and trained in every fighting style known to man. People call me the Master of Kung Fu. They are wrong but I have never corrected them. I practice the Way of the Intercepting Fist and Kung Fu is just one of many styles. I am the master of nothing but my self..

Even in a meditative state like this my situational awareness is at it's peak and I sense nothing around me yet as I open my eyes I see a parchment before me. It has the seal of the Seven Capital Cites of Heaven. I open it and begin to read.

Most honourable Zheng Shang-Chi

Your martial prowess is known to many, including some of our champions. So for these reasons you have been cordially invited to a tournament. The first of it's kind called the Tournament of the Mortal Weapons. You will not just fight for honour but also to become the first Mortal Weapon of Earth.

The Seven Celestial Dragons.

On the rear of the parchment is an address to somewhere in San Francisco, America. A tournament on earthrealm? This was unheard of. My friend, Daniel Rand-K'ai the Immortal Iron Fist of K'un Lun had told me that the last Capital City Tournament had been interrupted by revolution. The old ways must have been de-constructed. Yet I do not care to fight in tournaments. Nor for honour. I fight only to gain knowledge so that I may know my self.

I leave the temple and head back to my abode thinking on the meaning of the invitation when I sense movement in the darkness. Monks? No, all the monks have since gone to bed. Could the deliverer of the invitation still be here? No, emissaries of K'un Lun do not make sound. I listen. I hear five points of movement. One in front of me, two to the left one to the right and one directly behind me. Ninja. I smile at the thought. 'Come then, show me who you really are”.

I explode in to movement at the same time they do. I duck a punch that was aimed for my head as well as kick that was meant to sweep my legs. I dodge to the right and block another punch. Continuous motion. Running water doesn’t go stale. One of the ninja rushes me and a throws a flurry of strikes which I parry. I see my opening and take it. I grab the assassins outreached arm and use his momentum and turn it into a throw that sends him crashing in his brothers. I strike out with a kick and feel the breaking of bones. Another ninja lunches at me which I dodge and follow through with a flurry of strikes to his solar plexus. The last man attacks but he's scared and sluggish, I clinch his arm and strike his nose with my elbow. He hits the ground with with a crunch.

These men are from the Order of Hai-Dai, servant’s of my father Zheng Zu. They were good but not that good, so why would my father send them? This must be connected to the tournament. Was this a warning not to attend? Or was this a challenge? I contact Wisdom to let him know then make my way to the airport.

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@enigmalantern: @lifeboy: thanks for voting!

boy has it been a hectic weekend...I'm closing this by the end of monday (tommorow) with the result coming shortly afterwards. Sorry for the delay (I was traveling all this weekend and only just got back).

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@joygirl: I loved the Edward Nigma - Consulting Detective stories back when he was temporarily sane. Wish they had kept him like that to be honest . You know they were going to do a mini with that in mind awhile back? - Riddles: Edward Nigma: Consulting Detective. The covers and series proposal seemed pretty cool as well. :(

that would have been amazing had it been made...

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@endanger said:

@the_poet said:

because the other canidates either: wiggle their noses, are chimps, or have been dead a for a century or so...


if this crossover doesn't persaude you...nothing will!

its "in a nutshell,..." btw

This issue was detective skills displayed whatsoever.

well, I never said it was good...

as I remember I was referring to the image and the idea of the cross over NOT the actual crossover. People post images all the time to suport their claims whether the content was good or otherwise. I agree the issue is terrible, but the cover I think it is cool and creates a sort of endorcement of a sort...if the the word's greatest detective is seen being helped by another character (in this case batman) then batman must be a pretty good detective. Probably had I posted a fan made image nobody would remark on it. haha :P