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@the_poet Not sure, but I think this should be in Artist Show Off?

yeah, I saw this last night and then I saw it was duplicated, but I didn't get around to commenting or locking this.

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yeah, next time I would ask that you do not recreate threads it only clutters the forums. It is actually less steps for me to move than it is for you to copy and paste your content into a new forum thread, so next just call me or one of the other mods out and we'll gladly move it.

In other news I'm locking this thread so we don't have duplicates.

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@The_Deathstroker: @jaken7: thank you so much. this really means a lot. I'm truely blessed to be apart of such a caring community. I was having a stressful day of catching up with stuff and this really brightened my day. So...thanks

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@tommythehitman @jonny_anonymous Published.

Sorry for not saying what I was doing (with the whole skipping of the week thing) I should have mentioned something. Fortunately, @dngn4774 understands the method to my madness. In hindsight, I should have split the of you up with Tommy being published last weekend and Jonny this week, but I had been meaning to try out the every other week format anyway so anyway...

@cbishop huzzah! I should say thank you a milion times for your long box (as you can tell from last edition, I can't keep track of numbers so I'm going to stop right now and so every time I'll just go there and check before publish. so thanks for organizing the chaos haha).

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As some of you might know I'm skipping every other week just to see what happens (I could manage to get content for every week but wanted to experiment just this month to see how that works). But anywho...welcome to Writers Guild Presents, , a community group dedicated to the telling of stories and showcases only some of the great writers on this site.

This week, we start off with a really cool story by @tommythehitman!

The Mists of Carligh

This was a FF Group I tried to start. Never took off. However no use letting the story go to waste!

The History: The County of Carligh is one filled with bloody war. Once ruled by a race of powerful mages known as the Lord Elves, the country is often at each others throats. There are different cities across the country, each directed under their own laws, forces and rulers. With some being ruled by mystical creatures (for example The City known as Tarysgerain is ruled by a race of Ancient Vampires.) Of course there are small villages in between where normal folks try to live their lives, however the forests are filled with mystical monsters including Lycans and Trolls. If any of you want to come up with your own monsters and such feel free.

The Geography: Due to the nature of the wars that have been fought over the years, Carligh is well known for being different in its areas. For example the North of Carligh is dangerous mountainous areas used by Orc miners and populated by Rock Trolls, while the south is lush green hill areas used by farmers and rumored to contain dragons. The country of Carligh is surrounded by vast oceans which are often beset by large tidal waves. This is due to strong magic left by an immortal race of beings known as the Stone Gods.

The Cultures: Carligh is made up of many different races. However obviously they don't ALL get along. Vampires are often secretive beings due to being hunted over the centuries. Orcs' hair is stronger then wire and humans are used as slaves by bandits. Aruguments are decided at the War Council, a meeting of the cities on a large mountain in the middle of Carligh. Sailors who attempt to sail the oceans have never returned. Gold is used for Currency.

The Wandering Mage

Oatsville, a small town on the edge of nowhere, The Dancing Donkey Inn.

"I reckon it was the rock trolls again."

Jack frowned as he glanced up from his stale flagon of mead and stared across the table. The Orc who was talking wasn't sat anywhere near him, however from the sound of his voice it sounded like he could be sat right next to him.

"The rock trolls live in the mountains idiot!" The Orc's friend said angrily. "They haven't been seen in the South for thousands of years!" The Orc spat into his ale before taking a large gulp. The first Orc frowned as he tried to comprehend what his friend was saying.

"Well it must have been the Bloodsuckers!" He said after a few moments of silence. This time the whole room fell silent as they listened in on their conversation. "Someone made that town disappear!"

"If they were Vampires then where were all the bodies?" The barkeeper asked as he polished a cup with a dirty cloth. The Orc smiled as all the attention turned to him. Slowly he stood up.

"They musta taken them!" He said. "Keep their bodies as a constant supply of blood! Perhaps take em back to their lords in Tarysgerian!" The room erupted as the patrons started discussing the strange disappearances that had occurred recently in the neighboring village. Jack sighed as he tried to block out the noise from the crowd.

"I hear that John Luke and his family are a bunch of bloodsuckers!" A voice rang out. The room fell silent as Jack looked up in surprise.

"Maybe we should get a party together!" One of the Orcs yelled. "Teach em not to eat Townsfolk!" Voices rang out in agreement from the crowd as Jack slowly stood up. He picked his helmet up from the table and placed it over his head as he stepped towards the door.

"You do realize I can't let you do that." Jack said nervously as several of the crowd stepped towards him. The Orcs shoved through the crowd and stared down at him.

"And why not?" One of them asked. Now that he was closer to Jack the light showed a large pale scar running over his right eye. "We can't let those Vampires get away with it!" Jack's hand started to turn sweaty as he pulled his sword from its hilt.

"The family wouldn't be able to cart all those town folks from the town." Jack said as the Orc stared at his sword. "Also... I'm pretty sure we would have noticed them dragging hundreds of townsfolk at night." He muttered at the end.

"Stand aside." The Orc growled. "You're a guard! We've committed no crime!"

Jack nodded slowly. "Which is why I'm trying to stop you from starting one." He said. The Orc went silent. Jack jumped in surprise as the door behind him opened sending light into the dark inn.

"Move." A voice said behind Jack.

"Sorry." Jack muttered as he stepped aside. He watched as the crowd parted aside to allow the man through.

"I'll have a glass of Coventry Wine." The man muttered as he sat down at the bar table. The barkeeper nodded as the man passed several gold coins over before calmly placing an old wooden staff at his side. Jack noticed he wasn't the only one staring at the man. The rest of the crowd was as well.

"You're not from around here are you?" The Orc scar asked as he sniffed the air. "You smell like an outsider."

"That's a shame..." The man muttered as he took a sip of his wine. "I thought I showered this morning." He pulled his hood back revealing blonde hair and pointy ears. He turned round revealing grey eyes and a slightly grey tint to his skin. Jack had never encountered such a creature before, however he'd heard about them. Almost everyone he knew had. In fact.... they weren't supposed to exist anymore.

"You're a... Lord Elf!" Jack said in surprise. The Elf smiled as he placed his glass back down on the table.

"Ah ha! Someone who knows his history!" He chuckled. "Yes. I am."

"Lord Elf?" The other Orc asked. "I thought your kind was wiped out long ago." The Elf's face softened as if he was remembering painful memories.

"Yes... to my knowledge I am the only one that remains." The patrons of the bar had gone back to their drinks while Jack and the Orcs had both taken seats around the Elf.

"You people were Scholars." Jack said. "Masters of Magic." Jack nodded towards the Elf's staff. "Are you a Wizard?" He asked.

"A... wizard?" The Elf frowned. "Dear boy, I am no more a wizard then you are an ant. The fact that you have called me a Wizard implies that I barely grasp the complexities of Magic, when in actuality I am its Master. In fact now that you have called me such a name I am deeply offended and am considering rupturing your heart." The Elf took another sip of his wine.

Jack was silent as he processed what the Elf had just said. "So... what are you then?" He asked.

"My name is Azaylon." The Elf said with a sigh. "I am the last surviving Lord Elf. The rightful Arch Mage of Carligh and a master of the Mystic Arts. However simpletons such as yourself have taken to calling me by another name."

"And what's that?" One of the Orcs asked.

"Arrogant ba$tard." Azaylon sighed. "Of course I prefer the 'Wandering Mage' if I have to choose."

This time the Orcs were silent. After several more sips of his drink Azaylon stood up to leave.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Jack said suddenly. He reached forward and scraped Azaylon's robe causing him to jump back in surprise. He stared at Jack for a second before rubbing at the cloth where Jack's fingers had traced.

"I... I have an investigation of utmost importance." Azaylon said as he picked up his staff. "Innocent lives depend on it." He turned to leave only for the Orcs to step in front of him.

"What mission?" The one with the scar asked. "Is it close by? Is it dangerous to the town?" Azaylon sighed. He seemed to be in a hurry.

"I recently traveled to a village known as Townwood. It's about several miles from here. However when I arrived the village was deserted."

"That's the town were the Vampires attacked!" The Orc yelled with a smile. His friend nodded as Azaylon gave them a puzzled look.

"Vampires? There were no Vampires there I assure you." Azaylon muttered. "When I arrived I noticed the oddity of the entire town being deserted, so I cast several seek spells. It wasn't Vampires."

"How can you tell?" Jack asked.

"All the Humanoids were gone." Azaylon muttered. "Humans, Elves, Orcs... all of them..." He smiled. "But the animals were left behind. Cats, Dogs... Direwolves. They were all left behind. Meaning..." He waited for a reply.

"Meaning?" Jack asked after a few seconds. Azaylon sighed at their lack of intelligence.

"Lycans." He said with a smile. Jack and the Orcs glanced at each other. "Garwalfs, Flesh Raiders, Dark Destroyers..." Azaylon muttered. "Or as you may know them... Werewolves."

And then we have another cool story, this time written by @jonny_anonymous, Metal Gear Winter #2 (which according to @cbishop's long box is continued from The Writers Guild Presents: 4/11/2014)

The full force of the Alaskan wind hits me when the elevator reaches the top. I take in my surroundings before I dash for cover. The wind whips snow around a Russian made gunship sitting on a the helipad. Guards patrol on all side. I contact Colonel Fury.

'It's Winter Soldier. I'm in front of the disposal facility'

'Excellent Soldier. Age hasn't slowed you down one bit'

Then another voice cuts in. Agent 13, one of Fury's intelligence gatherers assigned to the mission. She knows her stuff, even knew the Captain back in the day.

'How's that sneaking suit working out?'

'I'm nice and dry but it's a little hard to move'

'Bear with it. It's designed to prevent hypothermia. This is Alaska you know'

'Take it easy, I'm grateful. If it wasn't for your suit and your shot, I would have turned in to a popsicle out there'

'An anti-freezing peptide, Soldier. All of the SHEILD agents on this exercise are using it'

'I see. I'm relieved to here that it's already tested. By the way, hows the diversionary operation going?'

Fury's voice cuts back in.

'Two Quinjets just took off Galena and are headed your way. The terrorist radar should have already picked them up'

From my position I look over the helipad. The man calling himself “Nomad” is climbing in to the copter, it looks like he's preparing for the Quinjet assualt.

'A Hind D. Colonel. What's a Russian gunship doing here?'

'I have no idea.. but it looks like our little diversion has got their attention. Now's your best chance to slip in unnoticed'

'There is only 18 hours left till the deadline. You've got to hurry'

Then another new voice comes over the communicator.

'Wow.. You must be crazy to fly a Hind in this kind of weather'

'Who's that?'

'Sorry, I haven't introduced you to yet. This is Pepper Potts. She was assigned to us as our visual and data processing specialist. She helped update your arm and your goggles. Contact her if you have any questions about either'

'Nice to meet you Winter Soldier. It's an honour to meet a living legend like your self'

Her voice. She's only a girl. She's far to young to be involved in war like this.

'What... what's wrong?'

'Nothing. I just didn't expect a world-class designer of military technology to be so... cute'

'Ha you're just flattering me'

'No I'm serious. Well I know I won't be bored for the next 18 hours'

'C'mon... I can't believe I'm being hit on by the famous Winter Soldier. But I'm surprised. You're very frank for a trained killer'

'Looks like we both have a lot to learn about each other'

'Yeah, I'm looking forward to learning about the man behind the legend'

Colonel Fury cut in.

'Soldier, you need to find the hostages. The have both been implanted with nano machines, so you should be able to track them using your goggles. If they are still alive that is..'

The can barely see the entrance to the facility because of the blizzard. But the snow helps just as much as it hinders. If I can't see the enemy, then the enemy can't see me. I make my way around the the left of the helipad. My arm gives off a jamming signal so the surveillance cameras are not a problem.

The guards seem tired and cold. Heads down, not paying attention. More likely thinking about their bunks rather than the possibility of an intruder. I slip in to the back of an empty transport vehicle to avoid a guard. I search the cargo for any weapons I can use and find a silenced 9 MM SOCOM. Looks like my luck is holding after all.

I slip passed another guard and making sure I avoid the automated spotlights. I head for the air ducts, my point of entrance, when a voice comes over the communicator.

'Soldier, this is Dum Dum Dugan. It's been a long time'

'Dum Dum? What are you doing here?'

'I quite being a drill instructor, so I moved out here for some peace and quiet. I'm in retirement just like you. Once and a while I still help train Alaskan Scouts'

'Passing on the skills to a new generation, huh?'

'Fury told me about the situation here. I thought I might be of some use'

'There's no one I'd rather have in a foxhole than you'

'Well I know about survival in a harsh environment. I've lived in Alaska longer than you, so call me if you have any questions about the flora or fauna out here'

I move deeper into the air duct.

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Ok, so it is a day AFTER June 6th (my fault for having a busy day), but anyway welcome to Writers Guild Presents, where almost every week we like to showcase a writer or writers who are part of the Writers Guild, a community group dedicated to the telling of stories.

@impurestcheese is up first with the 12th issue of Patron Saint of Crime!

Patron Saint of Crime #12 - Cornered Prey

Siwang run down the black stone hall, occasionally slapping away the hands of the grey skinned creatures that haunted the tunnels. Glancing over her shoulder she saw her pursuers, wolf like humanoids with thick blue armour for skin. Shaking her head she dodged left, only to see a dead end chamber before her. Squeezing to the back she sat down and watched as the monsters closed in, before seeing a slab of stone slide down in front of her sealing the predators out.

"Dammit she's in the lift." James swore as he pressed the button. "We have no idea what floor she's going to get off on."

"I'll call maintenance, have them shut the lifts down and keep the doors closed." West sighed as she removed a mobile phone from her belt. "Still she seemed so frightened; I highly doubt that was our cop killer."

"Just get the lifts locked down, and then you'll see." James spat as he watched the lift icon descend. "She can't run for long."


Romeo walked up to Siwang's hospital room, only to see 'Kerry' sat outside, the door sealed off with thick yellow crime scene tape.

"You should have been watching her." Helen told him, her voice bitter as she got to her feet. "You were meant to be keeping her safe."

"What happened? And why are the police here?" Romeo asked.

"They got here after she was taken. Recently she's been having nightmares about some man dressed as an owl. Except it wasn't a dream, there were traces of obsidian in the wound. Someone attacked her on your watch twice and now she's missing!!" Helen snarled.

"Then let's find her." Romeo stated as he removed his pistol from his holster.


Siwang sat in the cell of black rock and listened as the sound of footsteps echoed down from the roof. Silently she with her knees held between her legs crying only to hear a voice fill the room around her.

"What are you doing?" Siwang looked up to see an oriental girl of thirteen dressed in jeans and a pink T-shirt standing before her. "Why are you crying?"

"I'm scared." Siwang told her.

"Why?" The child asked. "You're a grownup. You don't get afraid."

"There's a man out there, he's coming to kill me." Siwang told her.

"You know that you can fight him." The child told her. "That's what daddy told us the night the owl got into the roof. Made us confront our fears, showed us that they couldn't hurt us. Don't you remember that?"

"I remember but this isn't the same." Siwang gasped as the sound of metal against metal sounded. "He's here." She whispered as a bead of swear ran down her forehead.

"It is you just don’t want to admit it!" The child said angrily as the fully feathered figure of the Priest of Mictlantechutil landed in the lift car and, walked through the hallucination of Siwang's younger self.

"So you choose to die like a rat cornered in a hole." The Owl Priest hissed as he raised a taloned hand to Siwang's cheek. "You have nice eyes, like polished jade; they'll look nice with the others." He snarled before lunging in only to see his target collapse under his blow. Twisting on the floor Siwang shot a swift kick into his shin before rising to her feet and pushing her attacker back. "So the rat bites back." The priest hissed before leaping at Siwang, his talons stabbing through her shoulders.

"I'm not a rat!!" Siwang hissed as she head-butted the priest, the leather of his gas mask rubbing against her face. Blinking she saw his hideous visage fade away to be replaced with a man in janitorial overalls and a gas mask. Angrily Siwang grabbed her attacker by the arm and jerked it upwards, the bladed talons snapping. Grunting in pain the Owl Priest threw a punch at Siwang's face, the stubby broken talons aimed at her eyes. As the blow connected with her face Siwang screamed in pain as she collapsed, her attacker kicking her in the chest and pinning her to the floor.

"You're dead." The priest hissed as his face grew feathers and his features became more avian. "Kudos to you for fighting off the effect of the gas, and for fighting back but it's time for me to take the jade you owe the dead."

"And what of the men you killed." Siwang grunted as she scrapped her cut arm against the ground, a single shard of obsidian falling to the floor.

"I suppose their families will come for me in due time." The priest sighed as he positioned his intact talon over her left eye. He was so intent on the eye he was about to remove that he didn't see Siwang grab the blade on the floor, only becoming aware that she was armed when she plunged the blade into his groin. Recoiling back he screamed an inhuman scream before pulling out a handgun from his belt. "I don't like guns, but for a rat as tenacious as you only a bullet will do. No place to run, not enough..." before he finished a shot ran out and he went collapsing to the floor, a bullet embedded in his leg.

"Just what I was going to say." Romeo snorted as he peered into the lift car. "I think it's time to leave."

"For you but not for me." Siwang answered. ''The police saw me come in here. Drop me your gun and get out of here. Maybe I can convince them I shot this guy in self-defence."

"I think they'll buy it." Romeo answered as he tossed the gun down. Catching the weapon Siwang wrapped the Owl Man's hands around it before pushing it to the side of the lift. "Good luck whatever the outcome." He added before climbing out of sight just as the police began to lever the doors open


"And you say you shot him self defence?" Detective Gillian West asked the hysterical Asian woman as a doctor cleaned the wounds to her arm and face.

"I was so frightened." Siwang cried as James walked past. "I thought I was going to jail."

"You still may be." James grumbled as he watched a pair of officers carry the unconscious Owl Priest away on a stretcher.

"You were very brave." Helen told her. "Can I take her home?"

"Of course." Gillian stated as an Asian business man bumped into Grady. Glowering as Helen helped Siwang out of the hospital before pulling the note he had been not so covertly passed. Looking over to the man he nodded before screwing up the piece of paper and throwing it away. "Two weeks. I understand." He growled as he walked out to the Owl Priest being loaded into a van. "And I know just who to call."

And now we have @knightofthechronicle with "Let It Rain: Chapter Three!" (continued from here: link)

Chapter 5

In Search of the Enemy

Jessica can't stop her hands from sweating. Never in her entire life has she felt this nervous and she can't figure out why.

"We're just going to get Brian and then come home," she mumbles to herself, looking over the interior of the plane's cabin. But why do I need to be here?

Two days ago, Agent Hite had come back to Jessica's home, explaining to her that they'll need her knowledge on Brian to help them find him. Of course, still being mad at Brian, Jessica had said yes immediately, but now she was having second thoughts. Easily, she realized, Agent Hite could have used the maps and notes that he got from Jessica to figure out where Brian might have gone; she had figured that out after Agent Hite had left her house the first time he came to visit. So what other use did Jessica serve to Hite and…what agency does he work for?

Jessica realizes that she never even asked the agent who was looking for her fiancé. When Hite had first showed her his badge it was so quick that she couldn't register anything but a gold shield.

"Agent Hite?"


The agent opens his eyes from his nap. Neither he nor Jessica had said a word since they had boarded their plane. He said that he wasn't going to tell her the details of the 'mission' until they touched down.

"Um," Jessica mumbles, a little embarrassed, "what agency do you work for again?"

"Homeland Security," Hite says plainly.

"Don't you guys go after terrorists though?"

"That's right."

And with that, Agent Hite leans back in his chair again and almost instantly goes back to sleep.

Brian's not a he?

Two Hours Later

The plane landed without a hitch and in no time at all Jessica and Agent Hite were on their way through the streets of Jerusalem.

"This place is so beautiful," Jessica marvels, staring out through the window of the car. Agent Hite didn't say a word; he just nodded and kept his eyes focused on the road. He was nervous, Jessica could tell. To be honest she was too, but probably for different reasons.

Outside, the streets were filled with people as they moved their way through the streets, going to the shops and restaurants that lined every corner and road. While they moved freely, however, the cars in front of Agent Hite and Jessica were moving at a snail's pace.

"It'll take us forever to get to the place," Hite mumbles under his breath.

"Where are we going though, Agent Hite?" Jessica asks.

"Right now we're going to your hotel, Miss Turner," Hite answers. "I'm going to drop you off, make sure you're settled, and then I'm going to meet my contact. Your fiancé should be in this city somewhere."

The mention of Brian suddenly brings something on in Jessica. All of the questions that she's been forced to keep to herself suddenly come up like a tidal wave and before she knows it Jessica's mouth is moving at lightning speed.

"But why are we here to find Brian? Why would he come to Jerusalem? Why's Homeland Security looking for him? Is he a terrorist? If he is who is he working for? Why won't you tell me any-"


Jessica realizes that she's holding on to Agent Hite's arm. He looks at her with concern and calmly sits her back down in her seat.

"I understand that you have a lot of questions," Hite says reassuringly. "But right now I can only tell you that we believe that during one of your fiancés expeditions he may have come into contact with a terrorist cell. His coming back here may mean that our suspicions are right and he may be a threat."

"But who's he working for?" Jessica pleads, at least wanting one more question answered.

Agent Hite looks at her uncertainly, like he wants to tell her but doesn't think he should. Finally though, he says, "Do you read the Bible, Miss Turner?"

"Yes," Jessica answers, not sure where the conversation is going.

"Are you familiar with Cain?"

To be continued

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@madeinbangladesh: thanks for voting

@the_poet I haven't been to my LCS in a couple of weeks and won't be going until this weekend. So i can vote as early as sunday

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to see how many people voted by today before I made any decisions (though I kind of figured I would extend it no matter the numbers so you had the chance to vote). Since I'm going to the beach this weekend, I will extend the deadline to the evening of Monday the 9th.