What the Duck Tales / Darkwing Duck Crossover will be like

The Crossover is Neigh! I know not many people read the Darkwing Duck Or Duck Tales comics, but thought I should keep you informed anyway...


I think EVERYONE is here...

The crossover, Dangerous Currency, will go like this:

  • Duck Tales #5 Part One
  • Darkwing Duck #17 Part Two
  • Duck Tales #6 Part Three (End of that series)
  • Darkwing Duck #18 Part Four (End of that series)


As this will end the series, this crossover should be dangerous and therefore the villains should be dangerous too! In duck Tales #4 (check out my review), it was revealed that Magica De Spell would be returning to deal with Scrooge and company. She also appeared in Darkwing Duck #16 (which I also reviewed!). Heres who i know will be on the Villain team:

Basically, Magica has joined forces with the Phantom Blot and they have in their possession this inky black stuff, which had been creating super villains out of ordinary St. Canard citizens in Darkwing Duck the comic (such as Cat-Tankerous or One-shot).

The thing is, based on previous DWD stories (written by Ian Brill), there is actually two Antagonist Groups. One is the more visible one (in the past it was the fearsome five, the Darkwings of the multiverse, and FOWL), whose plan and operations were known by the readers. however, there is the surprise group; the character who you are surprised about. In the past, that position was filled by Taurus Bulba, Paddywhack, Duckthulhu and most recently: Magica De Spell and the Phantom Blot (at the end of the mayoral arc).

So who might the surprise antagonist be? I'm not sure. It could be Negaduck, who is not present on the above cover. However, Gosalyn has a smile on her face, which leads me to believe it is something like aliens or something...Though it is probably something more familiar to one of the two franchises...I'll have to think about it...


While we don't have that much info, based on the covers and the preview for the coming soon Duck Tales #5, something happened to Fenton Crackshell (aka Gizmo Duck!), but now he's back! and warning of doom, which excites me to read more!


Beyond the hope this crossover gives closure to some questions regarding questions and to the series in general (if this is the end and Marvel is not going to pick it up), i want to see some Duck Tales Darkwing character interaction. Perhaps Honker (the smart character from Darkwing) will meet Gyro Gearloose (the genius from Duck Tales) or Gosalyn would meet Scrooge's nephews (Huey, Louie, and Dewey) as they all have a mischievous characteristics and maybe bond with Webby and get her to be more like the triplets.

I could name off tones of characters I want to appear in the series, but I know it would be hard to fit all of them in there.

I do what to see a resolution to Quackerjack and Negaduck's situations in the series (one has been turned into a toy and the other was slit into multiple parts) and based on the covers it does look like we'll see at least the first one.


Darkwing Duck was the first comic series I followed, so I want to see it end in a good way. I mean without that series, I wouldn't have the wiki points that i have today. It gave me something contstant when the whole New 52 came along, so I want it to be...special...

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this crossover...

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Posted by jloneblackheart

First thing I thought was "Who is Launchpad going to fly for?" and then I saw that first cover. LOL

Also, Liquidator looks awesome in that group shot.

Edited by BeecroftA

I'm especially psyched about seeing Donald Duck in the story, it would be great if he teams up with Darkwing!

You think he will appear though? I only ask b/c I remember Aaron saying that the covers were originally drawn for a different story, so anything could change.

Posted by The Poet

@jloneblackheart: yeah, those covers are just really cool! I hope the story lives up to what these covers look like...

@BeecroftA said:

I'm especially psyched about seeing Donald Duck in the story, it would be great if he teams up with Darkwing!

You think he will appear though? I only ask b/c I remember Aaron saying that the covers were originally drawn for a different story, so anything could change.

I'm not sure if he'll appear or not. It would be cool for him to meet darkwing. i can picture DW saying, "what is he saying?" and Donald getting frustrated for having to repeat himself...

Well, if we go by Duck Tales the show, he wouldn't really appear that much. Even the comics didn't really have him in the spot light that much, so I'm sort of inclined to think we might not see Donald here with number of characters which they have to fit into four issues...but theres always hope :)

Did Aaron say exactly what the story would be like? just curious what we could have expected before ian took full reign of the story...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

This Magica De Spell cover is great.

This cover by the way, reminds me of...

This can`t be coincidence...this must be...


Oh no! They`ve doomed us all!

Well, probably not.

Posted by The Poet

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I'm sure it IS a homage cover. I mean, Silvani (the guy who did that cover) also did a homage cover to that X-men title earlier in the series...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Maybe they will battle Duckthulhu. Or how is his name pronounced?

Posted by The Poet
Posted by Trodorne

I am so angry that Boom! lost the rights to do this series and Ducktales. Ian Brill has done an amazing job with this series. While I understand from business it makes sense for disney to pull all there merchandise from Boom! and move it to marvel, but at the same time I feel Marvel comics will cheapen all the efforts that Ian has done to get the readers that exist today, And this crossover will prove it.

Posted by The Poet

@Trodorne: yeah, and I can't help but feel sorry for Boom! i mean Darkwing has to be one of their major players and to have it go would be hard for a company like boom...

if Marvel takes it, I really hope James Silvani is part of it. His art has been very enjoyable. Hopefully no matter who is going to be in control of the project they will not make the stories cheep or uninteresting...