The Poet’s trip to New York City!

As some of you know, I went to New York City last week. Let me say it was a great trip and I took over 609 pictures (I won’t even try posting all of them!) with my new camera. Very fun! And we can't talk about new york without a good song from Old Blue Eyes, so enjoy his voice while I regal you with my story!


Day One (July 31st, 2011)

I flew into the city this day in the morning, so I had time to see the sights. After wondering through the streets, my group went and I went on a ferry trip around the island. That trip was cool to get my bearings on where things were. Got my first view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (we would get closer views another day). Saw the Brooklyn Bridge (where Spider-man and the green goblin fought in the movie…that was interesting...more on those characters later).

We had dinner at this great quiet little restaurant called the Cosmic Diner. I recommend their homemade keesh.

 Saw Broadway. Now, I must point out that I am a fan of musicals, so this street really means a lot to me. Also saw the Ed Sullivan Theater where the late show with David Letterman is hosted.


Day Two (August 1st, 2011)

After eating some bagels straight from a bakery we had found the day before (we ate bagels every single day, so now I’m sick of them), we went and saw St. Patricks Vasilica. Cool architecture. Next, we went to the Mussem of Modern Art (great selection of art…see below pictures!). They had a few pieces by Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and one by Rene Magritte (who is my favorite next to van Gogh…he did the panting which is my background).

 Had lunch in Grand Central Terminal (the station isn’t part of the actual title). Great food. Went to the Crysler Building. I think I like that building more than I like the Empire State Building (and I say that now).


The highlight of this day (in the day time) was visiting the New York Public Library. Being a Poet, I almost drooled over what they had on exhibit. To celebrate 100 years as a library, they were exhibiting the highlights of their collection including:

  •         e. e. cumming’s typewriter (a wonderful poet…I think the shift key is still good given that he never used it!)
  •         A lock of Mary Shelley’s hair (can you say clone?)
    • A first edition of Frankenstein
    • A Classics Illustrated version of Frankenstein…oh that was cool to see the thing I had edited here on display in real life!
    • A draft of the declaration of Independence
    • A letter from Groucho Marx (my favorite comedian) to a person from The New Yorker
    • A very old copy of Devine Comedy by Dante
    • A sketch of music by Beethoven
    • Charles Dickens’ Letter opener (perhaps the most gruesome as the handle was made from his pet cat after its death…what an honor…when I die please don’t do me the honor, ok?)
    • An old copy of David Copperfield
    • A collection of old Beatles trading cards with all the band members signatures but ringo’s

 And so much more I couldn’t list it all.

 Musical #1: Addams Family

That night, we went to go see the musical version of the Addams family staring Brook Shields as Morticia. It caught some of the querkyness of Charles Addams’ comic strips, along with the tv additions. This was a great first musical to start off. Very well done. Got a t-shirt from the show and even got the signatures of the actor who played Gomez and Wednesday. Review coming for my blog.


Day Three (August 2, 2011)

On this day, we went to the New York Natural History Museum (which Night at the Museum was set…slightly different set up it seems). Cool place; it has lots of these animals which have been stuffed. Its like a walk around the animal kingdom just in one hall and there was a lot more in different rooms. There were also dinosaur bones (interesting selection they have).

 Musical #2: Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark

I won’t say too much as I will review this shortly on this site (and on my blog), but I must say it was impressive. I can see why they had so much problems with this musical. It is just extreme (if that makes any sense). The way they made Spider-man fly was just so amazing. The musical itself is rock-music, but that makes sense given who created it. But more on that later…


Day Four (August 3, 2011)

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on this day. Now, that was impressive. They had lots of suits of armor, such as Henry the Eighth’s suit. My favorite artist on display there was Vincent Van Gogh (no Rene Magritte…sad face). My favorite piece of his was called the Harlequin. Very cool.

 One thing I like to do whenever I am going through the abstract section and I don’t really understand what the piece is I like to ask the guards, “You see these pieces all the time. Do you ever stop wondering what the artist was thinking when they did their piece?” The first guard I asked told me that previously he liked some pieces over others, but over he time he said some aspects of pieces began to grow on him. The other guard I asked told me that “everyone has a perspective”. He said he respected abstract art (his mother is one, he told me…an abstract artist; not an abstract piece of art). He just was not sure what to think. These perspectives can also be turned to Comic Book artists (see? This is why this post is on this site), so whenever you don’t really like an artist…I don’t know maybe you could think of these perspectives and be open minded or something.

Musical #3: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”

This musical stared the great Daniel Radcliiffe (aka Harry Potter!). As my mother put it, “he might have gotten the role for who he was, but he sure can dance!” We got these balcony seats and were not far from the stage. Now that was cool to be in the same room as they guy I had see grow up on screen. He has a very great voice (surprisingly, didn’t hear his accent in this role). I also enjoyed John Laraquette for his wittiness. Very well done!


Day Five (August 4, 2011)

We went to the Empire State building today (But we didn’t see any monkeys…I had my camera ready though!). Once we got through the long lines, we went to the 86 floor. Wow! What a view! Cool to see all the buildings from that perspective (can you tell I like new perspectives?). Boy were we high up…did I mention I’m nervous around heights?

 Moving on, I got a t-shirt and got lunch at a whole foods place. Pretty good.

 Musical #4: Catch Me If you Can!

We really ended on a good note musical wise with a very fun musical. Felt sort of like the Music Man, but without the music and with a change of ending. This musical, based on a book (which also got a movie adaptation), was about a guy who passed fraudulent cheeks and made people think he was a Pilot, a Doctor, and even later a lawyer. Very amusing musical (and it’s a true story!). After wards, we stayed for a question and answer session with the star (the con man) and after that I got his signature!


Day Six (August 5, 2011)

This day, we went to Liberty Island (where the statue of island is). It was cool to actually see this national landmark up close and from so many angles. My favorite part was when I saw her shoe…its good to know she has a sole!

 We also went to Ellis Island. Now that was interesting. Had a few relatives go through that island, so it was cool to see what they were met the new world.

 Another thing which was interesting about today was the street musicians. There was a variety of people playing instruments. I swear I saw a guy wearing a spider-man costume playing the saxophone! I’m quite serious! I really wish I had take a picture of the guy, but I guessed he would ask for money and I feel bad saying no.



Well, I have to say this was a wonderful trip! Glad I went! I can see why so many people call that place home. So yeah! That was my trip hurrah! On to reviews!

Posted by cattlebattle

I forget how spoiled I am living 40 minutes away from that crazy place
I guess thats the epitome of taking things for granted
I'm glad you enjoyed it Poet

Posted by The Poet
@cattlebattle: *jealousy in eyes* yeah, I'm glad I did too.
Posted by shawn87

Looks like you had a pretty fun trip. I've never been there myself but I definitely want to go some day

Posted by IrishX

That's great and it really sounds like you and yours made the best of the trip. I would have really liked to see that copy of The Divine Comedy as it's my favorite story. I'm somewhat close to NYC myself and I think my favorite memory of going there was being at CBGB's before they closed. I'm going to my first Comic-Con there this year and that should be great as well..... you should have waited 'till October!

Posted by turoksonofstone

Very Cool, glad you enjoyed it too.

Posted by Morgaine_Levesque

Starry Starry Night is my absolute favorite painting <3 
Glad you had fun!

Posted by The Poet
@IrishX: I should have, but maybe another trip. For my trip to New York, I think I saw a lot! have fun at the con when you go!
Posted by The Poet
@Morgaine_de_Bourbon: yeah, that was a very cool painting to see in person (I'm even more impressed when seeing it up close! I can see why its famous)
@turoksonofstone: me too! See? I posted it! You can stop haunting my nightmares about it ;)
Posted by MrUnknown

Awesome! It looks like you had lots of fun and you took great pictures too! By the way, did you get to see the naked cowboy on Broadway? :>

Posted by Gambit1024

Sigh, I wish I had the money to do this stuff. I live so close and the only thing I ever did there was see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Posted by The Poet
@MrUnknown said:
Awesome! It looks like you had lots of fun and you took great pictures too! By the way, did you get to see the naked cowboy on Broadway? :>
It was fun. I'm not sure if I should ask about this naked cowboy though...
Posted by RazzaTazz

I think you wrote the Metropolitican Museum for Day 2 when you meant to say MoMA.  Looks fun though !!!  I should go back sometime soon. 
Posted by The Poet
@RazzaTazz: egad! You're right! Thanks for correcting me! one of those mussems!
Posted by MadComics

Frank sinatra!!!! lol  Must have been fun going to NY
Posted by teoP_ehT
@MadComics: Yep! I'm a fan of ol' blue eyes Frank Sinatra! 
It was fun going to NY. I think the best part was after one of the proformences I saw on braudway (how to suceed in Bussiness without really trying with Daneil Radcliffe), it began to rain. Now, being the carefree musical loving fool I am, I just spun my umbrella and began to sing "singining in the rain". That was great! yes I am weird, but I accept my weirdness in stride. 
--I appogise for replying using my anti-Poet, but saving my 1001st post for something... special!
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Do you ever get a sense that you have too much to write to a comment? 
I like Chrysler building too. So much that it`s faforite skyscraper (or maybe even my faforite building)! 
I feel so baffled of all the stuff you`ve seen during your life. I bet that when you`re 60 years or so, you`ll see what`s behind a wormhole leading to another dimension... 
Yes, indeed, I`m gonna give you that honor you don`t  wan`t... because I`m Mongul!  
Nah, just kidding. 
Or am I... ; ] hehehehheheheeh... 
(Please don`t sue me for that. Okay?)

Posted by teoP_ehT
@kfhrfdu_89_76k: yeah, the poet has several stories to tell that you won't find even here (from throwing a water baloon at his history teacher to going to see THE POET Maya Angelou speak). Oh, the things you can think. 
I look forward the future. I'm sure they'll be even more stories and adventures to tell...wormholes maybe or maybe not included...aslong as the trip is fun I go on it! With a smile on my face!
Posted by MrUnknown

The naked cowboy is a man who walks around in his underwear and sings too I think. He hangs around in the 40's on Broadway. 
But more importantly, I never found the New York Library all that impressive but that's probably because I only went there once and that was for a research project so I didn't really get to sight see :>

Posted by teoP_ehT
@MrUnknown: well thats disturbing... 
Yeah, they had a display out celebrating their 100 years so they had some cool stuff on display (I didn't even get past that section, so I don't know how the libbary is, but being the Poet and a volunteer libbrarian I loved that place)
Posted by MrUnknown

You could search for him on google XD
Did you know about the celebration or was it a mere coincidence?

Posted by teoP_ehT
@MrUnknown: uh...I think I'm alright...
Well, we were coming from the Chrysler building and thought we would go there. It was a happy coincidence...
Posted by Mr.Q
@teoP_ehT: ......... really? you're doing this? must ask. do you "talk to yourself" too? 
either way. glad you enjoyed. I'll see your Frank and raise you a Billy.
Posted by teoP_ehT
@Mr.Q: Well, I've wrote on my wall a few times, but I'm not that insane. I'm actully saving my 1001st post for a story/comic book I'm doing in honor of the achievement (going to be fun!)
Me too. I fold.
Posted by Mr.Q
@teoP_ehT: .. well... as long as you don't start answering yourself I think you'll be alright. I don't even keep track of that. I think I'm still somewhere in the double digits. 
well as the man said, you gotta know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em...... don't worry I'm not going to link you to Kenny Rogers.... maybe later...