Smallville "Hostage" or the surprise that wasn't a surprise

Well, It was an interesting episode to say the least. They said that 

Martha and Clark's reunion will have an "unexpected surprise". 

I had assumed that this surprise was merely something about how she and Perry White were together and might get married (I thought this would be a safe assumption as  
Annette O'Toole and Michael McKean are married in real life). However, this Red Queen thing threw me for a loop until last week's preview. They really need to get better selection processes. They always select the real obvious clips. All I had to see was one clip of the Red queen, along with the knowledge that O'Toole was returning, and I knew she was the red queen. I'm glad that they made her such a force as the Red Queen, though I'm sort of bummed that it had to be stuffed into one episode. I mean they have been doing foreshadowing for the Red Queen for several episodes, but they had to finish it in only one episode. They should have split this episode into two, so that we could have more focus on Hostage situation as well as the mom and son talk.
I mean Tess is sort of a force to be reckoned with and the fact that someone can take her hostage and her not know about was really weird. Plus, those scenes with Tess made me dizzy. I guess they were trying to demonstrate how she had been drugged somehow and she was still getting off the effects of that drug. They sort of reminded me somewhat of an Alfred Hitchcock sort of shots, like i expected the camera to be still suddenly at the sight some someone or something.
One other thing that i was sort of confused and befuddled about was Chloe's little "tantrom"   as I'm going to call it. For some reason she told Clark that she was going to quit the whole "Watchtower" thing because she wasn’t getting much human interaction, which I agree with, but after one little speech from Clark about responsibility and the future she just simply changed her mind and acted like nothing had happened. She went on to say that she had known the identity of the Red Queen for quite a while just wanted to "protect you, Clark".  Never heard that one before! I don't know what that was about, but boy does she have some bottled-up emotions what with her husband getting killed by the killer who she thought was her friend. Hope that she and Oliver stay together (though I hope that Oliver and Black canary get together in this world as well).
Hopes for Future Episodes
I hope that when Perry becomes the Planet's new Editor he will also stay together with Martha as that would create some great intriguing plot lines and some conflict between him and Clark. I can picture it now: he'll come over to Clark's desk and say, "Kent, I need to ask something." Clark with acknowledge and him and Perry will ask,  "Do you think You're mom will like these earrings?" Clark will say something about how she will love them and Perry will say, "Good to hear it. Oh, by the way, I want that report on that bombing attempt pronto."
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