Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated. Episode #1

)I just watched the new Scooby doo show. It was interesting.
I liked it. It had the same feel to it as the other shows plus modernizing it. It was interesting to see the characters again after all that time.
I think the creators have well represented the characters in this series (unlike some movies I could mention). They made the characters actully reasonable and remensent of the original Mystery Inc. The art was good (though Daphne looks as skinny as a rail).
I did enjoy the mondernization of the characters (with references to "text" and a few other things), but even liked it more by keeping the character in outfits similar to those seen in the originial TV show (yeah! ascot!!). I liked how we know what age rang the 5 are (school age) and they actully say things to excuse their absence from normal activity. I enjoyed the begining, which is not showing the case but rather begins (unlike how most of the show start) by getting us reacquired with the characters. This Sherriff guy (Patrick Warburton)  seems like a good a good character. I hope we see more of him. Mr. E seems intriguing.
I liked the references to the past series with the wax(?) dummies of the "monsters". I also liked the refrence to Vincent Van Ghoul. 

What I Didn't like: 

I didn't like how they don't have any of the usual them song (any verion). All they have is the ringining of a clock tower bell and what appears to be some groaning(?).
Also, there is no of those famous chase scenes and they didn't have any of the thunder sound affects (if they have the right setting, perhaps they can use it).
Lastly, the town these adventures are set in (where it apears the previous adventures from the original series also took place) Crystal Cove. I am wondering if they are going to rename it to Coolsville or if they will adress the name in some way.
Never the less, this new series seems to be a succsess in my book, so far. I would like to know your opions on this new show and Scooby snack recipes, so comment!
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Posted by ARMIV

I missed the promo. When does the series debut?

Edited by The Poet
April 5, 2010. It hasn't actually started yet. It just has the Pilot (don't know when it actully starts)
I missed it as well, but found it on YouTube (just search the title and you'll find vids)
Posted by ARMIV
@The Poet: I'll have to check it out sometime.
Posted by InnerVenom123

Wow. Let Scooby die already.

Posted by NightFang
@InnerVenom123 said:
" Wow. Let Scooby die already. "