Quackerjack: The Poet tries his hand at coloring

Ok, so I'm more of a wiki based user. I don't really do that much art and what I do is mostly not for show (espeshelly agianst what you Show-off Artists post).
Of course, I always try to find some good pictures for the characters I edit, ones that really show off that characters'.... well character. What they're like and so on. Anyway, for the past few months I have been adding to characters from the Darkwing duck Series. One of those characters, Quackerjack, who is an insane (sort of Joker-esk) toymaker, has been been giveing me real problems because I just couldn't find a good picture that infosized his craziness that was of good quality that was not from the tv show in which the comics were based.
Anyway finally, I found the below picture by the artist of the 2010 currently ongoing series of Darkwing duck, James Silvani. It was one of many covers he posted that he did for fans at C2E2 (I envy anyone who went). Of course, while totally being perfect for Quackerjack's profile picture, it had the drawback of being a rough sketch with no coloring. However, with a little Disney magic and my own Poet-y ways I have fixed the picture with only a generic Paint program (not an April Fools trick!).  What do people think? Is it an improvement?


Poet Color, Silvani Art
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Posted by tonis
@The Poet: yup, it's an upgrade.
Good job on the coloring, even the generic programs can do ok when you push em eh :)