James Silvani on Upcoming Marvel Comics Movies

There are many movies coming out that are based on the Marvel Universe. James Silvani (artist) gives us a look at these movies:

Thor: When Negaduck Strikes
 and Thor 2: lets get goofy
 X-men 4: Experiment 626

 Wolverine Origins 2: Crash of the Titans
 Spiderman: Turn off the goof

 Dr. Indeed Strange the Movie

 Fantastic Four 3: Ugly Doom

Captain America: The Mousiest Avenger
  If you didn't already guess: April Fools! Well...sort of. Art by James silvani (artist of Darkwing Duck)
Posted by Aiden Cross

LMAO! I love those! ^_^

Posted by The Poet
@Aiden Cross: yeah aren't they great?
Posted by CrimsonAvenger

Those are cool, I don't recognize the character who is supposed to be Wolverine though. Is it Foghorn Leghorn?

Posted by Aiden Cross
Posted by Trodorne

I can see Goofy as Thor, Pete as Doom, and the Micky as Captain america. and those are awesome pictures