Comic Vine Votes! - Best of the Month (May 2012) ***RESULTS***

Welcome to the results of: Comic Vine Votes! - Best of the Month (May 2012)

This week was pretty busy for all of us (which is why this was release later than usual), so it’s understandable that we only had 8 users participate this month and those 8 are:

  1. blur1528
  2. TheOptimist
  3. Afro_Warrior
  4. htb106
  5. Hatutzeraze
  6. RyuHayabusa
  7. knighthood
  8. The Poet

Now, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Best writing

  1. Justice League Dark #9 (By Jeff Lemire)

  2. Batman #9
  3. Batman Annual #1
  4. Animal Man Annual #1
  5. Winter Soldier #5
  • Side Comment: Justice League Dark’s win this month topples Batman’s 6 month winning streak. There was only one other time in the history of this poll (for whoever wondered we started this back in September of last year) that Batman was pushed to number two and that was with Action Comics #2 back in October.

Best Interior Art

  1. Justice League Dark #9 (by Mikel Janin)

  2. Batman #9
  3. Earth 2 #1
  4. Red Hood and The Outlaws #9
  5. Winter Soldier #5
  • Side Comment: I find it interesting Flash is not among the top 5. I had to look back to November (when this was hosted by cosmo111687) to find a month where Flash was not somewhere among the top 5. And only one person actually voted for the series this month (and that was their third choice). So, what do you guys think happened last month for people not to include Flash for interior art?

Best Cover Art

  1. Justice League Dark #9 (by Ryan Sook)

  2. Batman Annual #1
  3. Dial H #1
  4. Earth 2 #1
  5. I, Vampire #9
  • Side Comment: This section has always been a wild card. It has been won by such series as Batman, Batwoman, Justice League, Men of War, Nightwing, and Swamp Thing. Interestingly enough not a single non-DC comic has won this award.

Best Marvel Comics

  1. Winter Soldier #5

  2. Wolverine & The X-Men #12
  3. Avengers Academy #29
  4. Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #5
  5. Age of Apocalypse #3
  • Side Comment: this is technically a 5 way tie. All 5 titles are the first choice of the 5 users who could vote

Best DC Comics

  1. Justice League Dark #9

  2. Earth 2 #1
  3. Flash #9
  4. Batman Inc #1
  5. Action Comics #9

Best Non-Marvel or DC

  1. Saga #3

  2. American Vampire #27
  3. Dark Horse Presents #12
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10
  5. Snarked #8

Most Underrated Comic Of The Month

  1. Dial H #1

  2. I, Vampire #9
  3. Dark Horse Presents #12
  4. Justice League Dark#9
  5. Green Lantern Corps #9

Comic Vine's Male Hero of the Month!

this month's product placement is silk cuts
  1. John Constantine - Justice League Dark #9

  2. Batman (Batman Annual #1)
  3. Batman (Batman #9)
  4. Barry Allen (Flash #9)
  5. Bucky Barnes - Winter Soldier #5

Comic Vine's Female Hero of the Month!

...I would win?
  1. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman #9)

  2. Abby Holland - Swamp Thing #9
  3. Wonder Girl ( Teen Titans #9)
  4. Batwoman (Batwoman #9)
  5. Power Girl - World's Finest #1

Comic Vine's Male Villain of the Month!

  1. Talon (Nightwing #9)

  2. The Gryphon (Snarked#8)
  3. Gorilla Grodd - The Flash #9
  4. Mr Freeze (Batman Annual #1)
  5. Felix Faust (Justice League Dark #9)

Comic Vine's Female Villain of the Month!

  1. Talia Al Ghul - Batman Incorporated #1

  2. Mary, Queen of Blood (I, Vampire #9)
  3. Rose Wilson (The Ravagers #1)
  4. Natalie (Rachel Rising #8)
  5. Talon (Batgirl #9)

Comic Vine's Best Comic of The Month!

  1. Justice League Dark #9 with a total of 34 points and four 1st place wins

  2. Batman #9 with 15 points (and guess what? zero 1st place wins!!!!)
  3. Earth 2 #1 with 13 points
  4. Batman Annual #9 with 11 points
  5. Dial H #1 with 11 points
  • Side comment: Maybe the reason Batman didn't actually win this month because the points it would have gotten normally were split between the regular issue and the annual. Or maybe Justice League Dark is just that good...I leave that decision up to you...

And that raps up another Best of the Month segment! Remember to Vote on Comic Vine's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Characters to determine who will be on that list!

Please note: the Best of the Month poll for June will be delayed a week in its release, but look around for it on the first week in July! Till then...This is the Poet Signing off!

Posted by The Poet

oh, right...

thanks for voting!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

"So, what do you guys think happened last month for people not to include Flash for interior art?"

Nobody who read it voted in this thing. Or everyone have gone insane.

Posted by The Poet

@kfhrfdu_89_76k said:

"So, what do you guys think happened last month for people not to include Flash for interior art?"

Nobody who read it voted in this thing. Or everyone have gone insane.

I don't believe the first theory is true. according to my april records, 2 or 3 of the people who voted here previously voted for Flash...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:

Then everyone have gone insane. Or they`re just getting tired of Buccelatos art. Which seems unlikely.

Posted by Hatutzeraze

Hey Poet, have you considered giving people more than one vote in categories, maybe like a top 3? You could give 3 pts for #1, 2 for #2, and 1 for #3. I think that might let you dig deeper into the opinions of each voter, which might be helpful or informative on months when only a few of us vote. If one comic was voted #2 by enough voters, it could actually earn enough points to be considered the best for the month if everyone was broadly divided on their first picks.

Posted by The Poet

@Hatutzeraze: we actually do that already...

your vote for writing for example:

1st - Grant Morrison (Action Comics)

2nd - Christos Gage (Avengers Academy)

3rd - Mark Waid (Daredevil)

ignore the writers' names and focus on the title for a second:

  • Action comics was given 3 points by you
  • Avengers Academy was given 2 points by you
  • and finally Daredevil was given 1 point by you

A good example of an under dog going up to steal a position on the top 5 is the 4th place in the category of Best Interior Artwork (you can tell I've watched the Tonys when i start saying "categories"). Red Hood actually was two people's second choices. Most of the time, the first choice of voters gets on (see Marvel as it is composed of all 1st place votes).

This is a peak into what I have for each category. the first position, second, and third each have their own column and then there is the compiled column.The highlights are winners. My own votes are used as tie breakers. Hope that clears up how I do things (the format of the excel doc actually changed this month so it is clearer and less work for me, but it's been the same I would say as long as I've hosted and I would assume Cosmo did the same though I don't know how she compiled votes...)

Posted by htb106

Nice work, Poet. Glad some of my choices made it in to the top. 5's of the categories.

I haven't read this month's Flash yet but if I had I'm sure I would've voted for it.

Posted by lykopis

K -- things are slowing down for me and I ALMOST managed to participate in this one, but once again side-tracked.

I am all caught up now and can't wait for this month's. There's some missing Marvel love in there...


Posted by The Poet

@lykopis: cool. I look forward to seeing your votes!

Posted by kartron

Hey this is great !!!!!

Posted by The Poet

@kartron said:

Hey this is great !!!!!


Posted by MadeinBangladesh

nice. Wow. Justice League Dark smashed all batman comics? Is it that good? I havent read any JL Dark issues. Want to pick it up but I might be confused. It's already on issue 9. Damn does anybody read Marvel in this site? LOL.

Posted by Hatutzeraze

@The Poet said:

@Hatutzeraze: we actually do that already...

Oh yeah. Duh. You'd think I could remember how I voted in this thing. It wasn't all that long ago.


Posted by The Poet

@MadeinBangladesh: well, the Batman titles were sort of divided with the whole annual. I don't know if that caused the titles defeat at the hands of JLD, but it could be one factor. Marvel is usually a larger force in this poll, but this month didn't see many votes. Winter soldier did try to get some wins, but it wasn't as strong as in previous months...

@Hatutzeraze: thanks for the suggestion though :P

oh, next month I'll be opening the poll on the first week in July. Starting that month, I will be contacting some users who usually don't participate to see if I can recruit more voters. I also have an idea regarding the poll, but that is an unconfirmed whimsy currently...

Posted by blur1528

@The Poet: Pretty cool seeing the spreadsheet you use to tally everything.

I'm not sure why I didn't vote for The Flash. I love the art on the book. Must have just slipped my mind somehow.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this month's results.

Posted by The Poet

@blur1528: the spreadsheet actully got changed between this month and last month because the old one had me pasting all your votes on one excel tab and then I had to move them to a second excel tab then organize...long story short this version is much more user friendly and much more clear who voted for what. I even froze the user column so whenever I slide I can tell who voted for what.

yeah, it was just an observation I made looking at this result and all the others.