A Darkwing Duck Creator Approved of my work!

I know its not like I actully met the guy or had my questions/comments published in a comic (did I ever congrualate you Aztek?), but having your hard editing and descritive powers congrulated feels good.  
Any way it was a question I posted on Boom! Studios' forum Question and Answer for the Darkwing duck series. For my fourth Question, I mentioned my comic vine page for the Darkwings of the Multiverse (which I have been working on and had created a parodied name).  
I know It might not be exciting for other people, but its really cool for me to be approved by a creator like Ian Brill (writer of Darkwing duck)


More Duck Tales / Darkwing Duck Crossover News!

Few weeks ago, I reported about the whole new Duck Tales/Darkwing Crossover and told a bit about the history between Scrooge and Drake Mallard (alias Darkwing Duck).
I shared pics of the Duck Tales #5 with so many different disney-duckverse Characters.
Now, this week, I bring you an update. Now on Darkwing Duck #18. Boom! hasn't released any photos or descriptions, so its not official, but on James Silvani's webpage page, which was just redone, there are lots of covers. Below you can see the cover of interest, called "DW18". Darkwing Duck #18: 

In the black stuff you can see (left to right:) Launchpad, Darkwing and Scrooge McDuck. and Jumping out of the stuff is superhero Gizmo Duck!
Gosmo Duck!
  For those who don't know, Gizmo Duck has been missing from Disney Comics for a year now. 
Taurus Bulba
(a darkwing Duck Villain) had tried to steal the Gizmo Duck Suit in the Duck Knight Returns, so the password had been changed, leaving the question where Fenton Crackshell (the owner of the suit) was. Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, Darkwing's adopted daughter had gotten the suit and had become Gosmo Duck, which was fun while it lasted. However, due to some damage by a Werewolf Darkwing alternate in Crisis on infinite Darkwings (lots of Darkwings of the Multiverse running around then), the suit was broken and Gos quickly went onto a more familar personae. 
However, with this cover, we can tell that Gizmo Duck has some how returned. Perhaps Gyro Gearloose has repaired it, or they just had a spare. No matter the way he has returned, with Darkwing, Scrooge and Gizmo on the cover of this issue, then it must be something (to barrow a Darkwing Duck word) "Dangerous!"
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On to Clearer Waters

Lets see how many of you thought by the title that I was leaving…Actually that is partly true.

Just wanted to say that I will be going for a nice relaxing canoe trip down a very clear river (around the same place where Hollywood filmed some of the old Tarzan movies…So, I might see again some of the monkeys that were left there!).

 I won’t be able to reply anyone or edit the site, but feel free to comment on some of my lists (a plug for my Series of Five Editorial Lists, btw).


Coincidentally, the last time I was away from the site for more than a few days was around the same time all of Whiskey Media went down at the beginning of the year (not lying…was quite a surprise getting back!). With that in mind, I leave you with my exaggerated predictions of what will happen when I return (which I had too much fun making btw). Be seeing ya’!  


News: Darkwing Duck / Duck Tales Crossover

Let me start off by saying I love ducks. The riddler is cool, but there is whole universe of cool characters in Disney's treasure trove. 

Duck Tales #2 just came out the other day (need to get that soon) and Darkwing Duck #13 came out the week before (check out my review!). A Cross-over between these two series has been whispered about for several years now, ever sense Darkwing duck first graced tv screens everywhere  with former duckburg (and Ducktales) resident Launchpad McQuack. However, although there were some characters who appeared in Darkwing's home of St. Canard in his Television series who also appeared on Duck Tales ( Gizmo Duck, for example), there has never been an official crossover between Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck. Until now, that is.
Although we are only on Duck Tales #2, publishers always are working months in advance. According to Darkwing Duck Artist James Silvani (on his blog) in Duck Tales #5 we will see " the beginning of the great Duck Tales/Darkwing Duck crossover!" Here are the non-colored, inked covers for that issue:

What Force will bring this troop all together? Guess we'll have to wait to find out! 

 Needless to say, I am excited....

The more knowledgable fans would point out that Uncle Scrooge (one of the main Duck tales characters) did hire Darkwing Duck in Disney Adventures' story arc " Legend of the Chaos God" to deal with some...pick up and delivery, but there was never any intereraction betweeen the two.
How does he know about Darkwing Duck? 

  This is the funniest scene because of Launchpad's comment 
The only scene with uncle Scrooge / Darkwing. Also of note: Gizmo Duck and Fenton Crackshell are two different people in this scene when they should be only one
Update: here are the new offical colored versions of the covers. Really Cool. plus the description
Duck Tales #5 

Writer(s): Warren Spector
Artist(s): Miquel Pujol
It's the beginning of the crossover 20 years in the making! Launchpad is the CEO of a major corporation in St. Canard? The Gizmoduck suit has been taken over by a little girl? Has the entire world gone mad? It certainly has, according to Scrooge McDuck, and he's about to get to the bottom of it in Part One of the biggest event in Disney Afternoon Revolution history…The DARKWING DUCK/DUCKTALES crossover: Dangerous Currency! Brought to you by EPIC MICKEY's Warren Spector!

The Poet meets Jimmy

         So, on Sunday, I’m sure you were wondering, “Where is The Poet? I want to congratulate him on the whole “ rigged election thing” (*whispers* that’s the angle I’m going with as things fit together too much…I mean hard work has never paid off before, has it?)!”   Now, instead of an excuse for my absence which involves a lama, a school bus and a xylophone, I use the presidential excuse.

      See, at 4:30am Poetic Time (when a lot of you should be asleep, although I did get some congrats from some people who must be real vampires), I, The Poet, was traveling to Plains Georgia. Where is that? And why was I up at that ungodly hour? Easy, I was going to a very special church service.

     I was going to worship then and there, although I am a member of a church elsewhere in [Censored], [Censored], because of one man: the President. Actually, the 39 president of the United States, Jimmy Carter!

      Plaines is a small town, like the ones a you always hear about. It only has one restrant, one called Mom’s (isn’t that the stereotypical small town dinner?) and according to Wikipedia it has just over 600 people. When we got there, we sort of got lost (strange with such a small town), but after a local pointed us the right direction, we found the “Marantha Baptist Church” (don't ask me to pronounce it!).

Jan--the school teacher/guard

      Now, I want to take the time to mention the fact that I was traveling with some members of my church and my mother (whom I will refer in this setting as “The Artist”). Anyway, The Artist had just been checked by the secret service agents and was getting her pocket book back, when one of the agents asked if a pair of sun glasses were her’s. As they were very stylish, she thought they were mine, although I had left my pair in the car. As it turns out, they were owned by another Secret Service agent, who was annoyed that his fellow agent had almost given away his glasses (“Hey, Those are mine! You’re giving way my sun glasses”). That was fun.

       Anyway, the actual church was pretty small. It was just like any other church (though much smaller). However, it was different because

before the Sunday school taught by the former president, we were told the rules on photography (and such) by the former school teacher of one of Jimmy’s daughter, ms. Jan. She was a strong, forceful but kind spirit. Perfect for controlling the crowds.


Jimmy Carter

  I’ll admit, when Jimmy set his bible on the little podium on the floor (he did not go to the pulpet as he is not a preacher, but a teacher), I was surprised. I had seen pictures and footage of the made during his presidentcy, but it had never occurred to be that his appearance would change in the years sense. However, when the 86 year young man spoke, it was like he was miraculously young again. He really is meant to do this sort of speaking; to teach and inform.

           Being a Sunday school service, he spoke of Act 16:6-15 about a woman named Lydia who sold purple cloth. He also spoke about the world current events, such as the Japanese nuclear disaster, the devastation in the Midwest and most majorly   the “Arab spring” (the government turn over in the middle east). He told how his and Rosalyn( his wife)’s non profit “The Carter Fund” has been working in some of these countries and has provided aid to needy countries. He also mentioned how, when he was president, he had been working with the late Egyptian ruler, Admar Sadat, to build a monument on top of Mount Sinai where all people of any faith (Jew, Christian, etc.) could gather. Unfortunately, Sadat was killed after Carter got out of office, so the plans were never completed to make it a reality.

Jimmy Carter

        The main idea of the Sunday school was the uncertainties in life; the moments where you ask, “Why did god want this to happen?” or “Why didn’t god answer my prayers?” Jimmy reasoned that when god closed a door, he opened another down the road. Fittingly, he concluded this talk (or lesson) with a minor talk about Garth Brooks. He told how Mr. Brooks had given him and Rosalyn their own private lesson and concert on music. He referenced Garth’s son “Unanswered Prayers”. He ended with a quote from Garth, “Happiness is not about getting what you want. Its about wanting what you got.”

      When he was speaking, you could tell he was enjoying himself. A smile was always on his face. When he wasn’t smiling (which was rare), you could see the smile marks, showing that even through the stresses of being president.

      I want to also add that even in older age, he is sharp. His humor was excellent and his wit was sharp (even up to Poet standards). He joked around with Jan and was quick to point out when she forgot to mention one two branches of the U.S. service corps (such as the navy and such). He really brought down the house in a way that the stereotypical Baptist preacher who came later in the actual service could have learned from. It was really cool that I was only a small isle (or several feet away) from such an important man.

      I also found it cool that my mom, The Artist, bumped into the former president when coming out of the bathroom. She thanked the man for all he had done and he winked!

 He is such a character and I’m glad I got to hear him speak. It was worth waking up at 4:30 am to see him!  

To see more picture from my trip to Plains: check out my photo volume here on Comic Vine " Poetic Pictures"


55,000 Wiki Points!

Woot, Woot!
Just wanted to celebrate this moment!
Ranked #57!

Thanks to all the people who have helped me on this site. know that The Poet is grateful!
now, to comerate this moment, I continue adding dates to old volumes! Yeah!


Morgana McCawber: The Poet tries his hand at coloring

Ok, so a months ago, I tried coloring Quackerjack. Sense that post, I have gotten a photoshop program (which is more updated than the genaric Paint), so I thought I would color another picture done by James Silvani that he posted on his blog . This one is of Morgana McCawber (the girl friend of Darkwing Duck). Here is what I got. Not exactly my favorite, but it was interesting to play with the distorter. Keep in mind that this character is supposed to be a cartoonish. So, still need improvement, but its interesting.

 Original Silvani
Poet Colorer, Silvani Artist

68th User!!!

Today, I checked my stats. Last time I checked I was like #76. must have been a while back.
So, if you haddn't guessed I'm the newest 68th user!!!
I'd like to thank my parents, my family and my friends who....any way I thank the little people. I appolgise to anyone who I kicked out of place to get to this spot (most of them haven't been here in a while though so I don't feel so bad), but remember theres always next time!

With a total of  49, 643 wiki points under my belt and being only a year (this febuary) here at Comicvine, I feel happy to say The Poet won't be going anywhere (though he will be traveling for a few days after today as a mini vacation). Thank you for listening to this public anowsment. I'll try in the future to be on the forums to get up those stats up, but still what an accompishment! I'm going to sleep now for a while.

Update: May 1st: only a few days after I posted this (no bragging or anything), but I am now the 64th user!


James Silvani on Upcoming Marvel Comics Movies

There are many movies coming out that are based on the Marvel Universe. James Silvani (artist) gives us a look at these movies:

Thor: When Negaduck Strikes
 and Thor 2: lets get goofy
 X-men 4: Experiment 626

 Wolverine Origins 2: Crash of the Titans
 Spiderman: Turn off the goof

 Dr. Indeed Strange the Movie

 Fantastic Four 3: Ugly Doom

Captain America: The Mousiest Avenger
  If you didn't already guess: April Fools! Well...sort of. Art by James silvani (artist of Darkwing Duck)

Quackerjack: The Poet tries his hand at coloring

Ok, so I'm more of a wiki based user. I don't really do that much art and what I do is mostly not for show (espeshelly agianst what you Show-off Artists post).
Of course, I always try to find some good pictures for the characters I edit, ones that really show off that characters'.... well character. What they're like and so on. Anyway, for the past few months I have been adding to characters from the Darkwing duck Series. One of those characters, Quackerjack, who is an insane (sort of Joker-esk) toymaker, has been been giveing me real problems because I just couldn't find a good picture that infosized his craziness that was of good quality that was not from the tv show in which the comics were based.
Anyway finally, I found the below picture by the artist of the 2010 currently ongoing series of Darkwing duck, James Silvani. It was one of many covers he posted that he did for fans at C2E2 (I envy anyone who went). Of course, while totally being perfect for Quackerjack's profile picture, it had the drawback of being a rough sketch with no coloring. However, with a little Disney magic and my own Poet-y ways I have fixed the picture with only a generic Paint program (not an April Fools trick!).  What do people think? Is it an improvement?


Poet Color, Silvani Art