I'm back with a new series. FIrst issue for free!

My first issue is done!

Been away a while, busy making a new comic. I'd like for you all to check it out now that it's done. It's got its own website.


"Professional Friend" -a psychologial thriller of deception, love, and murder...-


daydream terminal

hey, since i'm amateur comic creator and it is only a matter of time until my long form novels get distilled into the comics i make i felt this was at least tangentially related to this. The following link http://www.adamdodd.net is to the first 5 pgs of my new novel "Daydream Terminal" read it and let me know what you think, i really am eager for criticism. thanks.


p.s. if you read it and leave constructive criticism, good or bad, and if you're interested, leave me your email in the contact tab of my website and i'll be sure to send you a FREE pdf download when it is all done to read on your kindle, nook, or ipad!


remembering turning invisible


Rembering turning Invisible

After relocating from East to West Cleveland, the divide buffeted by a single bridge but seen as defining as the Mason/Dixon line to locals, I felt the inante conditioned consumer urge to stake my flag in the community by spending money at a local shop. Anyone who has been to west Cleveland is aware of the incredible amount of "specialty shops" that cater to the specific and the superflouous at an even clip. A born cheapskate, anything other than food, shelter, and a modest wardrobe is an uneeded expenditiure. So parusing through the "vintage" shop, running my finger over the dusty relics that will one day be the artifacts that define our culture, I marveled at how age seemed to mirror price and quickly made my retreat.

Next door was a vintage toy shop, Big Fun, which also had a sex toy corner, I've always thought the combination of the two under one roof to be a bit tacky and questionable but that is a essay for another night. A house of artifaces of bygone generations proving even Dick Cheney had a childhood. After an unenthusiastic lap i came across a box of 25 cent comics. A sucker for a deal, and remember, a born cheapskate, I bought copius amounts of devalued '90's holofoils, dubious failed storylines and characters, and indecipherable third acts to missing miniseries. Then i saw it. In the back of the box, screaming at me with its neon orange cover, Invisibles #1. I had never read any issues nor had any idea of the plot, but holding it in my hands i felt something electric within. Something primal, sublime, like remnants of a forgotten dream materializing before me, suddenly spoke to me. I scanned the store, thinking they put the comic in the wrong box and would snatch my prize away. A quarter later, my life changed.

The first page with Dane Mcgowan hurling a moltov cocktail in the air declaring "Fuuuucccckk!" demanded my attention and told me this was not just a story but a manifesto, a declaration against the stale and uninspired. After reading the issue i never looked back, digesting all subsequent 99 issues with reckless abandon. I cannot claim to understand everything Morrison wrote or even a few of the words i still think he made up, but i grasp the scope, the vision and the hope that the book encapsulated: that we, all of us together, will one day wake up and stop fretting over useless nonsense. the grenade on the cover, threatening to detonate at any minute, is a symbol of the weaponization of the human mind against conformity and oppression that the series pounds the war drums against.

Like Tyler Durden in Fight Club, the gang in Invisibles are agents of change and avatars for a coming age of self-made divinity. Many times I felt an intimacy with the characters and storylines they experienced that i have, to this day, never recaptured in any other book. As Morrison put himself into the book as King Mob, I also felt he put himself into the readership creating a kinetic, endless loop of information we all simultaneously share regardless of time or space.


looking for illustrator for original comic!!

Writer looking to adapt self-published novel into comic/graphic novel. Looking for illustrator eager to get into comic business. This will be a collaborative effort in order to get signed to a publisher. The work is ambitious in scope and plot; consider Arthurian legend, morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory, S.H.I.E.L.D., Steven King's "The Stand", "1984", and other Phillip K. Dick works. Looking forward to working together. Contact me if interested and I'll give you a link to the book, a synopsis, and a treatment for how i see the issues being written and we'll go from there. if distance is an issue, we can work via scanner.

p.s. You can check out the original book on my site to get an idea at http://www.adamdodd.net click on the Ad Infinitum tab 

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unreleased red tornado/gorilla grodd script.

hey all!, Just posted the third of three in my JLA series. it focuses on Red Tornado and Gorilla Grodd. It was written as an all-ages book and was a fun to do. And i was able to do a lot i always wanted to with RT's character. Keep in mind, this is an unsolicited script, i'm not working for DC, nor is this liscensed, it is just practice for scripts i'm working on that i'll share as they develop

but check it out at http://www.adamdodd.net and let me know what you think       


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