Heroes and Villians who have or have had Tattoo's or other distinctive markings:

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Unless I missed him, how about Shatterstar?  
Cable also has marks on his eye 
Jono also now has face issues 
the Y-Men were the team of tatt'd badies
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Wow, impressive.  Thanks for the list it had to take some thought.
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This is a unique list. Cool idea. :]

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Neat idea. 

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You forgot Dagger

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The Crow enemy Curve has a crow tattoo on his chest given to him by Crows Eric & Ashes friend Sarah Moore, on the Darth theme, I did not see Darth Maul (those markings are tats), on Star Wars in general, Big Gizz, Spiker, Wrenga Jixton, and Oola all had tats, Tatsu from TMNT has a Foot Clan tattoo, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Jinx from G.I. Joe have Arashikage tattoos, Tomax and Xamot have COBRA tattoos, as does Storm Shadow and Croc Master I think, and Jago has some tats from Killer Instinct

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Don't forget drax the destroyer