Posted by Jubilantlad

Rachel's by far.

Posted by Cassius

Yeahh, I agree. Rachel. 

Posted by NateGrey

I prefer Nate's. I always thought Rachel's looked too phallic shaped.

Posted by davidkenneth

Rach, Nates only looks cool when his eye is glowing.
Posted by SC

I like Rachel's more, but would probably get Nate's for myself, especially if we had to have it in the same place lol 
Rachel's tattoo is very feminine in my opinion, also I feel objectively better. 

Posted by NateGrey

I still think Rachel's looks too much like a winged penis

Posted by TypingKira

Nate. But with some work Rach's could be epic (er). 

Posted by Mercy_

Posted by NateGrey
@The Dark Huntress:  see now that is hot
Posted by superboyrocks13

i like nates tattoo beter i dont like rachels that much but her is still cool
Posted by doomsilver

nate's would look cooler in real life
Posted by HellionVulcan

X-man's looks better as if Rachel's would look better if it was an actual phoenix & not just lines .