'Old' Sketches!

These are just some old works I did that I thought you guys might like to see:
First off is Johnny Gallo aka Ricochet, this guys basically a mutant version of Spider-Man (minus the webs). 
Second and final (for now) is an old what if  'dream team' of mine, 
Consisting of X-Man, Jubilee, Husk, Ricochet and Bird Brain
Originally I called this team X-Core but over time I added characters to my 'dream roster' which mainly consistes of characters I find enjoyable to draw,  
and had thus became the NEW Fallen Angels. (one of my lists) 
A lot of my older stuff tends to consist of either Nate Grey or Gen X members, always been a fan of those guys.  

Any way I hope you like my work and I may get around to posting more stuff... sometime!
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Posted by Billy Batson

Niiice. Would look better with ink. 


Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Bird Brain! Nice work I love the 2nd piece.

Posted by RalfvdH

cool Ricochet.... 
What ever happened to that guy?

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Cool. I forgot Ricochet ever existed lol
Posted by The Myth
@Billy Batson@DoomDoomDoom@RalfvdH@TheGoldenOne:  
Thanks Guys! ;)