Idea for a new team/story arc.

Voodoo's sacrifice.
In recent times Doctor Strange lost his title of Sorcerer Supreme and handed it to Brother Voodoo, who shortly after sacrificed himself in order to save the universe. So with out the protection of the Sorcerer Supreme wouldn't this open the flood gates to all manner of strange and magic events happening. 
The X-Men are no strangers when it come to magic and the super natural, the events of Inferno, Quest for Magik and Necrosha are just a few examples of when the X-Men have gone against the mystic. 
But while the X-Men have a black-ops team (X-Force), a clean up crew (New Mutants), their main roster (Uncanny X-Men) and are even afiliated with an investigations group (X-Factor). They do not have a team to deal with such super natural threats. 
It is for this reason that I propose the idea of a new team that shall be known as


(exorcist), composing of characters that have some what of a conection to the super-natural. 
Nate Grey a.k.a X-Man is a mutant shaman and unless my knowledge is incorrect a shaman is ment to be a tribel mystic man. And now with the mutant kind being more of a tribe than ever before he can trully live up to that title. 
I also picked Nate due to the fact that I find that the most interesting Comic books are those that have the heroes at a disadvantage against their foes. And with Nate being so trumedously powerful I figure Magic is one of a very few things that may truly put Nate on the defensive. 


Jubilation Lee a.k.a Jubilee recently turned into a Vampire imeadiatly giving her a conection to the super natural. Jubilee has been finding it hard to find her place among the X-Men since her 'transformation' and the only other place I could picture her being in this state is going solo, but that just isn't the Jubes I know and love. 
When thinking of who should lead this new team it was a toss up between Nate and Jubes as both   have been stated to have leadership potential, but ultimatly I'd have to choose Nate for the simple reason that Jubilee can only opperate in the feild for half the time, (being unable to opperate in sunlight) 


Megan Gwenn a.k.a  Pixie besides looking like a fairy since her obtaining of her Soul Dagger she has conections to Limbo and also some knowledge of magic plus she's one of a few people who are not truly bothered by Jubilee's current state. 
I suppose Pixie's place could be taken by Magik (but she is busy with New Mutants) and while I would intend X-orsist to be a fantasy/horror book Pixie would bring a lighter, funner edge to it. 
At some point I would also like to do a story like Pixie being forced to choose beween life with the X-Men or accepting a proposal from the prince... of fairies. 


I would also add the ghost (or astral projection since he accended to a higher being) of Mr. M for as I stated I would intend this to be a horror book and just the look of this guy creeps me out! 
Also with them taking on demons and all the team will need some serious power-houses.


And finally ad some guy who has been cursed by the Wendigo but has more control of their transformation than other poor victims of the Canadian bigfoot. 
A Wendigo was added to the under the suggestion of a friend and to add an eliment of raw strength to the team.
As far as story goes I'd have the team face off against everything from Blackheart and Mephisto, to an invasion of Harvesters, fighting gods, and possibly looking for a way to undo the effects of M-Day (after all that was caused by a spell from the Scarlet Witch) 
And over time others may join the team BlinkThrenody, Wiccan and Hollow seem like vallid candidates to me.  
So what do you guy's think? Anyone you would add to the team (please don't say Zombie Deadpool), anyone you would like to see this team face, or any suggestions on how would be a good artist for such a book!

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Whoa, that's quite something. 

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It's definately different... I like the idea but the member's need some tweakage!! I like the idea of Nate leading "The X-orcists" while Jubilee takes on a second in command position... Pixie is a good addition... Mr. M I'm not so sure about because I really haven't read anything with him in it (198 right!?).. and Wendigo is definately from left field!! I would add Thenody (like u said) just to create a romantic bondage-type couple on the team (every team needs one). And I would also add Captain Britain and Meggan to change things up a bit!! And also add, Ariel (if she was still alive) as their main transportation vessel and Forge (if he's still alive... status unknown to me) as the guy behind the screen providing intel!! Those are just my opinions!! :)
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So very many things are wrong with this. Firstly, you wouldn't need another 'power house' with Nate Grey on the team, the dude's an Omega-level mutant more powerful than Jean Grey. Secondly, did you even TRY reading the pages of any of these characters? Pixie's knowledge of magic contains three words, aka her teleportation spell, not to mention she would be a more likely enemy of the team, what with her connection to limbo. Also you didn't include Magik, and that's kinda saddening.
Have you tried reading come classic New Mutants? Magik is the closest you're going to get to that idea of yours.

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1) The reason I added Mr. M aswell as Nate Grey is the fact that as I stated Magic is among one of the few things that puts Nate at a dissadvantage. 
2) Yes I have read the characters pages and I also have a rather good knowledge of the characters in general.  
3) If I was writing this as a series consider this as an opertunity for Pixie to learn from.
4) I did mention that Magik could easily fit onto this team but she is already working with New Mutants. Besides I find Pixie more of a fun character than Magik.
Anyway the idea was just for fun and I know it isn't perfect! ;)
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I would read the hell out of this.

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I second that!!
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The team is good, but needs FORGE, he has experience with the occult following his run in with the adversary and would also serve as tech support

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I like it. Now that a great idea. Marvel need more creative writers like you on thier payroll. As someone already said it...I would read the hell out of this if it became a comic.

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This is awesome! Really well done I seriously would love to see this.