A Bunch of Old and New Sketches!

The following are just a bunch of my sketches old and new, hope you guys like them:

First is a certain blue 'elfish' mutant


Second is the brainy lil' beasty


A few randoms,

Not shore what I was thinking when I drew this one, Elderly Pokemon???

The following three are some OCs of mine the Squire Lancet, Lady Celeste and Balthazar the Mage of Fire and Ice

This one I'm really proud of, it is a depiction I did when I was bored of the lead characters from 'The Dark Prince and The Storyteller', a play that I wrote at university,

Wood Chopper, Arctic Wolf-Man and a 'Study' of a Dancer,

Panel from The Myth, The Urban Legend, depicted the Myth, Rat and Mow,

And finally an old one featuring my dream team-up...

Jubilee and Nate Grey:

That's all for now hope you guys liked it!

The Myth is nothing more then an Urban Legend!

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Posted by Billy Batson

awesome :)

Posted by SteveRodgers

wow, very nice

Posted by SC

Amazing stuff as per usual. Love your OC characters, and wow, The Dark Prince and The Storyteller characters, so tricky any picture with two characters that close, thats really well done. Your color work really stands out too! 

Posted by TheGoldenOne
These are pretty amazing. Good work :)
Posted by The Myth

@Billy Batson: @SteveRodgers: @SC: @TheGoldenOne:

Thanks guys! :)

Posted by sora_thekey

These are really cool! :)

Posted by PowerHerc

Good work.

Posted by The Myth

@sora_thekey: @PowerHerc:

Thanks, glad you like them! :)