Tomorrow night is the night !!

im a massive superman fan, the character has a very special place in my life and he means a great deal to me. recently my girlfriend and i purchased special advanced screening tickets for the aussie release tomorrow. that means we get to see it a full day ahead of everyone else...that may not seem like much but to a super fan that's massive.

it's funny, i remember first hearing that they were making this movie like 3 years ago and even then i was excited, when i saw the bootlegged comic con footage from last year, nothing but a blurry filming of a trailer they showed, but it was the FIRST anyone had ever seen of the movie.

The crowd cheered and i teared up and started to shake, finally after so long of being made fun of by my friends for liking superman, i saw that others were just as excited as i was, and that after so very long and so much heartbreak and disappointment (superman returns im looking at you) this could very well be the movie that superman fans have been waiting for.

seeing a buzz building around my fav superhero has been something special for me personally, it's like a validation that, no im not the only one who loves superman and there are others out there that he means just as much to, it's like a sudden unveiling of a curtain that showed behind it thousands of other people just like me who had been waiting and hoping and praying that the king and grandfather of all superheroes would retake his rightful place atop the mountain once more.

it's a good time to be a super fan and i still catch myself giggling and acting like a 5 yr old on christmas.

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That's awesome!

The movie's great!

Welcome to Comic Vine. :)

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@the_mouse: Welcome to the vine

I hope you enjoy the movie :-)
remember the movie isn't a 100% adaption of the comics(it means a lot).

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thanks guys! some parts have already been a little spoiled by fans but because the movie comes out here a littler later than the U.S i kind of expected that a few things would slip out. nothing major and nothing as a superman fan i didnt already either know or expect would happen. still cant wait and im so pumped!