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@dman1366 said:

@perfect_10: neither do I. I think at the very least, they could throw both Jack and Darque in another book. But oh well, I am loving Dr. Mirage, so at least we get some of our voodoo fix.

I loved that first issue so much I'd almost rather have a Doctor Mirage ongoing for Valiant's supernatural fix.

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@maccyd: I'm just not sure if they have room for it; after #25 we've just got the One Percent One-Shot confirmed; it seems like the main series for all but X-O Manowar end after 25. Harbinger became Omegas and then Imperium, Bloodshot is taking a break and then becoming Bloodshot Reborn; assuming Rai, X-O Manowar, and Unity aren't taking a break since they'll be mid-arc; we've already got 8 titles for January and February; that last slot could go to Shadowman or Eternal Warrior.

Just speculating here; of the 3 I'd rather it be A&A; although Eternal Warrior could always use more love; Though he has The Valiant during those months.

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Just a few days ago I was looking at the old Valiant series and thinking; you know what we need now? A new Timewalker ongoing.

Dreams do come true; but only a Valiant.

My only question is how this affects their 9 Series at a time limit. Obviously Bloodshot Reborn is replacing Bloodshot and Imperium is the new Harbinger (Wondering where Peter's story is going from here though, maybe Omegas 3 will give more answers there). Is Timewalker replacing Archer and Armstrong for the time being?

And if Bloodshot just has 24 and 25 left before The Valiant and then Reborn; where are those 2 issues going to be collected in trade?

Overall though this is still crazy awesome news. I'm all over all of these but especially Timewalker and Imperium.

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@trebean said:

@arturocalakayvee said:

"The opening of the book is pretty awesome for fans of the new Lobo, as we see the final moments with the impostor Lobo, the one you remember from the 90s. He's a character that fits in the time he was created but doesn't work now."

That is your opinion. And it is wrong. Sorry Mat. Still love you though.

Really? Name one current successful Liefeld book right now, no worries. I'm waiting, heck isn't Spawn just the hottest comic in the block? And don't get me started on those Young Blood Fellers, man they sure know how to make a comic!

How did you interpret him saying Lobo is a character that still works now; as him saying Liefeld is successful in any way? That's a huge random leap in logic.

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Normally Remender's great but this issue wasn't up to par. The excessive jokes got so overplayed it started to feel unnerrving and out of character; like there was a gas leak in the room or something.

And that whole bit with Jet was waaaaay to sudden and forced; overall such a painful cliche that I thought she was avoiding. Really bummed about that.

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I feel like this was kind of taking the easy way out. Like, oh, there's no way Sue could've actually snapped; it's all because of Malice. It's the generic route and I was hoping for this to be more of a real character arc.

Also yeah Val is absurdly smart so the dialogue fits. It actually bugged the hell out of me when Fraction was writing that he mostly treated her as a normal 3 year old.

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It may have been a long issue to read; but the ending still felt a little sudden and rushed. I was hoping for a little bit of a peak at the monster baby or SOME part of the mine's secrets aside from a simple pit fulla vampires.

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@inkink said:

Everything about this issue was mediocre and forgettable. We know Old Lobo will be back soon enough to fight this one again for an arc. Nothing about this book or this version of Lobo is new to me he is Deadpool without the humor and to me the concept without the ability to laugh at how ridiculous it is is forgettable.

If each issue is going to be this boring then this series will be like Larfreeze and not make it past issue 8.

Larfleeze made it to 12.

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It was ok, for some reason Brown's art wasn't doing it for me most of the time.
Cullen Bunn's usually damn great; but this was just kind of bland. And whether you're a fan of 90's Lobo or not; that was a terrible lazy way to kill him off right in the first few pages.

"Welp, I just beat you and I happen to have this gun that just so happens to be able to murder someone absurdly unkillable so there's no point expecting to see him ever again."

Just lazy plotting, unbecoming of such a normally excellent writer.

Started great, middle was meh, end was great in that i want to know who the next target is.

I feel like the last panel implied that the whole Earth was the target.

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Yeah, I enjoyed how they're taking a different route to introduce Felicity, and I'm sure there's a cult following out there excited to see a certain someone back; but I hated how Kreisberg just handwaved like 75% of what Lemire left open. And of course after Lemire/Sorrentino; this just feels like a step backwards, more generic.

But in all fairness, this still already looks almost certainly like the second best New 52 run of Green Arrow.