Zatanna Does as Prophesized

I just felt the need to tell this amusing tale. On at least one review, likely more, of Zatanna, I mentioned that as a casual comic it would be a great title to introduce someone into superhero comics. 3 weeks ago my new friend who reads only manga was hanging out with me when I went to my LCS to pick up my pull list. We head back to my dorm and she starts flipping through my issue of Zatann which caught her eye. Next thing I know she's asking me for more. She takes home issues 1-9, and text's me later that day to tell me she had already finished them all, loved them, and wanted more. So that's at least once success story for Zatanna inducting new readers into the world of superhero comics. Interestingly enough, the next comic she's shown interest in is Batgirl, another comic I've said would be good for new or casual readers. 
Feel free to post your own opinions of Zatanna and/or Batgirl, or your own success stories in drawing in new fans, or just completely ignore this and go on your way. It's a free internets.

Posted by charlieboy

i actually love both books. i was never really a zatanna fan before reading this series. but i love her now. and i love stephanie brown as batgirl.
Posted by A_O_N

Both series are great and light-hearted so I think she will like Batgirl too.