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Chemo and court dates. Waid smashes it once more. 0

SUMMARY (Spoilers After Summary):It took me a while to get beyond the opening pages. Due to getting somewhat emotional as a result. If you've had any loved-ones deal with cancer, or dealt with it yourself, this may be a little close to home. Go into both this review, and the comic, knowing that.The issue reminds us of the biggest issue in Matt's life right now, that being Foggy's cancer, but it also sees Matt having to find a way to handle his caseload at N&M. At the office, Matt is faced wi...

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Mark Waid's best arc yet comes to an end. Here's what one guy thought. 0

Summary:SPOILERS AFTER SUMMARY! <--- A tag I will be employing so that you can't complain when you read this.As is customary for just about every writer in the history of this character, Mark Waid has put Daredevil through the ringer. Contrary to what its contrarian detactors may have you believe (Entitled to do so though they may be), this is not a happy-go-lucky comic. Daredevil has made some jokes and yes, he has tried to mask the place he was in, but the over-arching mood of Waid's Darede...

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The Mad Titan stands centre stage...but at what cost? 3

I am a big fan of Jason Aaron, so I'll say that off the bat.In fact, his writing is the sole reason this didn't get a lower rating than three stars. I can appreciate the writing was GOOD. I've never been a fan of Simone Bianchi's art, but it's serviceable, I suppose. So, if I have good to say, why was I sorely disappointed and let down by this issue?Thanos is one of my absolute favourite Marvel villains of all time. He's up there with Dr. Doom and The Kingpin. He's probably one of my favourites ...

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