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"Things like this never last."

Why is it an outrage then? You know it'll change back eventually. Comics are the most imaginative, creative medium and yet...they cough up some of the dumbest people.

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What I love is that Del Mundo is on this for the forseeable future issues. Every solicit I've read has his name on. I was wondering if he could keep it up AND on time.

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Ok, first, let's deal with something.

The argument of "It's too P.C.!", "No, it's not!" Needs to STOP. STOP. STOP.

Go back further. What's actually wrong with political correctness? Not what you THINK it means, but what it actually means. It means, "Hey, those words you say so carelesssly, or those things you do? Maybe stop and think about if they'd genuinely and legitimately offend a swathe of people before acting upon using them, yes?" That's political correctness.

Do people misuse it? Yes. Do people misunderstand what it means? Evidently, yes. However, the above is all it means.

"I used to call gay people f***ots all the time. I never meant anything bad by it. You can't say ANYTHING now." No, you shouldn't be saying or doing certain things anyway. At its absolute WORST? P.C. is instituationalised politenesss. End of story. Get OVER it.

It's not pandering, is it? How many black superheroes are there? Women in the forefront? Gays? Trans? Bi? Exactly. It's making things reflective.

Before I get to the replies, I wanna say this. You love Steve Rogers so much? Think of this. You know who would be directly opposed to all of your negative, discriminatory comments? Steve Rogers. He would love Sam as Cap. He would respect ANYONE worthy enough to hold Mjolnir. Why can't you?

I think this past few days has been infuriating for comic readers*.

*Racists and sexists. Fixed for you.

How many of you complained when Bucky was Cap, or when everyone in the Noah movie was white? Most of the criticisms for this move are one giant, "I'm not racist/sexist, but..."

Stop it.

This f#cking sucks.

Why don't they make a white Black Panther? A female Captain America, a chinese Batman? etc?

I guess we need every character to have at least 8 different copies.

Because Black Panther is an African king from a tribe of natives to the continent. Captain America is the title of a courageous man from New York who happened to volunteer. Now, which of those scenarios could've been ANY ethnicity? Cap. He could've been a man, woman, or any ethnicity.

Black Panther being a black man is tied to his origin. Captain America's isn't.

Also, what's wrong with you? "What's next? A FEMALE Captain America? A GAY *Character*?" Why would this be a terrible thing? Why is being a female, or gay, or anything other than white, damning to you?

You know what? You people sit there and act like you can't criticise these changes without seeming racist or sexist. Maybe it's because that's the type of opinion you hold.

I have never had to worry or complain that something I've said would be taken as racist or sexist or discriminatory. You know why? Because I've literally never said anything that could be considered, legitimately, racist, sexist or discriminatory.

If you're worried your shock and outrage over this might be seen as discrimination, it's probably because it is discrimination. Oh, but you're not "like that"! Right? Knock it off.

"We need to have eight different versions." As opposed to one white version of most of the characters? Go outside. Do you see constant white people or a mix? Why should fiction be ANY different?

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Jonny and that other Daredevil guy basically hate on Waid like they're paid to. I wouldn't pay attention to anything they say.

They hate it, but they either keep buying it just to complain or they illegally download it. Either way, those two stay losing this argument.

"Eisners mean nothing." *Proceeds to suggest sales are somehow reflective of quality*

Loads of great books don't sell. Chill out.

I've complained about certain aspects of Waid's run, but I also love it. My thing is to complain when I've been given reason. Not wait for him to write something, assume it'll be bad, then say it is no matter what.

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People need to stop saying you have to turn your brain off for movies. It's not our job to dumb ourselves down so the bad seems good, or passable.

It's the film-maker's job to make it legitimately good. If they don't, let's call it.

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This has just dragged so much. If it doesn't end with a big pay-off, I will be let down.

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"Something terrible happens."

You know he's not lying, either. F.F.S.

I can't live with Saga. I can't live without Saga.

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Infinity was the best Marvel event since Civil War, to me. Potentially one of the best I've read in over 20 years.

I'm undecided on Original Sin. Leaning toward good. Still, I think events run dry because they are obligated to do them. I think that's why they're gonna reboot it like D.C., to be honest. Continuity is all messed up. There's things happening in various books that contradict others and it's just too much now. I think they're gonna reboot.

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@arturocalakayvee said:

@the_mast said:

Kirsten McDuffie is the best and most obvious option They'll wanna keep this relatively grounded and not overload it with blatant costumers.

She only needs to be an average actress to be McDuffie. She's been in multiple movies where she is paired with a male interest/companion, and she's good at it.

I was thinking she could be McDuffie too but I hope not. I'd rather her be Elektra.

You want them to handle Elektra for the first time since Garner in a 12-episode mini-series dedicated to Daredevil? Not at all. This needs to be a superhero story grounded in crime. Sow the seeds, sure. Maybe reference her in the final episode and bring her in for The Defenders. End the final episode on her being sent to kill Foggy and having him recognise her.

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Of course it's subjective. Nobody is inarguably hot.