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Imagine if Kirkman had advertised the death in T.W.D. #100 this far in advance, or at all. Death needs to be impactful.

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Marko hasn't done anything wrong...yet. I get that Alana is upset, but if Marko might hold thoughts of straying, you address those. You don't self-destruct. As much as it hurts to have your loved one think of another like that.

I think this is just gonna drive Marko into Ginny's arms and Alana's gonna find out, after regretting her earlier freak-out. Oh god. I can't. I thought Marko would stray first, but this is no better. I can't.

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I'm so glad this series exists and it's very important that it does. I like the way it's drawn and I think Wilson is a very good writer, but...I can't. It just doesn't snare me. I can't afford to buy it off moral support alone.

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Gates of Gotham, The Black Mirror and most of Snyder's stuff is phenomenal. Seduction of the Gun is underrated, too.

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I love when people blame writers for their own intellectual shortcomings. "I don't get it, so it's lame."

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I am incredibly glad Jack isn't a wife-beater, but I'm kinda bummed Maggie had to get through it with "faith" and not by her own will. That's the atheist in me, I guess. Whatever gets you out of the darkness.

A great issue.

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"It's not perfect." "It had flaws." Which Marvel Studios film has no flaws? None of them have no flaws. Hardly a fair criticism. "It had flaws." Of course it did.

Taste is subjective, so what one person sees as flawless, another may not, but not being flawless isn't something reviewers should ever bring up. It's almost the standard. Being flawless is what you SHOULD focus on if something manages to achieve it, because THAT is rare. Telling us (This goes for anyone) that you think it was great but flawed is telling us NOTHING.

I thought it was amazing. I think it was as good as Captain America: T.W.S. in terms of how much of a blast I had, just in a different way. I can't choose between them. I loved things about Cap more, and Guardians more.

We go into movies filling in gaps in story subconsciously because we know the characters. We can often forget that some things aren't made clear enough to the audience. There was a lot to do, but I do feel the Nova Corps or the Kree could've had a bit of monologue explaining why they're at war. Maybe have Ronan in a meeting where they denounce him for disrupting peace.

That's one flaw I had that I feel is as objective as I can be. Though his motives WERE explained, I just don't think it was handled the best it could've been. An extra scene wouldn't have hurt. Rooker needs to stop phoning it in. He's the white Samuel L. Jackson, I think. He just played himself. It took me out of his scenes. A few more flaws I had were as follows. Explained at length under spoiler shroud:

Ronan being killed off and the circumstances in which it happened. Peter Quill was amazing the whole time, but then he did the dance distraction and it was very nearly the drunk Stark scene from Iron Man 2. It was AWFUL. He basically reverted into being Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec. NOT a fan. In moments where the villain is within reach of their plan coming to fruition, you either have to let them achieve it, stop them before they can or have heroes somehow undo the plan after. They let Ronan come within seconds of bringing his Uniweapon down and exacting burning revenge...but he stops to watch Quill dance? No. That's terrible. If someone killed your loved ones and you spent years hunting them, would you pause for thought if they started dancing in front of you? It sucked. Killing him sucked, too. Especially considering he was such a promising villain/future neutral character to use. I feel as though they just tossed away a character they could have made amazing in future movies.

Gamora didn't come off AS badass as I'd have liked and the scene where she got dragged away annoyed me because she had to be saved by a male character. Quill could've shown up, sure. The scene should've been him arrogantly trying to save her, her fighting back and convincing Drax, mid fight, that she is not on the enemy's side. Then maybe a glance at Quill after like, "I told you I could handle myself." The fact that she was literally helpless, until he saved her, was annoying. There aren't many Marvel women in movies, so it's important we embolden the ones we have, man. Especially with the latest atrocity involving Janet Van Dyne's role in Ant-Man.

Everything else, I absolutely loved. I thought Thanos (We all know he was in it) was INCREDIBLE. Based on that ONE scene, it set the tone perfectly. Why? Because when Ronan threatens him, you actually feel bad. I was like, "You better hope someone kills you before Thanos."

Bautista surprised me GREATLY. I never expected his character would get such play or be so good.

Rocket and Groot are going to take over the world. When I first mentioned Guardians to my girl, a non-comic-reading M.C.U. lover, she balked at the idea of a talking not-raccoon and tree. The trailer helped sway her, and now she said she's naming her new cats Rocket and Groot. I was afraid Cooper would phone it in or Groot wouldnt be present enough, but boy did Cooper kill this. The greatest Marvel Studios page-to-screen adaptation of a character so far, maybe? The music was a joy. It felt like a Tarantino co-directed Marvel movie.

I think four out of five is fair. Just because of this logic: I loved it every bit as much as I loved Cap 2. However, I had more issues with it than Cap 2. I loved it as much, I had as much fun watching it...BUT...I had more issues with it. So, I think @g_man was right on the money.

As for the post-credits, even I had to reality check my expectations. Come on, it was a fun joke. It was a nudge and a wink. They weaved connecting threads to the future and other movies in the actual movie, then still kept it very self-contained by not throwing in a bewildering (To some) post-credits scene. You have to consider the reason this movie might be doing so well is because it really is the first since Iron Man that requires NO prior viewing. It's like a #1 issue.

Now, the problem will come if they fill a movie slot with the character from the post-creds. Don't do that. Cameos are fine in cosmic movies with aliens, but nobody wants effort poured into THAT film when we need (NEED) a Captain Marvel, Black Panther or Black Widow/Hawkeye film. It was hilarious hearing reactions, though. One person said, "OH MY GOD! THEY PUT DONALD DUCK IN THIS MOVIE?! F**K DISNEY!"

So, that's my standing on this movie.

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This works out to £30 G.B.P. I paid £32 for the second Invincible compendium and that was 47 issues.

...but I'll have someone buy it for me because I just need everything new Staples does. I don't buy Saga in trades, I'm an issues guy, but I'll get this.

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As long as the interpretation of Deadpool is more along the lines of Joe Kelly, Gail Simone or Duane Swierczynski (Wade Wilson's War in particular), I'm in.

If we get the kind of Deadpool that everyone on Tumblr thinks is super wacky, zany and If we get the kind of Deadpool that resulted in D-Piddy being THAT guy at every convention, then no. Before you dive on me. Listen.

Kids aren't meant to dress up as Freddy Krueger. He is a child molesting murderer. Yet, they sell Freddy gloves for kids. Deadpool was never meant to be the Rob Schneider of Marvel Comics. He isn't all about tacos, petulance and culture references for the sake. He ISN'T stupid.

He's a murderer, he's human, he's at war with himself and he is trapped in a Hell of having cancer...but never dying. He's watched women he loves die. He's fighting the upset of being constantly mean to Al, a woman who supports him. He was stuck in a dead-end assassin job during the Joe Kelly/Hellhouse period. He is an astute, talkative, insulting, acerbic, witty, LETHAL AND DANGEROUS assassin who also happens to be extremely insecure and an lab abuse survivor. He doesn't want to be a hero, he just happens to do the right thing sometimes in accordance with a loose moral "code", which is also hypocritical considering his career.

You can do so much. So, if that's the movie they wanna make, then I'm in. Otherwise, no thanks. I've seen Deadpool butchered, literally, on screen once already. I don't need him in chefs hats and going on about tacos and talking like a dudebro constantly. I'll watch Dane Cook for that.

Make a movie about the Deadpool who existed as a parody of that boring type of character, but eventually became everything that was awesome about it.

Loki very nearly became intolerable in Thor: The Dark World because the writers clearly got carried away with what Tumblr thought Loki was meant to be. Don't let it happen to Wade.

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Who cares what kind of boot it is when the fact is that Wonder Woman doesn't wear whatever they have her wearing in this pic?

That is Wonder Woman. Bulky, arms like trunks, muscles. Not this. NOTHING wrong with Gadot's body or any body type, but there's a reason Jesse Eisenberg isn't playing Captain America.

She looks like a model cosplaying as Wonder Woman.

I want it to do well so we can get more shots at Wonder Woman being what she deserves. We went through Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney before Bale.