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Nobody's Non-Video Review of The Amazing Spider-Man #602 0

That's right, the long awaited return of the Nobody reviews are back...well I'm sure there is at least one person who has waited for them. So lets just have a brief run through on the last few issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Alright so May Parker has just been married to J. Jonah Jameson Sr, calm yourselves you are thinking of JJJ Jr.  So this makes Peter Parker and JJJ like brothers, technically cousins, but May is more of a mother to Peter than a Aun...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review of Mighty Avengers #24 0

So last issue it was revealed that Scarlet Witch was actually Loki. But why would Loki want to form his own team of Avengers? Norman already has the Avengers thing going on with the Dark Avengers. Also last issue Quicksilver discovered that the Scarlet Witch(actually Loki) was with the Mighty Avengers and so he now wants to join them so he can meet up with his sister.So this issue we start off with a meeting of the Cabal. They all have their own demands of Norman Osborn, but the main topic is Ha...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review of Invincible #61 0

Alright, let me just say that I love this series. Invincible has to be one of my favorite non-Marve or non-DC character. Let me also say that due to some pull list problems I didn't catch that last couple issues of Invincible so I'm a little bit behind.So we start off with the aftermath of the Invincible War. Some people are blaming Invincible on the news for the attack and deaths of so many people. Savage Dragon basically tells the news reports to stop being stupid and watch the tapes. They wou...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review of the Amazing Spider-Man #592 0

So in the last issue, Spider-Man just got back from the Macroverse to find that two months had past on Earth. A lot of things had changed since Spider-Man was gone, and he doesn't know what all of them are. The main one he does know is that J. Jonah Jameson is now Mayor of New York City. Also he has found that while he was gone for two months all of his bills has been paid, but he doesn't know by who. Swinging out of his apparent, it appears a mysterious woman was watching him, possibly the pers...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review of Punisher #4 0

So I started reading this series from issue #1, and I have to say its been one of favorites from Dark Reign. Punisher shows you the dark dark side of the world. Sure some others deal with having to deal with Osborn running the show, but Punisher gets down and does the work other heroes don't want to do.So in last issue, The Hood is given the task of tracking down Punisher and dealing with him. So last issue we were left with Punisher cornered by the Hood's men with no apparent way out. Taking ac...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review of Amazing Spider-Man #591 0

Lets start off by saying this could be the most important issue of Amazing Spider-Man since 546! Does Spider-Man remember his life before Brand New Day? How did the memory wipe work? All these and more questions were answered in this one issue!So if you remember last issue Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four had traveled to the Macroverse where they were all considered to be gods. Mr. Fantastic had called the heroes under Invisible Woman's force fields so they could talk.  But Human Torch got upse...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review for Superman: World of New Krypton #2 0

So let me start this off by saying I'm not a very big Superman fan. Its not that I hate the character, I just have a hard time buying into his character and storylines. But when I saw that he had a new story starting up, I decided to give it a go. Since this is a review for issue 2 obviously I enjoyed the first one.So the issue starts off with the Guardians of the Universe taking notice of New Krypton appearing in Sector 2814. They give the order to have Hal Jordan investigate to see if New Kryp...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review for Dark Reign: Hawkeye #1 0

Dark Reign continues and this is not the Hawkeye we know! But can Bullseye really make the grade when it comes to being a "hero" Honestly I have to say I'm liking Bullseye a lot more. You just never know what he is going to do next.So as show in the a preview a few days ago, the Dark Avengers(excluding Sentry and Captain Marvel) are battling it out with a man who has gotten a hold of a Hulkbuster. Norman is shown to place him showing off to the public to be more important than actually stopping ...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review of The Flash: Rebirth #1 0

So when I heard about this title months ago, I put it on my pull list as soon as I could. I will be honest with you, I haven't read many titles with Barry in them. He was long dead before I started reading comic books, so a chance to read up on one of the greats was exciting.So as for the story, Barry is back. People want to throw parties and parades for him and such. Yada yada. Nothing to exciting, a bunch of talk about how great he was, etc. Hal Jordan finds Barry at the Flash Museum and they ...

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Nobody's Non-Video Review of Spider-Man #590 0

Alright, so I'm not going to do a fancy video review on here like some people on here do. But lets do some of the basics.Storyline starts off with a classic adventure with the Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in the Microverse. This is taking place before the events of One More Day. Spider-Man during this little adventure is shown with his mask off through the whole thing while he is hanging with the F4. After saving some of the locals of this Microverse, it jumps ahead to the present time.Spid...

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Dark Reign is here! 0

It starts off with Emma Frost having a nightmare of Kitty Pride calling out for help, but she can't find her. She wakes up to a Thunderbolt Agent giving her a message from Norman Osborn. She travels to Avengers Tower and to the Sub-Basement where Dr. Doom is sitting across a table. He tells her not to try to enter his mind or she will feel his wrath. Namor shows up followed by the Hood who suddenly appears on the table. He aims a gun at Emma for trying to enter his head, but she forced him to ai...

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Loved It! 0

I loved this issue of Spider-Man! I think out of the Bran New Day series(which I've loved) the last two issues might actually be my favorite. I've found myself actually laughing at several spots, and a classic Spider-Man villain is returning, and is actually cool. I like what they did with Hammerhead, and I hope we see more of him in the future. I'm kinda curious about this new girl at the Frontline too, Norah Winters. She seems kinda off, but fun. I think she might be what Spidey needs right no...

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BOO! 0

What the heck Marvel?! Way to let me down! Noh-Varr has become one of my favorite characters recently. And I can't wait for Marvel to really start using him. Well ever since I heard he would be making his appearance in Mighty Avengers I've been excitied. But what did this issue give us? NOTHING! Everything in this issue has been shown in other issues. There was no new information given, no new interactions between Captain Marvel and Marvel Boy. Not a freakin thing! And to top it off, what was wi...

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Well... 0

I'm not sure how I feel about this book or this character. I mean he has a really cool look, but do we REALLY need another superman like character running around the Marvel Universe? I mean yeah they got this whole African American background, but the whole thing seems really similar to what they were trying to do with Sentry. At least with this character, they aren't trying to say Blue Marvel was around the whole time and they just forgot about him, but still. So far, its seems ok, I really lik...

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Speed of Thought? 0

This is was alright, got to see some Gorrilla Grodd action. But I don't like the refrence to the speed of thought, Flash used. I don't know, someone faster than the speed of light, shouldn't have any problem going faster than an average brain speed's thought. Maybe that just me, I don't know. Anyways, so not a bad issue, kind of curious exactly what is going on with Iris. Kind of look like she was turning into a full grown woman at the end of the issue. That would be intresting, what if she will...

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Awsome end to a great series! 0

I got into the Cable and Deadpool series very late in its run. But for what I have gotten, I have loved this series and this issue just about summed it all up for me. Deadpool has jumped to one of my favorite characters. He is so funny, and his team-ups are the greatest out of any comics. Seeing him in action with the rest of the Marvel Universe is just awsome, and I really hope he will get his own series soon. At the very least a mini series, cause he is too great of a character to just forget ...

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Not Marv! 0

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They can't do this, its not fair! Not to Captain Marvel! But yet it is sadly true, the great Captain Marvel may actually be a......SKRULL! WTF? If they do this whole bring him back to get us excited just to shoot down our dreams by saying he is a skrull I'm going to be pissed. I'm hoping this is just another skrull trick to mess with Mar-Vel cause he can't be a skrull he just can't be! Church of Hala is ran by Skrulls too? WTF are skrulls worshiping Cap Marvel for? I am still no...

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Red is the new Green? 0

So I finally got my hands on the first issue of Hulk featuring the new Red Hulk. It wasn't bad, didn't get me excited about the series like the first issue of Thor's new series did though. We find Iron Man and his group examining a battle between Abmoniation and what the believed to be The Hulk. After a little girl tells them them "Red" in russian, they start to wonder if this was even the Hulk at all. So General Ross and Doc Samson go to see Bruce Banner who is still in lock up from the WWH ser...

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One Bad Dude 0

Thor is the definition of awsome in the Marvel Universe. He is just so cool, the strength and power, not to mention the cool Asgard sayings. He is just awsome and I'm loving this series so far. The stuff he has done is just purly amazing. I mean in this issue he goes toe to toe with the Destroyer Armor and wins. That is an incredible feat for anyone to do! Then we find out that Loki is back, but wait what?! LOKI IS A GIRL?! Thats right, Loki is now Thor's half brother, and claims to have changed...

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Not as bad as it seems? 0

Alright so people are pissed about this new series for Spider-Man. "Its wrong to retcon 20 something years of comics history" and all that jazz. Well I think people are jumping the bandwagon a little early and not giving this a chance. We all know that DC comics has had had more than one retcon that has changed their whole universe, yet it went over very nicly. First word that this is going to be done to everyone's favorite webhead(My favorite hero) and they want to kill somebody. I think someon...

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Captain Marvel in Action 0

Captain Marvel is back in action! Seeing him team up with Ms. Marvel to take on Cobalt Man was so cool. I am really liking the art in this series and I can wait to see how Iron Man and Captain Marvel handle the Kree that set them up at the end. I am also wondering what this has to do with Captain Marvel returning to his time and figuring out who he got here in the first place. I am also not sure what the point of the whole Church of Hala is. They got to be something important to the story, I'm j...

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He's Back! 0

OH YEAH! The moment we have all been waiting for! The Return of Captain Marvel! Alright be maybe thats just me. In the final battle during the Civil War, Mar-Vell decided to make himself known. But after seeing the war he didn't like what he saw and left, only being seen by Spider-Man who thought it was a clone like Thor.Its not till after WWH, that the news caught on to a image that appeared to be Mar-Vell during that battle. Most think its fake, but some think he has returned as a Savior and e...

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