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As long as Deadpool returns from this so called "death" he's currently in....I'm down for whatever this new universe has to offer.

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I've been wanting to do a robotic character fandub for awhile now, just to play around in Audacity a bit and have some fun. Play with the Echo function, and alterations of pitch to give a character a more robotic feeling. I was originally thinking of maybe doing a scene from Chappie, but decided it was probably better to do an Ultron fandub. Since there was a lot more promotional clips I could use as footage to create a scene.

I think James Spader did a great job as Ultron and even thought I felt the film should have handled the character a bit more seriously I do strongly believe that James Spader was the perfect man to play Ultron. So I tried to keep as much of his performance as I could. But I also wanted to amp-up the malfunctioning aspect. After all, the first Ultron body was stitched together from a bunch of scrap and broken parts.

Long story short, I edited together a small scene using footage from trailers and promotional clips but with myself as the voice of Ultron. I figured I'd post it on here, and maybe get some of your thoughts on it.

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The guy loves a good gag but we'll probably never know if the gag was him having 'immortal' powers or if the gag was him pretending to be just a normal man. What I want to know is what's going on with the burned half of his face? I think I missed something

Scott Snyder said it had something to do with the Bat-cave's security measures trying to stop him. He admits that it wasn't as clear as he thought it would have been.

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The General Reaction from readers, when writers in comic books try pretty much anything new.......

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@sentryman555 I'm not 100% sure, but I'm guessing it's a gamestop pre-order bonus. So if you pre-order the game at gamestop you get the Red Hood Bonus pack. Than after a few months, they'll release the DLC to everybody. So basically, it's a play it a few months before everyone can bonus. That's how it worked for the Nightwing and Robin DLC in Arkham City.

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This just proves jason is the arkham knight

Jason Todd will be DLC. With a story pack that shows what the Red Hood was doing throughout the course of the game. Kind of like Catwoman's add-on in Arkham City, meaning he's most likely not the Arkham Knight.

I have a feeling that the Arkham Knight's identity is a bit more complex than just being a character related to Batman. I'm voting either Scarecrow hallucination, Bruce Wayne Cadmus clone, or a relative of that female doctor who was killed in Arkham Asylum that blames Batman for his ineffective crime-fighting techniques.

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I don't mind it.

I like the metal teeth idea. I'm getting the feeling that the story behind that idea was Batman has knocked out so many of his teeth that he's had to get new ones implanted. Makes sense and adds to the creepy smile aspect.

The tattoos are kinda meh. I'm fine with the some of the ones on his chest and arms, specially the Hahaha's. That's actually kind of a cool.... but having "damaged" plastered on his forehead. I don't know, something about that seems off.

But hey, he's got the green hair and the bleach white skin. Plus I'm confident that Jared Leto will knock this character out of the ballpark. Just listen to the dude laugh, you can tell he's the perfect person to play the crown prince of crime.

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Honestly, I'm a big fan of what Scott Snyder is doing with Joker's origins. Making him some-kind of immortal demonic pale-man of legend. I've already posted about this in another form, but I'll post it again for discussion.

First off, Joker being immortal certainly makes him twice as scary. Joker was always a metaphorical force of nature, when he was a man. While Batman was representative of all the good mankind could do, Joker was representative of all the bad. It makes sense. Two sides of the same coin. All that jazz. Which is still there, it's just not as present as it used to be. Mostly because now he could quite LITERALLY be a force of nature and that is horrific if you really sit down and think about it.

Batman is now representative of mankind and it's fight to constantly find meaning and even fight against the unexplainable and the unknown. Joker is that unexplainable force, he's everything that mankind seeks to know but can't comprehend. That point was especially driven home in the back-up stories. Where the Doctor thinks she understands that which hasn't been understood....only to find out that there is no way of fully knowing the unexplainable. That the unexplainable will always find a way to continue being, an unexplainable.

So not only does this new Joker origin continue the trend of Joker's true origin never being known. But it pushes the dial up to an 11. Now he could be anyone or anything. He could be a demon, a cavemen, a robot, a monster, a man, mobster, or even all the above. Plus it continues the trend of him being a force of nature, but in a more literal sense now. I really dig it.

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Loving that people are pitching in their thoughts. Forgot to add my own...

If I was a super-hero I'd give every supervillain and criminal I met a "three strikes warning." If I catch them more than three times. I'd kill them. Obviously this only applies to people who have killed other people. Someone I bust for drug dealing or bank robbery, the "three strikes warning" doesn't apply. What determines the three strikes, is intent. Did they "try" to kill someone? Would they have killed someone if I didn't get involved? If so that counts just as much as a strike as if he did actually kill someone.

Killing killers makes me a killer, which makes me no better than them. Granted, and I agree that in every case you should take the high-road. But eventually as a superhero, you're going to meet someone who can't be reasoned with or is going to continue to hurt innocent people. Those people need to be given the option for change but if they can't than It's up to me to ensure they don't harm anyone else. You have to throw killers into jail. The option to change their ways has to be given first. How are they going to better themselves if they're never given help? There are plenty of people in jail who killed someone, but later grew to regret it and now are trying to be a worthy part of society. They learned the error of their ways. If you just kill a killer, you're not giving him the option to learn and change and become a better person. There are always other options. Killing should ONLY be a last response. Killing should only be reserved to the lost causes.

In this world, you have to inspire people to be better than killers by being better than them. Not by stooping to their low. But at the same time, realistic expectations have to be given. There are always people who can't be helped.