DEATH BATTLE: Deadpool vs Deathstroke

For those who don't know, Death Battle is an internet series created by Screwattack that pits two supposedly evenly matched or similar characters from fictional mediums in a battle to the death to see who would win. They've done videos like Superman vs Goku, Batman vs Captain America, Terminator vs Robocop, and even pitted all four of the ninja turtles against each other. Check out the playlist here.

They sometimes bring science and logic into their battles. In Superman vs Goku they actually used math to calculate Superman and Goku's strength. So most of their videos are unbiased and rely solely on just presenting the facts and statistics of each character and using that to decide who would win.

Well in their recent video, they've pitted Deadpool: The Merc with the Mouth against Deathstroke: The Terminator.

Who wins? Watch to find out and talk about it in the comments below. Even if you're not a fan of the outcome, you gotta admit....that CGI animated battle at the end was pretty cool.


Why You Should Pick Up The Deadpool Joe Kelly Omnibus.

I have always said the same thing and will probably never change my opinion on this....."If you haven't read Joe Kelly's run on Deadpool, you are not a true Deadpool fan. You are nothing but a poser."

Now, people usually tend to throw this out of proportion so let me explain my feelings and thoughts behind this statement.....Every character has a writer whose run on the character defines that character and is universally praised by critics and fans alike. Garth Ennis nailed the Punisher, Frank Miller defined Daredevil, Ed Brubaker wrote a fantastic Captain America, etc. etc. etc.

These stories aren't just amazing stories for those characters, but in general as well. Even if you're not a fan of The Punisher, you have to admit that Garth Ennis' run is top notch quality stuff.

For Deadpool, that writer is Joe Kelly. There's no contest. So if you haven't read Joe Kelly's run on Deadpool, than in my opinion you haven't read the character at his best. If you haven't read the character at his best, than you're more liable to appreciate him at his worst. Which is why I call those who haven't read Joe Kelly's run, posers. You aren't a true fan until you've read a character at his best, that way your standards are exactly where they should be.

Well; now Deadpool fans can rejoice, cause Marvel has announced that in October, a collection of every piece of Deadpool literature written by Joe Kelly will be collected in one gigantic book. That includes his run on the Deadpool series (issues 1 to 33, -1, and 0), The Deadpool and Daredevil annual, The Deadpool and Death annual, Baby's First Deadpool Book, Amazing Spider-man issues 47 and 611, and his short story for Deadpool 900. That's over 1160 pages, for the price of $125.

Now $125 may seem like a very steep price, but let me assure you that this is worth every penny. Joe Kelly's run on Deadpool is probably the most under-appreciated masterpiece of it's time and maybe even, our time. It's a great story for Deadpool himself; but even on it's own, the story is amazing. It's the holy bible for Deadpool fans. Even those who hate the character of Deadpool would probably have a hard time hating this run. It's THAT good.

Why's it so good you ask? Well that's the purpose of this blog. I want to reach out to all the current Deadpool fans and show them just exactly what they're missing. I'll admit right off that bat. This blog won't be just a review, it'll also be a heart-felt nostalgic look at the Deadpool of old. Hopefully this will inspire some of you looking to read more of Deadpool into picking this up and giving it a go.

With all that said. Let's take a trip down memory lane......

My first experience with Deadpool was in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game. I was maybe 15 or 16 years old, and I thought the character was pretty cool and funny. Something about a man wielding guns and cracking jokes spoke to me (As disturbing as that sounds). I wanted to see more of him. So for the first time in my life, I walked into a comic book shop. The smell of old comic book paper, the crowded claustrophobic lanes of nothing but boxes of comics on each side. I'll never forget it. I walked up to the man at the counter and asked what he'd recommend for the character of Deadpool. He pointed me to the direction of a box full of Deadpool comics. This was where I picked up issues one to ten of Joe Kelly's series. Let me just say.....those ten issues alone.....blew my mind.....

They were funny, they had action, Deadpool pulled off some amazing feats. The ups the downs. I went through it all, and I went through it all right beside him. I had to read more. So I beg my parents for some extra cash, and filled a small box full of as many Deadpool comics as I could afford.

Now I was only a kid at the time (I'm in my early twenties now) and I enjoyed the run for the entertainment value alone. It wasn't till I hit the age of 20 and went back and re-read all those issues, that I realized just how well-written and crafted that series really was under Joe Kelly's penmanship. I'm a college student studying the art of film and screenwriting and I graduated high-school with awards in English and creative writing. Now was the time I could look at Joe Kelly's run through a bit more of an educated lens.....and boy, did I see things I never saw and probably haven't seen since in a Deadpool comic. At least, not of this quality.

Let's break up the things that stood-out to me in Joe Kelly's run, into categories. Just for the sake of making this blog look a little more polished and not just one big clump of text.....

1) Deadpool As A Character

First of all, the character of Deadpool was extremely unique. I never quite seen a character like him before. Joe Kelly basically took a rip-off of a popular DC comics character, and made evolve into his own unique character. If Deadpool had to be placed under any category, it'd probably be the sad clown story. He is a character who uses humor to help him cope with his flaws and insecurities.....but there's a lot more to it than that.

First of all, I never thought of Deadpool as crazy or psychotic. Nowadays it's all "Oh Deadpool, he's sooooo crazy!!! He tried to shoot with his feet. HAHAHAHA"......But back then, not so much.....Sure he did a lot of outrageous things, and even some things that were deeply disturbing. But there was always a method to his madness. He talked a lot to throw off his opponents, he dances in the middle of a fight with Taskmaster so that Tasky wouldn't be able to guess what he was doing next.....stuff like that.

But if anything, the only real mental handicap he had was a severe case of AD-HD. But how do you explain things like locking blind old ladies in a dark room with sharp pointy objects? Well the past, Deadpool was wronged. He was used and thrown away after his purpose wasn't needed. In his mind, the world owes him. He thinks that because the world dealt him a crap-hand in the past, that he deserves a get-out-of-responsibility free-card. In Joe Kelly's arc, Deadpool does something horrible to his roommate/hostage Blind Al and basically takes out his frustrations on her. It's not the first time he's done something bad to her, but it is the first time Blind Al refuses to let him forget that he did it. It tears Wade apart inside, he tries to sweep it under the rug, he tries threatening her, he tries leaving the house and wanting nothing to do with her, he tries everything BUT admitting that what he did may have been wrong. Deadpool is a character haunted by his past. He's haunted by his position in the world. There's this great moment where Deadpool tells Cable that he's destiny's garbage man. It's a really disturbing look into the way Wade Wilson sees himself. He's not really fond of who he is and what he does.

That's what many writers today seem to miss when they write Deadpool......Deadpool's not psychotic or crazy, he's just an a-hole with a very harsh view of the world (Although Brian and Gerry are also doing a good job capturing this aspect in my opinion).

2) A Great Supporting Cast

A hero is often defined by who he hangs out with. One of the best things about Joe Kelly's run was that he crafted a group of characters who each bring out a part of Deadpool. That is what good side characters are supposed to do, after-all. That's why they're side characters. Blind Al and Weasel will always bring out more in Wade Wilson, than any superhero guest star ever could.

First of all, Weasel is just a hilarious character. He act's pretty much as Deadpool's punching bag and it's quite sad but also quite touching. There's a scene in the Deadpool and Daredevil annual where Weasel breaks down crying in a bar because of Foggy's relationship with Daredevil and offers to "trade friends." Although that doesn't mean he hates being Deadpool's friend; in fact he respects Wade, and at one points sees that he means a lot to him (Enough to beat down Taskmaster and his army of stooges). Even though he suffers a lot of wedgies and wet-willys, he puts up with it and takes it with a grain of salt. Maybe out of some knowledge that it's better to be Deadpool's friend than his enemy.....or maybe, it's because he can see that even though Deadpool is an a-hole, he also values and would do anything for his friends. It's not till Deadpool hit's his lowest point in Joe Kelly's run where Weasel decides to run away for fear of his own life.

Blind Al on the other hand, is very much the opposite of Weasel. They share a lot in common, but go about things in a very different way. Blind Al is the mother-figure in Deadpool's life. Which is odd to say seeing as how she's also his sorta hostage. It's a bizarre relationship and would take a blog of it's own to talk about. I'll never forget a scene where all of Deadpool's effort to become a better person shatter, and all that he has left is to curl up into a ball and cry into Blind Al's arms....and she helps him. This is the man who has been making her life a living hell, and she helps him when he needs it. Because she knows deep down inside, that's all he needs. Someone to help him, to show him that he's not alone.......It's a touching scene. I'll admit, I cried the first time I read it. Weasel runs out of fear for his own life, but Blind Al doesn't. Blind Al is a fighter, and there's a great point where she decides that she's not going to let Deadpool bully her anymore. Blind Al deeply cares for Wade and is probably the only person who isn't afraid of him. Throughout the entire series she is trying to help him become a better person. She's the angel in Deadpool's life......I heart Blind Al.

3) Running Themes.

Joe Kelly's entire run on Deadpool deals with a lot of themes. Redemption being a big one and probably the main one. How far down the pit can someone fall and can they climb back up out of it. Deadpool is a character haunted by his past, he's a killer and "destiny's garbage man." He's not a good person. The very fact that Joe Kelly actually makes you care for this kind of deeply disturbing person is astounding. This is a character who throws blind old ladies down a flight of stairs to make himself feel better, and yet you still want to see him succeed in becoming a better person (Probably because you know that he desperately needs it). Which makes it all the more tragic when he actually fails at times. That's Deadpool's goal from beginning to end. To be a better person. He doesn't have to be a hero or anything to do that, he just wants to be a respectable human being. That's his goal and the major theme of Joe Kelly's run.

Although, Deadpool's not the only character to try and redeem himself throughout the series though. At one point, Dr. Killebrew (The scientist who experimented on Deadpool in the warehouse) contacts Deadpool. He wants to redeem himself in Deadpool's eyes, and helps him cure his screwed up healing factor. But Deadpool would rather just slice open Killebrew's throat and be on his merry way..... and if it wasn't for Siryn, he probably would have. Siryn teaches Deadpool that you can't defeat a monster by acting like one. It's a great moment, and it sends shivers down my spine every time. Especially when Deadpool's only response is "Move" as he still wishes to murder Killebrew. Creepy stuff. I won't reveal whether or not Dr. Killebrew redeems himself in Deadpool's eyes, but I will say it leads to one of the most saddest moments I've ever read in a comic book. Beautifully poetic.

Although there are other themes in the run as well, one of which being that of Destiny. Deadpool is told at one point that he is destined to save the world, at first he dismisses it. But eventually the offer sounds good and he tries to better himself as a human being in order to follow that destiny. The big thing being that he wants to stop killing people, and he actually does at one point. He starts taking missions that don't involve killing targets. At one point he goes on a mission with Bullseye who remarks that all of the people Deadpool fought are still alive and that he's losing his edge. Deadpool succeeds and actually feels better for not killing people......But than he finds out that he's destined to save the world, only by killing an alien life-form bent on eliminating free-will. It absolutely ruins him mentally, and Blind Al actually ends up standing up for Deadpool and actually chews out the people who pushed him into that scenario. It's great stuff.

4) The Ups, The Downs, and All Arounds

To say that Joe Kelly's run on Deadpool was a roller-coaster ride of emotions is an understatement. As I've said before. Throughout the arc, Deadpool goes through a lot of ups and downs. For every step he takes forward, the world just seems to push him two steps backward. That's probably what makes him such a lovable character. The world continues to push him down, but he refuses to let the world get the better of him. He's not going to let the world or other people's perception of him get in the way of doing what he thinks is right.

There's a great moment where he tells T-Ray that his life is pretty much exactly like the squirrel in the old Chuck Jones cartoon. He's just a little squirrel out to make a living, when all of a sudden he comes across the mother-load of acorns (A coconut). He tries everything to crack open that nut and eat what's inside. He tries a jackhammer, he tries rolling it down stairs, but nothing can crack that nut open. Until finally he decides to toss that nut off the empire state building. It works! Only it cracks open to reveal, another coconut inside it.....The comparison of himself to that squirrel is practically dead-on and I wonder if that was Joe Kelly's intention and source of inspiration going into the series.

I can't really say much more about this, but take my word for it. If you aren't teary eyed or slightly terrified at least once during this run, than you might want to go to a doctor cause you might not have a heart. Joe Kelly really pulls on your heart-strings with this run, and the fact he can do it with such a disturbing character is fantastic. I dare you, I DARE YOU to read the first five issues and not get teary eyed by the fifth's THAT well written. The other 28 issues are chock fulls of moments like this as well.


Now I could keep recommending this run for hours and hours, but in the end. The only way to know if it's as good as I say it is is by reading it yourself.

If you're a Deadpool fan.....actually if you're just a fan of comics in general, I beg you. I beg you to give Joe Kelly's Deadpool run a shot. Just read the first 5 issues and if you don't see any potential, you can at least say you gave it a shot.

As a Deadpool fan I'd say the writing quality is on par with some of the greatest comic book stories ever told. For me personally, it's just as bit as good as The Dark Knight Returns and maybe even Watchmen. As a general comic book fan, it's still really good stuff and is truly underrated. The fact more people don't know about, really brings a tear to my eye. I mean; there's a reason so many of the people who HAVE read it, say nothing but great things about it.

I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading this really lengthy blog, I hope I've at least made you somewhat interested in the masterful Deadpool run that Joe Kelly has written. I can not recommend it enough. If you're interested, pick up Deadpool Classic volumes 1 to 5 for about $20 each or the upcoming Joe Kelly Omnibus for $125, if you have that kind of money. Like I said, it's worth every penny


Defending Arkham Origins - A Optimist's Point of View

So the game-play trailer of the new video game Batman Arkham Origins is out, and the general consensus is that people are hopefully optimistic (Me being one of them). Of course in the world of the internet which consist of hundreds of conflicting opinions and viewpoints. There are people who still think this video game is going to being terrible or at the least mediocre. Thankfully most of these people have given reasons why they think this is going to fail.

What I'm going to do with this blog is that I'm going to list a bunch of fears people have basically said about this game, and counter their argument. Hopefully I can dispel some of the worries people have of this game and get a few more people excited or at the least hopeful that this will turn out to be a solid game.

Without further ado, the counterarguments......

Where's Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill? - Yes, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are pretty much the best voice actors of their respective characters and it's hard to replace them. But just because they are being replaced that doesn't mean it's the end of the world. It makes sense they'd find other actors for the game being the fact that it's a prequel and the voices have to sound younger and by the sounds of it, Roger Smith and Troy Baker are doing a decent job sounding like younger versions of Conroy and Hamill. Besides......Whats so wrong with having a variety? Like they say, too much of a good thing isn't a good thing. Plus Conroy and Hamill aren't going to be around forever, might as well get used to hearing Batman and Joker without their voices.

Batman Is Supposed To Be Younger, So Why Does He Have More Armor and Better Gadgets? - This is an argument that could be washed away with a different viewing. This younger version of Batman is less experienced, the creators have made this quite clear. Wouldn't a less experienced Batman NEED more gadgets and armor to fight crime and survive? When he get's older and has been at it longer, it only makes sense that he wouldn't need the heavier armor and fancy toys. They'd slow him down, and he wouldn't need them anymore cause he's older, wiser, and more experienced.

The Graphics Look Terrible, What Happened? - The game isn't due out till October 25th. They're still working on it. At this point in the game's stage, they're going through the reworking stage where they make sure everything is running smoothly that the game flows well. After that they'll go through the polish phase, where they'll make it look good and improve graphical problems. Then they'll go through the glitch phase, ensuring the nothing screws up. We're looking at an unfinished complaining about graphics is kind of ridiculous. Go watch the old trailer for Arkham City with the "No Place for a Hero" song, you'll see that the graphics aren't as good as the final result, cause it was still being worked on. It's most evident in the footage with Two-Face.

Did Batman Just Kill That Guy!!! - The creators have already said this Batman is more rough and careless. I doubt the guy he dropped off the building in a Christmas tree is dead.....severely injured maybe.....but not dead. Same goes with the goon who swallowed a flashlight. I'm also willing to bet money that this careless Batman will learn his lesson somewhere in the story, probably after he almost kills a goon due to his carelessness. It's already been stated that Bruce and Alfred won't be getting along at first (Bruce seeing Alfred as a constant reminder of his parents, and Alfred thinking of Bruce as a spoiled brat wasting away his inheritance) This could be the pivotal turning point in the story where Alfred and Bruce finally connect after Bruce makes a mistake at the cost of a henchman's life. Makes sense from a story telling point of view.

Those are my counterarguments but that's not to say I don't have a worry or two.....For starters the combat in the game play trailer looks exactly like the combat in Arkham City. I've seen these moves before..... Which is fine, but it looks kind of bland.

Plus I'm kind of worried about the story. Paul Dini knew that when it comes to story, you can't have loose ends. It's a little thing I learned in my screenwriting course, it's called "Chekov's Gun". Lots of comic-book adaptations just bring in characters as fan-service. In Arkham City it would have been easy to bring Ras Al Ghul and then drop him like he served little purpose to the overall plot. Batman meets him, Batman fights him, Batman leaves and you never see Ras Al Ghul again....But by bringing him back as Strange's boss gives him importance to the plot. Same with Clayface. You could've just brought him in, have Batman fight him, then never mention him again. But by having the Joker use him to maintain his image, that gives him importance to the plot......I'm worried if these writers know that. It certainly seems like they're just bringing in characters for fan service. Even the plot just screams how many characters can we fit in one game.

So that's my list of counterarguments, and two arguments myself. Hopefully some of the people on the fence about this game aren't as worried anymore. That was my overall goal.

Thanks for reading.


Tears of a Clown (My fanart)

I'm usually not one to post artwork unless it's a holiday or something, but I needed others thoughts on this. I think it's really good, but I know that no matter what I can always do better. So that's where you guys come in, I'd like some constructive criticism. Here's my Arkham City version of Harley Quinn.....

This image just kinda came to me, I wondered what happened between the end of Arkham City and the beginning of Harley Quinn's Revenge. I imagine that Gotham wouldn't really have a funeral for the man who's killed hundreds of people. They'd probably just drop his body in the ground and leave. The only one who'd actually attend the Joker's funeral would have been Harley. I'd also imagine that Batman would kinda feel sorry for Harley, she may be crazy but even crazy people can fall in love. 

Just so you know my favorite artists are Shawn Crystal, Skottie Young, Jeorme Opena, and Sheldon Vella. Just so you know who's been an inspiration in my artwork and what I aspire to in terms of style. 
Alrighty then, let the constructive criticism begin. If you like it, feel free to look at my other stuff and tell me what you think of them at my deviantART page.

Are Comic Book Fan's Too Picky When It Comes to Adaptaions?

I was having a Doctor Doom itch that needed to be scratched today. Usually when I have these scratches for certain characters I do a bit of research of what movies, video games, or TV shows they've appeared in and then I watch them. It saves me a ton of money rather than driving an hour to my closest comic book store to pick up books I'd probably never read a second time just to scratch that itch. After watching Doom's appearance in the Avenger's: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon I figured I go back and watch his appearance in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon as well.  

To make a long story short, I started thinking. Why is one of these cartoons praised by comic book fans while the other is simple loathed and hated? I started watching more episodes of both shows and then I stumbled across that little controversy that happened with Josh Keaton and Avenger's: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. For those who don't know about this I'll sum it up in a simple sentence.... 
Basically Josh Keaton recorded lines for Spider-man's appearance in the show, but someone above decided to have Drake Bell re-record all of his lines. Whether this was made to boost the audience for the Ultimate Spider-man show or to establish continuity is unknown. 
A Really Good Show

Let me go on record saying that as a both a film student and Spectacular Spider-Man fan this was a really scummy move on Marvel's behalf. First of all the creators of the show hired Josh Keaton because in their mind he is the voice they wanted for Spider-man. Not Drake Bell, Josh Keaton. To sacrifice their vision just so you can boost the viewership of another show or establish a continuity that really no longer serves a purpose since the show has been canceled was a jerk move. I don't know how hard the creators tried to fight it, or even if they knew about the change but forcing them to change their vision is never a good thing. They were hired to create a good show to air and so long as they're doing that, they should have the right to do whatever they want with it. In my view, studios should only step in if the show is or might be getting in trouble with copyright laws, or censorship. Replacing an actor at the last minute falls under neither of those categories. So yes, I and many others have a problem with this. 
However, I'm not working for Marvel, I wasn't there. For all we know maybe the creators wanted to change the voice actors or maybe the change was done in a way that both parties were satisfied with the end result. I doubt that was the case, but it's possible. 
That being out of the way, I must admit I'm left to wonder if comic book fans are getting a little too picky and overly dramatic when it comes to adaptations of superheroes. I've watched both Avenger's: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-man and for some reason Ultimate Spider-man is receiving nothing but negative reactions from fans. Although when I did a bit of research I found that most of the critics have given it a "okay" to "positive" rating. So why is it that critics seem to find the shows to be "Okay" but fans of the character act like the show is the work of Satan or the spawn of Hitler? 
First of all when the show premiered I stuck around till the episode with Taskmaster, I didn't watch only the first episode and judge it from that. I gave the show a chance. In the end my basic thoughts have been this.....(Feel free to skip my review in order to get to the main debate of this blog, I just feel it helps show people where I'm coming from)....

 I've warmed up to Drake Bell as Spider-man already, he's okay. He sounds kinda like a cross between Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Keaton two of my favorite Spider-man voice actors. The voice actors all do great jobs. Maurice LaMarche was awesome as Doctor Doom, probably my favorite Dr. Doom voice actor yet so I gotta give credit to Marvel for finding voices that fit the roles down to a T. Sure there are one or two weak links but most of the voice actors do their job. Clancy Brown as Taskmaster was just awesome. 
While I think the forth wall jokes should be left to Deadpool, they don't really have Spider-man in the show "Break" the forth wall. Yes he turns and talks to the audience, so he basically narrates what he's doing..... but he's not making jokes like "This is all written by some guy on his computer" or "Those pesky Olsen Twins" or "Hey where's Sam Raimi when you need him."  If I had to describe the way the forth wall is broken it's more....Scott Pilgrim like than anything else. Which while is kinda pointless it does get a few laughs. I'm warming up to this as well. 
For every lame joke there is an equally great joke. You can't tell me you didn't laugh or at least smile when the Drawing a mustache on Jameson by squealing the tires on the motorcycle joke came up in the second episode, or what about "Yeah that made me feel better" in the first episode or what about "Doom demands a banana split?" in the third episode..... somethings are just so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh, and I get the feeling that this is what the writers were aiming for.  
Animation, really well done.....nuff said.
It's just too fast pace, when it tries to slow down and be serious even for a bit, it just can't be taken seriously. There are so many character lessons in the first three episodes but they're all overshadowed because you're still trying to calm your brain so it can process all the fast paced stuff that it just got finished showing. 
It tries to throw too many jokes into the mix. The third episode made this painfully clear. Nick Fury criticizing them for being stupid teenagers could have had some great character developing moments and it does try for a second with the "Whoa" thing, but instead it's ruined just so they could throw in the lame "Lets see me with a jet pack" joke again. The writers need to learn how to balance the humor with the serious if they want to stop this series from sinking. 
Remember for every lame joke there is an equally as awesome good joke. Yeah well the lames jokes are really lame....which makes me toss this up to 50/50 on the humor-o-meter. It either has jokes that are cringe-worthy ala "Blast Spidey, win a panda" or jokes that are just awesome like "I'm off to see the wizard." I can't hate the show because it made me laugh a couple of times, but I can't love it because I also rolled my eyes a couple of times.

That's my thoughts on the series. It's harmless entertainment. I'm with the critics who say it's an average okay show. Sure I'd rather watch Young Justice or The Legend of Korra or Spectacular Spider-man but In my eyes it is certainly not the piece of trash everyone is making it out to be. So why do I seem to feel like I'm the only person who thinks this? Well it's got to be one of two possibilities....
1)  People Expected and Wanted It To Be Bad - I'm a firm believer that if you expect something to suck, you're going to think it is. If you go into a movie thinking that it's going to be the worse movie ever made then you're obviously going to nit pick and search for the bad things. People may have thought this show was going to suck, so when it finally came out they nit picked it to death. I think people need to go into things with an open mind. The glass is just there, it's not half full or half empty yet.  Some might say that being more critical only makes the good movies seem better. If that's the case then how come no one criticizes things like the Deux Ex Machina of the scientist creating a fail safe to the wormhole machine in The Avengers? Even good movies can be nitpicked to death.
2) People Compared It to Spectacular Spider-man - One of the things I've learned in my adaptation class in college was that you shouldn't compare two things even if it's based on the same story or involves the same characters. Different creators mean different things, not to mention different projects have to follow different rules because they're handled by different studios or targeted towards a different audience. It's fine liking one adaptation more than another, but comparisons shouldn't be made between the two mainly because it's unfair. Imagine if the show was a person. Would you like constantly being compared to a successful sibling or a Hollywood celebrity? Is it fair that people would nit-pick you apart because you're not what they consider to be perfect?
Maybe it's both possibilities, maybe they were expecting it to be bad compared it to Spectacular Spider-man. Which is sad that many fans feel the need to hate anything that isn't close to or absolute perfect. Now that the large introduction and some of my personal thoughts are out of the way let's attack the question this introduction has been building up too.....
Are Comic Book Fans Too Picky? 
Christopher Nolan's Bane
I've certainly seen plenty of cases where fans get upset over the tinniest of changes. People are still complaining about Bane and Catwoman's look in The Dark Knight Rises. Why? Because they don't look exactly like their comic book doppelganger down to a T? Heath Ledger's Joker looks nothing like the Joker of the comics (with the exception of how Lee Bermejo draws him). In fact I remember before The Dark Knight came out a lot of people complained about how the Joker looked saying things like "Oh, he's wearing makeup instead of his skin being bleached? That's stupid" or "He looks like a homeless person, what's up with that?!!" Thankfully they had to eat their own words after they finally saw the film. You think people would learn to not judge a book by it's cover.   
Again, another thing I learned in my adaptations class was that directors shouldn't have to be forced to adapt things page by page or make characters look exactly how they look in the books. If people want to read Batman, they can pick up a comic and read Batman. Same goes for any adaptation. We didn't watch Fight Club, we watched David Fincher's Fight Club. Reading the novel, everyone has different thoughts on how Tyler Durden should look. It would be impossible to put all of them into one movie, so when we watch the movie we're not seeing our Tyler Durden we're seeing how David Fincher thinks Tyler Durden should look. Just because comic books have pictures, does that mean directors should sacrifice how they think the character should look? Audiences need to know that they're not watching Batman, they're watching Christopher Nolan or Tim Burton's Batman.
Same goes with the new Spider-man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. I constantly hear things like "Why should this be made? Why reboot this series so early?" Should it matter? We've seen how Sam Raimi thinks Spider-man should be, now we can see someone else's interpretation. Fans can decide which one they liked more. What's so sad is that I have this feeling that people are going to compare this film to Sam Raimi's films, and if it's not as good then they're going to crucify the film. So like the Ultimate Spider-man show, even if the film is a good film on it's own merits, people are going to complain that it wasn't as good as Sam Raimi's films. Which I feel isn't fair. Again different people, different interpretations. 
 L-O- Freakin- L

That being said what if directors take too many liberties with a character? I'm reminded of the film Constantine, they changed up the character so much in the film that it's nothing like his comic book counterpart. Should they be criticized for not being faithful enough that it lost the essence of what made that character great or should it be considered someone else's idea of who that character is and what he should be like? Here's a better question.....Should it matter? I can understand that fans would feel cheated expecting a John Constantine film but getting a Keanu Reeves action film with demons instead. That could be considered false advertising. I wouldn't want to pay money to see a Deadpool film where instead of Deadpool we got some mute with laser eyes and swords coming out of his forearms.....oh wait....
In conclusion, I'd like to thank all of those who actually read this little rant/essay. What do you guys think? Are comic book fans too picky when it comes to adaptations? Should we allow change when it's the directors that make it? or should we not give directors a get out of jail free card? Should we criticize the change based on how faithful it remains to the original source material or should we criticize change based on how large of a change it is? 

Casting Choices - Uncanny X-Force Animated Movie

Casting is a big thing, one bad voice actor can lower the entire experience of the movie. For example, I liked Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths, but Batman's voice actor just didn't fit. Every time Batman talked it took me out of the experience and It just didn't work. I was thinking about how cool it would be if there was a animated Uncanny X-Force movie. Then I started thinking about who should be casted in the roles. Well I decided to make a blog about it showing my decisions.
Here is who I think could do the characters justice in terms of voice actors..... 


Wolverine is a tough as nails dude, and his voice needs to represent that. I do enjoy Steve Blums work as Wolverine, although I think a different voice suits Wolverine a lot more. The voice of Mark Hamill....Yeah you know. Mark Hamill, the guy who voiced The Joker in Batman The Animated Series, and The Spectre in Batman Brave and The Bold. He also had a brief bit where he played Wolverine, in a video game. Here's a brief sample of his work as Wolverine.  Listen to this and tell me he isn't a great fit for Wolverine.


Archangel is a difficult choice, with the exception of the wings he's a normal dude. Although he has a dark side to him. The voice actor needs to be able to handle both sides and make it convincing . Liam O'Brien seems to be the the main voice of Warren now. Since he's voiced him in both Wolverine and The X-Men and The SuperHero Squad Show. Personally he's a good fit. Here's a sample of his work as Archangel. 



Psylocke is a tough one. Part of me wants to say Grey DeLisle, although another part of me thinks Kelly Hu would be fantastic. Hmmm....which one, which one...... I'm going to go out on a limb and go with Kelly Hu, something about her voice sounds deadly. Psylocke is a person nobody would want to mess with. If she doesn't carve you up into bits, she'll turn your mind into goo. I'm going to say Kelly Hu. Something about her voice I just eat up.



 My favorite member of the group, you know a bizarre part of me always thought Daniel Tosh could do a good Deadpool, but then my logical part kicks my bizarre half in the butt for being so bizarre. Anyway I like both voices we have for Deadpool. John Kassir's is memorable and distinct which is great since Deadpool's voice balloons are yellow after all. But Nolan North captures the hyperactiveness of Deadpool. While I usually like Nolan's voice more, I'm going to go with John Kassir's Deadpool voice for this movie. Just because it's unique and fits the tone. 


Hurm, a cocky fake french man who can make people see hallucinations.....hurm....well hey, since I gave Deadpool to John Kassir, maybe his voice could fit Fantomex. I can see it. Nolan North is quite talented, so I'm sure he could pull it off and do the character justice.  Try to imagine Desmond Miles but with a French Accent. It could work.
That's my casting decisions, who do you think should be casted in these roles if there was an animated movie to come out? Plus let me know what you think of the whole Daniel Tosh thing, cause my Bizarre half and my Logical half are still unsure if it's a good choice or not.

Ronin 5 Previews

Marvel seems to really be hyping up the upcoming 5 issue mini series titled 5 Ronin, it's not even coming out till March and we've already gotten previews of each issue. Although I guess it's perfectly understandable to hype up a series like this. You got a writer like Peter Milligan handling the series, different artists doing each issue, and a premise that just seems to intrigue fans. Something about seeing our favorite heroes in a Japanese setting, all as kick ass samurais just seems to bring a smile to fans faces. 
For those of you who haven't heard of this upcoming event, well basically Peter Milligan writer of my favorite ongoing series ( Hellblazer) is writing 5 issues. Each issue will focus on a different superhero ( Punisher, Wolverine, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Hulk) in a Japanese samurai warrior setting, and each issue will have a different artist drawing the issue. 
Without further ado, I present to all you Comicvine fans out there, a preview of all 5 issues of the upcoming mini series 5 Ronin. 
The Punisher issue, drawn by Laurence Campbell

The Wolverine Issue, drawn by Tomm Coker

The Psylocke issue, drawn by Goran Parlov

Deadpool issue, drawn by Leandro Fernandez

Hulk issue, drawn by Dalibor Talajic

                    *Surprisingly I haven't found a preview for this issue, if anyone has seen the preview of this issue drop me a link so that I may add the artwork.*
So what do you guy's think?

Daniel Way vs Victor Gischler Whose the Better Deadpool Writer?

  Nate of Deadpool and Friends .....

So now I want to ask all your Comicvine users.....who's the better writer when it comes to Deadpool?
Also NOBODY can vote for any other writer, just Daniel Way or Victor Gischler. So I don't want some smart ass answering "Joe Kelly", we all know he rocks but this topic is just for the the two writers.  Also I would rather you guys give a reason WHY you like the writer you picked over the other writer, this is meant for both a tally and for both debating and you can't start a debate by saying "I like ________, because he's just better"

I vote for Victor Gischler, mainly because the way he writes Deadpool is more close to the original Joe Kelly style and his humor is in someways similar to both Joe Kelly and Gail Simone. Way however isn't all the funny, and I rarely ever laugh throughout his series (maybe the odd chuckle every now and then) . Also Daniel Way writes for the moment, so basically if he has a joke he wants to use "Sinking a submarine, or trying to shoot with his feet" he'll make Deadpool do it and look like an idiot which means he doesn't care about staying true to the character....with Victor he's at least staying true to the character.

What Superhero am I quiz, Who are you?

Take the What superhero am I?

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You are the Punsher. You might be a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs but you're also a pretty tough dude. Let the bad guys beware...
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You're Nightwing. Even though you're still somewhat in Batman's shadow, at least you don't have to wear the little shorts and slippers anymore.
You're as cold as ice, you're willing to sacrifice...warmth? Iceman is one cool cat. Really. No more ice cubes necessary for you. Now you can have more room in your freezer for those frozen goodies. Score!
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. You have a lot of power and determination. Just try not to go crazy again. The Corps are just starting to get back on their feet.

Take the quiz and post your results. Note it appears the only way for the link to work is to click the "who am I" picture and not the actual words.