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Despite all of the complaints of overexposure which I'm sick of hearing (it's not the character's fault he's so awesome!), and despite the fact that Wolverine rightfully should not be in The Avengers or more than one team of the X-Men, he's one of the greatest comic book characters ever conceived in my opinion.
So many comic snobs I know hate on Wolverine and his numerous appearances, but almost all of them agree that Origin is one of the best graphic novels/stories ever. Well that's Wolverine, bitches!!! He might've been handled poorly by some, but if you look at the original appearances of Wolverine, especially when Byrne was writing him, he was epic!!
He was one of the first costumed characters aside from The Punisher that killed, that used lethal force and didn't seem like he was on such a moral high ground. I think a lot of his original appeal came from him being the guy that would do the dirty work, who could kill with a clean conscience when nobody else could. 
People can hate on him as much as they like, he was one of the original anti-hero badasses in comic books and still is. 
(Also, Daken sucks.)

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I agree, I think that the free roam thing is too much, it doesn't work for story based creations such as comic book characters. Superheros have a mission, a purpose, random milling around doesn't fit Green Lantern in my opinion.
This doesn't mean that the game has to have levels, or be super structured, but I think that free roam would ruin it. Imagine if Batman: Arkham Asylum had been free roam instead of story based, it would've been much weaker. 
A Green Lantern game should allow you to play as multiple Lanterns, each with their own style of gameplay and game-type. You should at the very least have access to playing as all of the human Lanterns in chronological order: Scott, Jordan, Stewart, Rayner......Jordan again (right?) and at the most be able to play as different members of the Corps. 
 It would be cool if the game covered multiple different comic book storylines, instead of one, to give it length, something that most modern games need considering the $60 price tag.
Since the Green Lantern abilities are powered by imagination, I think that it would be cool if you had several elements you could combine to mix and match to create your own custom ring abilities. There should be like, over 400 combinations at least pertaining to what you could do with the ring. And each Lantern would have different attributes that would compliment/encourage certain combinations of powers more than others.
The approach of the gameplay would be varied. Some shooting sections, combat sections, flying/doding sections, puzzles solved with ring powers, stealth missions, and all kinds of other modes that would vary and break up the gameplay.
I think the idea of non Superman/Batman DC games is great; hell I think the idea of non-mainstream super hero games is great!

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You guys are talking all about Hadoukens, but that's not what Ken's specialty is. At Ryu's level, it's true that Hadouken's are potential WMD's, I mean, Ryu's true Shinkuu Hadouken by the end of Street Fighter 2 (story wise, not gameplay) is something to be feared.  

However the basic principle of the Hadouken is a hit that can reach the opponent from far away. It translates loosely to "wave punch", as in a blow delivered via energy wave. In it's basic form, it's not really stronger than a hard hit, the games confirm this. Characters such as Zangief, Balrog, and even Guile can physically hit harder with fierce shots than a full fierce Hadouken, it's the range and ability to work into combos that make it a deadly move. I'd say Ken's Hadouken is at the level of a solid punch or kick, but Hadoukens can be blocked physically by guarding the same way you'd guard a punch or it can be dodged.
The other two moves to worry about are the Tatstumaki-Senpuukyaku (Hurricane Kick) and his various Shoryukens. The Hurricane kick doesn't deal a lot of damage and is more of a speed/combo move which can be avoided fairly easily, but the Shoryuken is Ken's one bankable technique here. He has severeal variations that he can use, all of them expending a lot of Chi and physical energy (which is what I take the Super Meter to symbolize).
If Ken can land one of his famous Shoryuken's, probably a Super version, he could definetly win, but it's a one hit type thing.
Wildcat would have multiple opportunities and is more durable (I think) than Ken. He has a hard brawling style similar to Balrog, and has taken damage from people way stronger than him before. On basic physical strength Wildcat is way higher than Ken, meaning that if he can use all physical moves to totally stuff Ken. 
It really comes down to whether or not Ken can do his any of his Shoryukens. If not, then I'd say Wildcat unless he can manage a Hadouken win (which coming from Ken I don't think is likely).

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 Depends on what Bullseye has to use. If it's just things on the rooftop, he's dead in minutes if not seconds. If he has weapons, maybe a little longer. Either way, ultimately:
Snikt, snikt, snikt!

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This is an awesome match, because I sometimes think of Terry like Iron Fist in the world of SNK, just in terms of powers. They both can do pretty much what the other can do, so it would definetly be a close match. However, I do think that Iron Fist is just a little higher in raw martial skill and energy projection, but of course Terry isn't to be underestimated.
I say that Iron Fist would win most of the time, but Terry could also pull it out but the odds are against him. In a to-the-death matchup, hard to say, but it would be an excellent fight!

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I'm frustrated reading this thread because even though it's titled "Who Can Beat Karate Kid in Hand to Hand Combat", the actual subject of the thread is "Karate Kid is the single greatest martial arts related character ever conceived and nobody can beat him and if you think that you're just a big dumb doo-doo head!"
Seriously, the protectiveness of the mighty "Karate Kid" in this thread is absurd. It's like the OP just invites people in to show them how Karate Kid can beat them, nevermind actual discussion.
I learned a bit about Karate Kid in this thread, and aside from sharing his name with a lame movie franchise, he can, admittedly do some pretty cool things. However, none of the feats on this thread make him invincible to me, which seems to be the opposite of what the OP thinks.
I do think that Batman, Iron Fist, Kenshiro and a number of characters from Fist of the North Star, and several Street Fighter characters including Ryu and Akuma could beat this guy, as well as others that I can't think of at the moment.  
I'll admit that Karate Kid with all of his unoriginality and lameness probably could beat some of those guys some of the time, but not all of those guys all of the time. Assuming he'll have a 100% win rate just because you really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really like him and have some scans does not possibly mean that he could take out Marvel, DC's, and other universe's fighters all of the time.

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The first Spidey game from the movies was pretty good, always liked the swing mechanics, and I really loved the Wolverine game. It was an entirely different experience than the movie. The movie was not the Wolverine I grew up with, knew, and loved to cheer on in gorey melees...the video game Wolverine was exactly that.
The Wolverine movie based game is in fact one of the most violent representations of Wolverine I've seen inside or outside of comics, and the story is sharper and more interesting too. It's a good rent.

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What makes zombie scenarios cool is that they usually deal with ordinary people finding the instincts that society has smothered in them and using those instincts to barely make it out, if at all.

Now the Punisher is a human killing machine. In a town like Raccoon where he could find weapons and vehicles, etc., I'd say the chances of him getting out alive would be very high.

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I've always seen characters like Iron Fist as a measure for how much of a Marvel fan someone is. If someone actually knows who he is, then I see it as this person knowing a thing or two more than the average person who knows Spidey or Wolverine. I actually dressed up as Iron Fist for Halloween once!

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Did Romita Jr. do those Juggernaut covers? I thought that he was younger than that...

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