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I actually like the idea. Sure, Civil War was utterly ridiculous with those two beating the crap out of each other, but I think the both have gone through a very traumatizing experience and that should only strengthen they're bond. They're the best of friends, they know each other all too well, which is why it was perfect for those to be versing each other in Civil War.
But that's done and over with, Iron Man saw the error in his ways, the guy cried for God's sake over what he done and what happened to Cap. Plus Thor punished him for his misdoings as well, so I think enough's enough. I personally want a new war to come soon where everyone will have to team up again, like old times.
Plus I would like good old Nick Fury fully back on the scene. Nothing is more epic than those three together, and after Marvel's biggest event of it's existence, I think things should be getting back to normal now. Besides, the President told Cap something big is coming and he'll need him, so any ideas of what Marvel has planned?
HOPEFULLY it's as epic as Civil War and longer... I wish Civil War (the main books) had at least ten books... seven was just a little too short for me. It honestly was one of the most epic wars I have ever read in Marvel, if not the most epic. I think it deserved to have a longer run. If I had to say, I would say around 14 main books.
So basically, I'm saying a new epic battle needs to come, and it needs to be pretty long. Not relatively short, because I know I was wanting more of Civil War after I read the first book... so how does this idea sound? Iron Man and Cap finally back together? Redemption? Reconciliation?

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@John_Feaster: No problem. Oh and, he was also bragging how his armor recorded all of Cap's moves in the past. So the ONLY reason he beat Cap up the first time besides Cap being ganged up on was because of that dirty thing. But once Cap had that armor disabled, haha he was being broken to pieces. Iron Man is better than Captain America in powers but not skill, charisma, and heart.
Captain America > Iron Man.
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I'm glad! Raimi FUCKED Spiderman up. Spidey was not Spidey... no spidey tracer, no jokes  and witty comments during fights, the Green Goblin sucked... he was NOT killed that soon, they should have had him as a recurring villain like in the comics, Doc Ock never died, and Venom was not nearly that pathetic...
Yeah, tons of redemption needs to be done and Sony is making the right choice by doing this. Hopefully the Spidey we know and love is in these next movies.

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I say this dude Big Ben should play Captain America. He's an amazing look alike and very well known either. He has his video on youtube on how he wants to play Cap. And thank God Cap is Marvel... Steve Rogers is a legend, legends don't die. I hope another war comes soon... with Cap leading as usual. He's THE best fighter in Marvel, I would love to see more alien invasions or something with everyone teaming up again with Cap and Nick Fury as the leaders.
But this movie will rock... I always wanted a Captain America movie, and now finally it's here! Woot, next year it's out!

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@Darkchild: Iron Man got his ASS KICKED in Civil War. Spiderman tore him up when Iron Man tried to shut down his suit, Captain America MURDERED him... Iron Man fought dirty with Cap, but once Cap put his feet down Iron Man got torn up. That piece of crap armor was getting smashed to pieces by Cap. Captain America won that war, but unfortunately he surrendered because he saw what the war was doing. It was killing, dividing, destroying people and relationships and trust.
@Halo: What he did was unjust. Trying to force people to join his side, trying to control and everything else. He meant well, but he went down a dirty path foolishly agreeing with the government whom only wanted to control people, they used the registration act as the perfect excuse to do what they wanted to do all along: control people with powers. Captain America saw that, and also saw it violated civil rights and freedom. That's like saying because a black person killed, all of them must register.
It's no different than racism.