The "Event" Rpg Idea

Story rpgs and Interaction rpgs do not have to be mutually exclusive. We all love the fast pace interactions that come with the Location, Empire, and Team, threads as they help develop character relationships and individual storylines and canon (but on a small scale). The reading is quick which allows for easy participation which also allows the users the luxury of missing a day or two without having to go back and read six novel length posts just to catch up. The focus of these posts are more concentrated on the primary story with less of the, "Six years ago" or "Then" posts that make up 80% of the massive posts. But what these small interaction threads lack are the "Event, Crossover, History making Rp." Why do we need "Event" rps? I look at it in the same way as a comicbook. The Harbringers for example (Avengers) team thread is their solo title. In their solo title alot of stuff is happening as it pertains to that condensed World but it becomes isolated. Same with the Les Assassins Silincieux, isolated. In the past, to extend the World of the teams beyond just their threads, they would do a "Story rp." This consisted of creating a new thread with a title (an event) and would bring both Worlds together creating a unified canon which could be built upon. Even back then though there were problems, posts were to long, energy faded, and rps died. Yet in theory the idea of rps that expose characters to a wider range of individuals is sound. That is not to say we always need an event, but, as is, when someone wants to rule a part of the World they just make a thread and its done. If someone wants to blow up the West Coast, its done. Then the rp community splits as to what is, or isnt, canon to who and where and nothing seems connected.

My idea is simple. We start sitting up "Event" rpgs the same way as location, empire, team, threads in the sense that, the OP should be the longest post in the entire thread. It establishes the plot, timeline, locations, participants, etc. After that, its treated the same as an interaction thread based around the plot. Keep the posts small and in doing so they're more likely to remain relevant to the story. Of course there are times when some backstory is needed, when retelling where your character has been is an evil necessity, but at the very least the post should end with your character someway involved in the current story.

Also, if you like writing long posts, if you're one of those people who sit down and just start going and end up with a massive post, fine, break it down, save it. Post a small portion, see what happens in the responses, and then maybe use another portion of what you've already written. Just an idea.

I love the small interactions as much as the next user, but I also love writing with a larger group of people without having to read all day. I think somewhere there is a happy medium that combines the unifying effect of the story rpg and the fast pace interactions of the Location threads.