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All I'm going to say is he HAS to have blonde hair. They can get away with giving both GA and Flash lighter brown hair, but it's part of who Aquaman is. If he's not gonna be blonde what's the point?


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Poor Sunspot, picked the wrong time to be an Avenger on that cover LOL. Should've just brought in the Human Torch instead of putting two similar characters like Sunfire and Sunspot on the Uncanny Avengers and Avengers respectively...


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I'd have rather had a Masks ongoing, but this doesn't look bad. In a perfect world Dynamite would make a team out of Peter Cannon/Thunderbolt, modern Green Hornet, the last Phantom, and others similar to Masks, just with a few additions like Thunderbolt and maybe a Public Domain hero or two...

I really wish Dynamite could get the rights for the Rocketeer, then Rocketeer's comics might actually be good. I can't imagine how incredible it'd be to see him crossover with some of the other classics.


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Saying MK could take Ra's in hand to hand is like saying without weapons or claws MK could take Wolverine. Ra's, like Wolverine, has DECADES of fighting experience. No way in hell MK, even as experienced in the military and superheroics as he is, can take somebody like Ra's in close quarters. MK has the high pain tolerance, but Ra's has been physically enhanced by the Lazarus Pits. MK may come close but like I said in the other thread, Ra's would kick his ass and just assume he's an ally of Batman's with his ridiculous costume and gimmicky weaponry...


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Yeah, cause you know, Ra's doesn't have decades of combat experience over the guy or anything

: /

Moon Knight's probably got a few more toys, but Ra's is the guy over the League of Assassins and has bested Batman on many occasions. It's like saying without weapons or claws MK could go toe to toe with somebody like Wolverine, who also has decades of experience. That just ain't happening. Ra's beats MK and just assumes because of his ridiculous costume and gimmicky weaponry he's another of Batman's allies.


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A few mystical DC characters should show up so that Del Toro can make a feature film with them all and include folks like Etrigan, Deadman, and Swamp Thing...


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I'm disappointed with the options honestly. I know the site favors Marvel moreso than DC, but really.... Catwoman and Catman were the only other anti-heroes you could think of? The fact Midnighter and Grifter were both skipped over in favor of options like X-23, Catman, and Elektra makes me : / these character of the month votes. You could have just handed it to Wolverine and not had X-23 on the list, was that too easy?

And what about all the anti-heroes from Dynamite? I know Green Hornet doesn't actually kill people with his gun but he operates like he's a criminal, does that not count? Or would that be an anti-villain? IDK but.... these votes need better variety!


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I don't understand why on the cover they have different suits, while on the interiors they're basically the same standard F4 suit on Sue and Ben in the future and the new kids' aren't much different? Even if it's a time traveling adventure, visually it's just lame. I appreciate the guys at Marvel trying to change up the suits, I really do, but they could do better. And the twins are about the worst thing I've seen in a F4 comic since the Thing's symmetrical diamond shape rock exterior...


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Can't wait for this. I loved playing Lego Marvel with my son and I liked the more freeplay environment, I just don't think limiting the game mostly to Batman is the way to go. Like somebody said before, GL should have an energy blast. I hope to see Metamorpho with Sandman type powers and abilities from Lego Marvel. Maybe new52 Superboy? A new52 Green Arrow would look sweet Lego'ed. Somebody like Static would also be fun...


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2099 and the Scarlet Spider hoodie suit for me...