Meet The Kindred

I am Darkchild, so you all know if you dont read what is to come I will FIND YOU!!!!

This is an idea I have had for a LOOOOONG time, began an year and a half ago as a team with useless powers. But as I thought an thought about it I figured I just couldnt pull it off then. An I didnt want my baby to simply die, and today they are born. These kids will be the next big thing in my stories to come in the next year. I Will begin with another Blog post in the coming weeks, giving you the beginning of their story. Their life within the Program and how they plan on escaping the horrible and terrifying world of the Program. Along the way my baby Flux will be making his way into the story, so that my reading buddy will be able to get her fix of Fitz. This is something I will be doing regularly week to week, along with my rpg posts.

Today is simply a glimpse into the world of The Kindred, at the behest of of course who listened to the idea last night on Xbox Live. Because over the next few days I need to make some important rpg posts in Tides, and Vine Prodigies. So heres to everyone enjoying what is to come.