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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Note- This series takes place after the events of Project X: The Birth of Wolverine.

Marvel Genesis: Wolverine, Chapter 36- Unleashed

Year- 2005 A.D.

Location- Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, New York.

I hate to say this. But some things neva change. I had to come up with a way to get outta this mess, which the crazy doctor here, who was tryin’ to control me or my mind. I’ve been in this kinda situation before. Not to mention that I tried to escape from some place that seemed a lot familiar to this laboratory. I was a freakin’ animal, who was controlled by the eggheads and some old man, whom I couldn’t even recognize. Who was he, anyway?

I was still inside the laboratory with the crazy doctor, Dr. Zebediah Killgrave, a Yugoslavian who studied some science $h!t, psychology and chemistry. Heh! It serves him right to control me like this way. I neva told Killgrave to take part in this stupid experiment. I only told him that I needed a shock therapy, so I could remember things what happened before, like how I managed to kill a famous politician and for what reason. But, this stupid Killgrave b@$t@rd wanted some secrets outta my head. I tried to control myself, even the animal rage inside of me. The urge was there and it seems that the animal wanted to come out.

“WRAAAAAAAOOH!” I screamed almost like a lion, usin’ my strength, to snap the straps around me. I came outta the bed, which all of a sudden, the adamantium claws came outta my knuckles. The crazy doc looked surprised as he saw what I’ve just unleashed here. It must be the wild animal inside of me. But his eyes were looking at my adamantium claws. I looked at them for a while and then realized what just happened here. This crazy doc must have experimented on me. What did he just do? I almost came near him, swingin’ my adamantium claws. The doc told me things to calm myself down. Whatever he was sayin’ things to me, I didn’t listen to him. He stepped back as if though he was afraid of me, the wild animal wantin’ to slash his body in half. What it didn’t make sense is how I got these precious claws? Was this part of the experiment? Who knows? I liked to find out for sure.

“What the h*ll did ya just do to me?” I asked, raising my adamantium claws. The doc didn’t say anythin’ yet. He only stepped back, lookin’ at some tools on the side of the counter table. He probably wanna use them to attack me. He grabbed some sharp tool, like a knife, threw it at me. The knife got stabbed in the front of my body. I looked down where he stabbed me. I took the sharp knife out. The blood wound healed itself, which made the doc even more surprisin’ of what’s goin’ on here. I was surprised too.

“What? I said, lookin’ at my chest. It didn’t make sense. What was I? I just couldn’t figure out what the h*ll just happened here.

“How interesting...” Dr. Killgrave said. “You are more than I have expected.”

“What the f*ck’s goin’ on, doc?” I asked. “I need some answers. Now!”

The doc seemed to ignore me. He moved away to the other side of the laboratory, lookin’ for somethin’ else. If he was tryin’ to find some weapon that could kill me, he can just think again. For some reason, I was special but I can’t still remember of what happened to me or the time before I killed the politician. There was another thing, which didn’t make sense. I always had these strange dreams where I’ve seen lots of people, whom I don’t even remember. Were they real or was it part of Dr. Killgrave’s experiment?

I rushed forward to the doctor, stabbin’ him on the gut. He cried out in pain. He looked at me, showin’ off his grin. He was tryin’ to reach some weapon, another sharp tool. I looked at what he was doin’ here. I held his right arm, almost breakin’ it. He cried out more. But he wasn’t cryin’ for help. I wonder why. Every time, I have to ask questions to this guy and he still wouldn’t f*ckin’ answer to me.

“Alright, doc,” I said. “If ya don’t tell me what the f*ck’s goin’ on, I’m gonna kill ya.”

“I doubt it, Logan,” the crazy doc said. “This is my first step. You see, I have come to the conclusion that you will never tell me about Project X...”

“Project X?” I interrupted him. “What the h*ll is it?”

The crazy doc kinda smiled. “You mean to tell me that you do not know?”

I didn’t know what he was talkin’ about. All I needed some answers from the crazy scientist. I can sense that this ain’t the first time I was bein’ held as a lab rat for his stupid experiment. There’s somethin’ more of what’s happenin’ to me. The healing, the strange, adamantium claws... I can totally tell he was part of it. He only wanted me to become a dangerous animal. After all, he was a mad scientist.

“Oh, poor Logan,” the crazy doc said. “There is so much I have to tell you. But for now, you need some sleep.” He took out a syringe and injected on the right side of my neck. I didn’t see this comin’ from him. I pulled away from him, my vision was goin’ blurry. I was swingin’ my adamantium claws at him. The doc sort of stepped back. I knew I stabbed on his gut. There wasn’t any mistake about it. The blood got spilled on the floor. What was he?

I suddenly dropped myself down on the floor, and fell into darkness. There were voices everywhere, callin’ out to me. They seemed so familiar that I couldn’t even understand of what they were tryin’ to tell me. Nor, did I see those faces. It was all black.


Who was that? Who was tryin’ to call me? It sounded like a woman. I opened my eyes, looked at her all dressed in black. She had that dark, black spot on her left eye. She was white-skinned. There were others, some strong big man who looked he was Native American, the other mysterious man with the white mask, and the golden-skinned kid. Who were they?

“Oh...Where...Where am I?”

The others glanced to each other as if they thought I didn’t know what’s goin’ on here. The white-skinned woman came closer to me and said, “Logan, you don’t remember?”

“No...What happened?” I said.

“You killed him, Logan,” the white-skinned woman said.

“What?” I got confused. “Whom are you talkin’ about?”

The white-skinned woman gave out a sigh and told me of what I’ve done. Then it hit me of what actually happened here. We were on a mission to extract important information from the famous politician whom I’ve just killed.

To be continued in Marvel Genesis: Wolverine, Chapter 37- License to Kill.

Holy $h!t. It seems that Dr. Zebediah Killgrave had to do something with the murder of a famous politician. How so? You may find out in the next chapter of Wolverine. You betta tell me what’s goin’ on, bub. Or else...SNIKT!

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Nice list.

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It's the real Impersonator. =P

Wait....does that mean he's impersonating someone?


It's me, Cappie. The real me. =P


Yeah...I guess you could say that. =P

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It's the real Impersonator. =P

Wait....does that mean he's impersonating someone?


It's me, Cappie. The real me. =P

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@project_worm: This is awesome. I like it.

Here are my stories so far.

Marvel Genesis: Alpha Flight

Marvel Genesis: Blade

Marvel Genesis: Cable

Marvel Genesis: Wolverine

Marvel Genesis: Daken

This is much easier than posting separate chapter links. The chapter links are posted in wikispaces.

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...Why are Hulk's legs growing out of his arms in that Silver Surfer cover?

Silver Surfer hit him backwards.