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@arthurkerr: You're welcome.

Nice. I'll look forward to it.

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hmmmm food for thought had I seen yours I may not have done a Wolverine one myself. I just got upset at a Batman vs Wolverine post and had felt the need to create my own Wolverine story. Great job good luck with the rest.

Anyone can write the bub. I ain't the only one. =P

There's no need to get upset. You can learn from examples in writing your Wolverine story. There are inspirations from the comics you can read from. That's how I got started getting ideas.


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wow thanks it was supposed to go on the 15 minute thing but it says I posted to much on that lol. Batkeven74 made me feel bad so I had to write a beginning chapter and who knows if I will continue it or not. He is such a rich character that is for sure. I always seen him as he is in Air Walker such old soul. To do the character justice is my only concern for he truly has so much to offer you can get lost in the possible. As always it was just food for thought. I love to play with characters and give and idea or two for those whom truly are gifted with words. Hoping they can see that some of the characters such as Wolverine have more to give then most give him credit for.

No problem.

Oh, I see. 15-minute or not, it's wise to get the errors done correctly. I've already learned that correcting errors is very important. It's essential in crafting a unique story. It's not easy, but once you keep noticing the mistakes, read them over and you'll do fine. That's what I do most of the time and yes, sometimes you don't notice these errors. Likewise, you can go back, read them again and correct them.

I'm a big fan of Wolverine. I've been writing much about him in the past and present from a first-person viewpoint. He's definitely an interesting character. There are lots of stories you can tell about him. I liked to see your take on the character, if you're continuing to write the story.

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@arthurkerr: Pretty good story. Just make sure to correct the mistakes before posting it. To be honest with you, it was bit hard to read. I'll correct it for you, so you can get the idea of correcting mistakes. I'll also be there to correct as much. But it's very important to check the errors. Sometimes, the MS Word won't correct those mistakes for you (Unless, you're using Notepad or some other program). So you have to correct it on your own. Do the best you can and you'll have your story much more readable.

Here goes...

The swampland was a dangerous place to wake up without clothes and memories, but it was just what happened to Logan the morning of Jan 3rd, 2014. He felt like an animal, rushing for cover when the lightning struck. Flashbacks took him to the wars and explosions going off around him, but his memory didn't come back to him. A strobe light of activity on the road came before him. He was one with the world around him, one with nature that he blends in with the swamp. Logan rolled in the mud as it covered him with head to toe. He moved within the shadows as a memory came back to him, the clan of ninja.

Okay. You need to make sure of the past and present tense (Sometimes, I have trouble with that) When you're using the word, "is" like the swampland is a dangerous place. It sounds like someone is saying from his first person view. You're using a narrative here to describe the character and the surroundings around him. So it should be was. The rest had some missing words. Also, beware of the commas. You need to add those to get the story flowing in a sentence.

"One must be the shadow. Do not blend with it. Make it part of yourself." The teacher became like family, the family long dead.

Logan still didn't know his own name, but he knew how to stay alive as the enemy lowered themselves from a massive ship and began the scan for him. "Use the magic of the ninja, Logan." The whisper from the past came to him and reminded of his training.

Logan, he thought but the name meant nothing to him. "Sgt, what are you doing standing around? Do something." The flashbacks drove him insane. He moved through the shadows, and one by one took out the patrol before him. They might live, but the bruises will be around for days.

Soon he stood before the pilot. He bowed. Then, he lifted and threw him into the air.

I am Wolverine, he thought.

Not once, he used his claws for it wasn't much needed. He was drawn to a place with others like him. A battle was about to begin and he felt the need to join in. How many wars he had been in? How many more will he fight till he simply says enough?

Logan smiled as he puts the ship on auto pilot. A fine day to be alive, he thought, A fine day indeed.

I'd like to see more of this story unless it's a one-shot. Keep up the good work.

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity

Note- Western Wolverine is part of Marvel Genesis continuity and sets in a divergent timeline of the Old West. The timeline was created due to Deadpool’s silly actions. For more information regarding what happened, read Chapters 52-55 of Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Western Wolverine (4 Parts).

Western Wolverine, Chapter 3- Blood Drive

Apparently, these dead things were called vampires. Blade mentioned about them, a couple of times how he had to kill them every night. It wasn’t easy as it sounds. But the way I had seen him fought those things, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to fight them alone.

Blade was ridin’ his horse as I sat on the back. The night was still dark and the white moon shone over the sky. Not many horse riders or cowboys ridin’ their animals in this valley. I was hopin’ that it could take at least less than a day to reach Camridge. That way, I can find the killer. But the problem was his identity. I have no idea of who he was.

Blade suddenly stopped short right in front of a river dam. I’ve asked him why he stopped. He only said that he wanted some rest. At first, I didn’t believe him because it looked like he had the strength to continue ridin’ and fightin’ along his way against the vampires.

I came over his horse, walkin’ to the dam. The water smelled fresh as it used to be. This dam was built by people some time ago, just to provide electricity for the houses around the area. I don’t know how many of them were livin’ in this valley. The water is the essential of life, of course. But sometimes, the Indians have wanted to get some of it. They were really that thirsty. They used to come here a lot and sometimes sleep here at the dead of night.

After drinkin’ some fresh water, I came over to Blade and see if he was alright. Somethin’ tells me that he’ was gettin’ tired all of a sudden. I can feel his heartbeat poundin’ harder than I thought.

“Blade, you okay?” I looked at his sweat comin’ from his forehead. He knelt down on the ground, and then looked at me. He was strugglin’ to stand up, but it sure didn’t look that way. Finally, he got up slowly, clenchin’ his teeth harder. He made a growl.

I had my sharp weapons ready to subdue him. I didn’t wanna hurt him though. Besides, I needed him to guide me to Camridge. Some unexpected things have always come to me. If I had a feelin’ that there was somethin’ wrong with Blade, then I could have went alone the next day on my journey. I didn’t mind bein’ alone, fightin’ the undead.

“Blade!” I shouted at him. “What’s wrong?” I had to stay closer, just to push him off without killin’ him. Blade stared at me with his red eyes. At that moment, I realized that he was also one of those things he had fought back in Almaro. There wasn’t time to answer any of these questions. The only thing matter was that I have to somehow bring him back to normal. If he had been a vampire, he sure could have bitten my neck earlier. There was somethin’ different about him, but I ain’t sure what it was.

The vampire hunter rushed towards me, still growlin’ like a wild animal. Heh! I was a wild animal once. But hey...why not one against one? I’ll have to see who wins this match though. I went back away, tryin’ to think of ways how to beat him. I can still feel his heartbeat. He was hungry for my blood...that I know of.

I kicked him on the leg and fell over his back. Blade took out his sharp weapon from his back, revealin’ it to be a katana.

The Silver Samurai engaged his position to strike me with his katana. He used some kinda mystical energy to charge the weapon, so he could find the means to cut me down. I went closer to him, fightin’ against my main enemy. I slashed his armour bits and pieces. But still the armoured samurai hit me back so hard that I couldn’t feel the need to get up. I’ve come to Japan to learn the true ways of a warrior, honorin’ their code and such. But I had to win this fight to prove the Yashida Clan that I was worthy. I jumped over the samurai, slashed his back. The samurai didn’t cry out in pain, not just yet. He swings his sword and caused my skin into a deep cut. The pain was there and yet, I was able to hit him hard, again and again. Shingen was there, watchin’ us. An old man, who taught me the ways of a true samurai warrior, he was a good man like everyone had said, includin’ his son, Kenchio who was currently fightin’ me. He also needed to prove that he was stronger than me. Once his katana was fully charged up, he struck me and I fell on the ground.

Blade struck me down like a dead rat. But I got up eventually, not much to his surprise that I was still alive, thanks to my healin’ doctor. I came up to him, slashed his chest a bit. The blood splashed through my body. Later, his wounds healed in seconds. I guess that I ain’t the only one who had a healin’ ability here.

Blade kept swingin’ his katana at me. I moved here and there, just to hit his critical points. To my advantage, I could bring him down and take the katana away from him. But his hunger for blood was drivin’ him nuts. He held his katana, comin’ at my head. I held it immediately and broke it in half with my bare hands. This was the lesson that I had been taught by the old man.

I then hit his face and stabbed his shoulder with the broken katana. The black man cried out in pain. I hit him again and this time, he fell down. He felt dizzy as he raised his hand over to the pouch from his horse. I looked at it, went over to see what he had wanted. I took the pouch and showed it to Blade. He waved signs at me, tellin’ me that I had to open the pouch. I opened it and saw some blue small objects, which I hadn’t seen before. He told me to give those things to him. I gave two of them.

A few hours later, Blade was back to normal. He told me that he was half vampire, that he couldn’t control his hunger for blood. I felt sorry for the guy. He must have been like this way all the time, even durin’ the fight with the other vampires. I knew he was different from them. Not to mention he said, that he could also walk in daylight.

The next day, we went off to Camridge. Blade was quiet most of the journey. I can understand why. But there are times that I have to help people if they had any problems of their own. I’ve managed to prevent him from bitin’ me. I wondered what would happen, if I got bitten. Would I turn into one of those undead things? Who knows? I might have to forget about it, and continue towards Camridge.

To be continued in Western Wolverine, Chapter 4- The Town That Binds.

Well, I guess Blade was almost in for a blood treat. Now that’s over, what will happen when Logan gets to Camridge? Find out in the next chapter of Western Wolverine. I’m still gonna find ya, b@$t@rd. SNIKT!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity

Note- Western Wolverine is part of Marvel Genesis continuity and sets in a divergent timeline of the Old West. The timeline was created due to Deadpool’s silly actions. For more information regarding what happened, read Chapters 52-55 of Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Western Wolverine (4 Parts).

Western Wolverine, Chapter 2- Dead City

Almaro was also known as Dead City. I had to come here, just to cross over to the southern town of Camridge. Apparently, there were lots of dead bodies, which they got piled around like a piece of $h!t. The smell almost overwhelmed me. I couldn’t stand the stench of it. I might as well have to get a horse of my own, and ride along the way to the town and find the b@$t@rd, who killed my girl.

A group of black birds hovered around the sky, lookin’ for some dead meat. It’s been too long that I had been here. I recalled that I was part of some war. There wasn’t memory left intact in my mind much, but I’m pretty sure that I know some things from the past. There were soldiers, those Mexicans, rallyin’ against the Americans from takin’ their land. The Americans also took their women, beautiful ones. Heh! It’s funny how I could say it. But yea...I do remember that one. I used to be one of those baddies, who liked to fool around with beautiful women. But those things have changed, when I’ve met Silver Fox.

I walked over the rubble, where ashes could be seen and some parts of random dead skeletons were touched by some ravens. They came to look for the meat. But there wasn’t any of it left. The war happened a long time ago. It’s not like the ravens or the crows can find anythin’ right now. The past is the past. The black birds kept lookin’ for it and then later went up the sky. I was alone again.

The buildings were broken into pieces. All the rubble and some other $h!t that I couldn’t recognize, had been tumbled over the other small buildings. It looked like those small buildings were houses of some kind. The sky was about to go dark and I had to find a place to rest for a while till I resume my journey the next day. Hopefully, I could reach Camridge. The will take at least two days, which is why I needed some d@mn horses. I whistled just to see if there was any horse nearby or that they must be sleepin’ along with the dead. I should’ve stolen one of the Apache Indians’ horses. Then again, I have to face them off, not to mention Silver Fox’s boyfriend.

Her first name was Kayla. I don’t know why I just call her last name, Silver Fox all the time, maybe it’s because she was a brave warrior. At first, her father didn’t approve of what she had become. Her boyfriend didn’t mind either. She was trained by her grandfather, who was an expert in bows, arrows, daggers, and among other things. Kayla was so strong that she wouldn’t even stand back down or quit her trainin’. She told me all the hardships that she had to endure. It’s kinda like how I used to have one back in my younger days.

Rose sat on a bench, readin’ some newspaper. It came from Daily Bugle in the north side of the Old West. This was the first time, I saw an American newspaper.

“Hey Rose,” I said, comin’ over to her after tendin’ the horses in the Howlett Ranch. “What you’re readin’ there?”

“Just some news,” Rose didn’t look over to me. She focused solely in the paper, which headlined some article regardin’ some discovery found by Abraham Cornelius. I didn’t care much about the news. I just hear it comin’ outta people’s mouths. Likewise, I had a crush on her. It had been so many times, I’ve wanted to confess my feelings towards her. I guess it’s now the right time.

“Rose...” I paused, still lookin’ at her red hair. She was so beautiful that you could kiss her red lips and touch her warm hair. Ever since the day I met her, there was some spark ignited in me. Those feelings had taken a toll over me for a couple of months. She came to work for the Howletts, so that she could earn some money of her own and planned to move to the other towns of the Old West.

“What is it, Logan?” Rose flipped through the papers, readin’ another article about Howard Stark’s latest campaign for technological innovations. I didn’t give much thought about what to say to her. If I had taken some rest, it wouldn’t be a problem.

“I love you, Rose.” I confessed. “I’ve been wanna to tell you this.” Rose laid the paper on the table, and this time she looked at me.

The night was dark and cold that I couldn’t even sleep. Every piece of dried $h!t flew through my nose. I just wanted to leave here at any moment now. But at least, I don’t sleep with those dead people here. Not even inside this old buildin’.

A sound came over to my ears. I had to wake up and see what the hell was goin’ on out there. It could be some robbers for all I know. How many of them there could be? It didn’t matter much. Anyways, I went outside the crashed buildings and saw some dark figures, lurkin’ around the dead bodies. I looked closely at them. It seems to me that these people were dead or not dead yet. I might as well have to cover myself from this $h!t.

The dead things came at me. There were almost hundreds of them. They had those red eyes that could easily freak some human out. Of course, I ain’t scared of $h!t. I’ve been there for such a long time. I’ve unleashed my adamantium claws and slashed them over. The body parts came tumblin’ over the rubble. One of them had fangs, ready to bite my solid neck. I’ve wondered if these things were actually dead or just came back to life after I had come here. They ain’t no restin’ in peace, that’s for sure.

The female thing came behind me. I could smell her and the same time, I fought these things with my sharp weapons. It wasn’t easy dealin’ with these kinds of creatures. There was news about them. They ain’t zombies for that matter.

Then another figure passed through me. But it wasn’t the dead thing or the zombie, which I thought it was. A black guy with some black hat stabbed their hearts one by one with a wooden stake. All of them dropped down dead. He looked over me, threw the wooden stake at the female thing. It went right through her heart. The female became dead again.

The black guy approached me and slid his wooden stake right at the side of his pants. His hat almost lowered the half of his face, which you couldn’t tell of who this person was.

“Howdy,” the black guy said. “Mind telling me what you’re doing here?”

“I might have to ask ya the same question...whoever you are.” I’ve put my sharp weapons back into my knuckles. This guy had the appearance of some gunslinger. But he ain’t any gunslinger to me.

“I’m just hunting things,” the black guy said. “They’re everywhere. It’s best you shouldn’t be here.”

“I had to break it to ya...But I ain’t gotta horse. You mind if I can borrow yours or do you have an extra?” I don’t know if he was goin’ to allow me for the ride. But if what he said was true, then I had to make my journey a fast one.

“I have only one,” he scanned the place to see if more of those dead things were comin’ after us. “But you can come with me for a ride. Name one place and I’ll take you there.”

I’ve told him my story. It’s not like I can expect this guy to help me find the killer. Like he said earlier, he only hunts dead things. I wonder what they were. Maybe, I could ask him durin’ the ride.

“Sure, pal,” I smiled. “By the way, the name’s Logan. What’s yours?”

“Eric Brooks,” the black guy raised his hat over to reveal his true appearance. “But you can just call me Blade.”

To be continued in Western Wolverine, Chapter 3- Blood Drive.

Wow! We got Blade? What’s going to happen next, now that Logan had to get off early to reach Camridge? Will these dead things lurk in the night, hunting our heroes? Find out in the next chapter of Western Wolverine. The smell of their blood drives me nuts. SNIKT!

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AKA Jessica Jones The Vampire Detective.