Couple thought and Questions on the TMNT

Just a thought but shouldn't the turtles have a heealing facter they are reptiles you know? Why didn't they ever add this to any shows or comics even movies. I mean it would be great if they can heal quicker.

Then a question i have been pondering. how strong are their actual shells? I mean in TMNT movie we seen raph take an ancient Chinese star in the shell. that gives us an idea.

You think if a building fell on them. that they could cram into their shells and survive it?

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Thank God for the reboost

I love the fact that they are bringing alot of the stuff I grew up on as a kid back. Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. I picked up the 1st issue and thought it was awesome.  I really hope they keep this comic going. As it is and independent comic and that rarely ever happens.
Then to top it off.  They are doing a prequel to the old Thundercats. I can't really remember the orginal ones just a few episodes cuz I was to young. I'm absolutely addicted to the new one though. 

It just makes me really happy that they are doing this for a new generation of kids and comic book collectors. 
It also makes me happy to see newer cartoons like the Young Justice and Avengers. I seen that Nick was doing a fantastic four but don't know when it comes on if anybody knows you should let me know. I hope to see more cartoons get re made or comics. 
I already know Nick is gonna be having new TMNT cartoons.
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Recently Started reading comics again

I've always read ASM. 
I've recently started reading Daken and X 23. I love both the characters considering i've always read Wolverine. Love the fact that Daken is sinister in a way. 
Batman always oaid atention to I dont really understand though. So the real Bruce Wayne only has the yellow bat symbol now? 
Invincible read the 1st year it was out starting reading it again. I feel like I missed out on a lot with this guy. 
The Walking Dead. I am reading the weekly reprints and I love it. I see that it has a show too. That's awesome. The comic looks better though.


I own 2 Pit Bulls. I get so much shit for having them. 
I have had family members say that they will not come over for the fact that I have Pit Bulls. That they dont want there kids around Pit Bulls. 
Then my gfs mom constantly says that they are dangerous dogs. That she thinks that Im some kind of drug dealer since I won pit bulls. She says that the only people that own pit bulls are drug dealers. Her lawyer friend agrees with this also. 
I dont get it. People that judge these dogs are so cruel with the things they say and do to these dogs.

I am clearly not a drug dealer. I dont even do drugs. I dont understand where she got that one. My dogs are not mean at all. Unless you come into my house uninvited which if you want my opinion I think all dogs should get mean to people that come into other peoples houses uninvited. If you come in and are invited. Then you have to tell my dog will have to be pulled off from kissing you face. Not cuz they are gonna bite you. 
Its really the way you treat and raise a pit bull. People only think its just there instinct. Its not there instinct. I have to pit bulls and neither one of them are mean. They love people especially kids. I gotta yell at them to stop kissing my nieces. Constantly. Then my niece climbs on the bigs ones back and trys to ride her. My dog loves it. I know its not good for her, but my dog dont mind and loves the attention she gives her. 
Now then I hear yea but they turn on people. I have had my 9 year old pit bull since she was a year. She has never tried to bite anybody in her life. She is currently getting old and almost ready to pass. She is still harmless. She just lays on the couch and waits for people to cuddle up by her. Then she wont stop kissing you cuz she likes the attention you give her. 
 My one year old Pit Bull is not full blood she is mixed with a Chocolate Lab. She is the one my lil niece rides around. My neice is constantly by her and she is constantly by my neice. She would never let anybody harm my neice. When my other neice is here in her car seat just staring at the world my youngest pit goes of there sits in front of her car seat and constantly kisses her face.   
I keep hearing that governments all over the world are trying to wipe out this breed of dog. I dont know how much of that is true but I think they are doing it for the wrong reasons. Yes, people are doing bad things to make this breed of dog do even badder things. That is not a good enough reason to wipe out the breed. I think that there should be stronger rules to owning these dogs. Mine are both registered cuz the Law where I live is if you own Pits then you must register them. I very well agree with this law.
I just dont see how people can judge things by what they hear. 
What do you believe about Pit Bulls? Do you believe bad things about them? Do you believe the stereotype people say about the owners? Do you think its right that governments around the world are trying to wipe them out if this is true?


Stereotypes of Comicbook readers

I dont get how everybody seems to think were suppose to look like harry potter with a bunch of zits and mayb some braces. 
Why do people automatically think that about us. I dont get.

Its obvious in my pic that I dont look like that. Then I cant stand how some people think that we dont have nothing better to do than play video games, read the comics we read, sit around watch movies and shows like star wars and star trek or cartoons like the comic book characters we read about. I in fact hate this stereotype. 

I do better things than sit around reading comics. Comics I read on my free time when Im completely bored. Also read books. I hardly watch any tv. Im to busy staying in shape. I would rather be out skateboarding and playing basketball. Going to parties. Althought I dont party as much as I use too.

I cant stand the last part of our stereotype. That we are all virgins. That we only get geeky girls that look like us. Well Im telling you that is diffenitely not true. I feel like I gotta fight guys off with the women I get with. 
Does anybody feel like we gotta change what the stereotypes think about us.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

They started as a comic book but hit big on the tv. So why doesnt anybody ever talk about them seriously. They got everything a team needs. A good

Master Splinter-- Wise teacher. Teaches them there ninja skills and teamwork How to deal with whatever problems seem to arrive.(kinda like Professor X) 
Leonardo-- The team leader that is so stiff. That everybody seems to think hes just a douchebag(kinda like cyclops). 
Rapheal-- The team badass. Bad attitude the punch everybody out then ask question one. Lets his attitude get the best of him everytime.(kinda like Wolverine)

Donatello-- The team genious. With out him the Turtles would have gotten no where alot of times.(kinda like the Beast) 
Michealangelo-- The jokester the one that tried to make the best out of a bad situation.(kinda like Morph or Nightcrawler dont really know any xmen that you can think had a hilarous humor such as Mikey) 
But seriously the late early 90s Cartoons were horrible example as a comic book creation, but if you look at the more recent Cartoon. It goes great with being looked at as a comic book team. They actually had a good story line. Went everywhere from home problems, japan problems, fighting evil ninja spirit, to space, through time, and back home again. 
Mind you I have only read one comic from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thats cuz I never seen another one in a comic shop or anywhere again.  If anybody knows where I can find some it would be much appreciated. 
But I think they should get some credit these days.