Top Ten Villains I would Have Preferred to be in the Man of Steel

With Zod having been revealed as the villain in the new Superman movie, I kinda of yawned and ask why retread the same old ground again and again. Don't get me wrong, I have high hopes for the actor portraying Zod, he was great in Boardwalk Empire. But here're some villains I would've rather seen make it:



1. Brainiac

2. Darkseid

3. Parasite

4. Bizarro
5. Toyman

6. Mr.Myxlplyx

7. Mongul

8. Doomsday

9. Metallo

10. Battle suit/Evil businessman Lex Luthor


How about you fellow Comic Viners? Who would you have rather seen make the cut?


Request a Review!

Hello there, Comicvine community! I have at my disposal a large amount of comics, some ranging over 40+ years of continuity! And in my free time, I am willing to review some them for you; how else will you know if you like them or not before spending your good hard earned cash on them (Amazing Fantasy #15 just went for 1.1 million, after all)? 
Ahh, but which ones to review? Well, that's where you guys come in. You guys tell me which issues you wanna see reviewed and you just might get it. However, I may be choosy on what I choose. For example, if someone requests me to review the "Who is F.A.C.A.D.E.?" storyline from Web of Spider-Man, you may have to wait indefinitely for the review. Chances are very good I'll get to it eventually, but remember, I am only human, after all, and this Goblin Formula induced healing factor can only handle so much. I once tried to read the whole F.A.C.A.D.E . story in one sitting and could only get to the 2nd or 3rd issue before I had to put it down and try to forget the whole thing. Yes, it's that bad, and this from someone who read all of "Name of the Rose". 
Anywho, my collection includes, but is not limited to: 
Assorted Spider-Man titles 
Assorted Venom titles 
Assorted Punisher titles 
Assorted Avengers titles 
Uncanny, Astonishing (Vol.3) and the Jim Lee/New/Legacy X-Men series. 
Fantastic Four 
Incredible Hulk 
Silver Surfer 
Iron Man 
Captain America 
Detective Comics 
Ghost Rider 
Marvel Two-in-One 
Assorted Thor issues 
If you do not see something here you're interested in, don't be afraid to ask anyway. I just might have what you're looking for. 
--The Hobgoblin 

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Are Back, Baby!!!

Be sure to check out as well as your other favorite toy sites for more coverage. Seriously, this is the best news I have heard in a LONG time. Maybe we can finally get some classic Ultron and the Wrecking Crew in super-articulated 6 inch form. Please note that the pages linked to this blog are linked because said characters will be getting new marvel Legend figures.    

The Definitive Spider-Man Voice?

Let's face it, Kevin Conroy IS Batman. When I think Batman, or am reading a Batman comic, it's his voice I hear, thankfully not Christian Bale's. But it got me thinking, who do you, the Comicvine community, consider to be the definitive voice of Spider-Man? When you read Spider-Man, whose voice do you hear?
I would say Josh Keaton from Spectacular Spider-Man and Paul Soles from the '60s cartoon rank among my favorites. I really loved the recent Shattered Dimensions game, because we got the best of 4 different worlds; literally!
What sayest you guys n' gals?


10 Marvel Characters that SHOULD have been in Marvel vs Capcom 3

Am I the only one that feels the line-up for MvC 3 is SORELY lacking? Anywho, here's who I think should've returned for or joined in MvC3: 
1. Thanos


2. Green Goblin/Hobgoblin 
3. Silver Surfer
4. Kang
5. Ultron
6. Wasp
7. Electro
8. Doc Ock 

9. Ghost Rider
10. (TIE) Juggernaut and Venom

ASM #649 Spoilers Inside

RIP Roderick Kingsley. :'(  
Words cannot convey just how angry and upset today's issue of Amazing Spider-Man #649 made me. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, right? Well, hopefully this picture I drew will help you understand where I'm coming from as well as my thoughts and feelings on the issue.

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